This research study is on the importance of salesmanship in business development. Salesmanship has been described as the act of persuading a prospective buyer to accept an organization’s product, service or idea. While the consumer market is described as constituting ultimate buyers of a product or service for their personal, non-business use.The trend toward producer proliferation on in the market has culminated in keen competition to the extent that producers find it different to sell their produces. It is as a result of this difference that the researcher has attempted to emphasis on the importance of salesmanship in the marketing of those consumer products.Remains of related literature focused on the meaning of selling and salesmanship, the consumer market and characteristic of goods and services. Importance and function of the salesman as well as selling process. For reasons of in-depth analysis, description research approach have been employed in this study. A combination of personal interview, observation and questionnaires have been used as research instruments.The statistical techniques used here is the simple percentage. 

The null hypothesis have therefore been rejected. The finding reveals that sales people actually influence the customer to buy, it was discovered that the company’s sales budget determines its level and that without the required selling skills, sales people cannot meet sales budgets.Based on the findings, recommendations have been made to the sales people and producer should employ motivational strategy and effective advertisement for products. The salesman should maintain good public relations, they should be honest and avoid being rude and they should try to acquire more knowledge about the products they are selling. They should also have good language and should have a very effective dressing code. 

1.1 Background to The Study 
Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) as defined by the National Council of Industries (2009) refer to business enterprises whose total costs excluding land is not more than two hundred million naira (N200,000,000.00) only. Small scale businesses are those businesses which are independently owned and operated requiring limited capital with few employee and non-sophisticated technology and which is not dominant in its field of operation. Small businesses constitute those sole proprietorships, privately owned corporations, partnerships with fewer employees and less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation. Types of small business include those engaged in trade and commercial activities, services, and small scale manufacturing .Examples include service or retail operations such as delicatessens, hairdressers or convenience stores, small grocery stores, bakeries tradespeople (e.g., carpenters, electricians), very small-scale manufacturing, and Internet-related businesses. Small business can be started with very minimal capital and without any formality .many small business are operated as family business and can be combined with regular employment. Personal selling is part of the promotional mix, and the role which it plays in a firm can easily be seen from its importance. Personal selling is an aspect of salesmanship, in which there is a direct face to face interaction between a seller and the buyer to effect exchange of facts for making buying decision. 

It is through sales representatives that firms know the needs and wants of buyers in order to know what to produce. But it is not enough to produce goods and service that satisfy human wants but also the goods and services must be passed to the user for production to complete. This is where the personal selling strategies come in. The salesperson has to communicate to the buyer by persuading and creating awareness for the product to be desired. The product so advertised has all the potential to satisfy the need of the prospect more than competitive product in the market .This is because, personal selling is a face-to-face communication, which has the potential to convince the buyer and demonstrate the workability of the product in terms of its quality and features..
Personal selling enables marketers to make their presentation to fit the needs, wants, motives and behavior of individual customer. Personal selling is an effective tool used by organizations to receive the desired response from its customers and prospects. Effective personal selling includes effective communication, education of customers on product usage, problem solving stimulating and motivating and ultimately soliciting for favorable response. Most SMES must adopt personal selling as its number one promotional tool due to its traditional nature and cost effectiveness. The selling of products through personal selling enable the salesperson to convince the potential customer through face-to-face interaction and ensure that the potential customer like the company’s products and preference to other competing products and parts with his her money for the product. Håkan Håkansson & IMP Group. (1982).The research therefore seek to investigate Salesmanship as a tools for business development. 

1.2 Statement of the Problem 
The management and operations of small business is confronted with some challenges which constitute the limitations hindering the growth of small business in Nigeria. Small business can be started with very minimal capital and without any formality .many small business are operated as family business and can be combined with regular employment. Some of that problem includes lack of huge capital to expand or take advantage of business opportunities .This also affect the salary of the salemen who may not be motivated to perform ultimately. Also the lack of managerial skill also affects the smooth and successful operation of small businesses. Lack of planning skill often leads many small businesses into failure. Poor decision making and improper accounting also constitute the problem confronted by Small businesses among other things.This combined together impedes on the performance of the salemen.The problem confronting the research is to determine. Medium scale enteprises and salesmanship influence on business performance. 

1.3 Objectives of the Study 
To determine salesmanship as a tools for business development of small and Medium scale enterprises. This research study is therefore geared: 

i. To identifying the importance of salesmanship in business development. 
ii. To identifying the contribution of salesman to marketing efficiency and profitability company product. 
iii. To examine any likely problem or obstacles faced by products in their sales efforts. 
iv. To find out the relationship between companies’ sales budget and its volume. 

1.4 Hypothesis 
The research study is base on the following statements of hypothesis. 

HI: Salesmanship contributes significantly to Business development. 

HO: Salesmanship does not contribute significantly to Business development. 

1.5 Significance of the Study 
The reasons behind this research study include the following: 

1. It is hoped that this study will provide useful insight that will enable managers and executive to uncover people with desire sales qualities and also for individuals to determine whether they possess what it takes to be professional sales people. 

2. The research would reveal the importance to salesmanship to producers of goods and services and the need for them to design effective selling tactics and strategies in achieving the company’s corporate marketing goal. 

3. This project would be an invaluable asset to the study of salesmanship and other related areas. 

1.6 limitation of the study 
The study was confronted by logistics and geographical constraints. 

1.7 Definition of terms 
SME DEFINED: Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) as defined by the National Council of Industries (2009) refer to business enterprises whose total costs excluding land is not more than two hundred million naira (N200,000,000.00) only 

SALESMANSHIP DEFINED:  Salesmanship is seller-initiated effort that provides prospective buyers with information and motivates or persuades them to make favorable buying decisions concerning the seller’s products or service.

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