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Are you working on a FRESH Project Topic approved to you by your supervisor?
Or you are working on a project topic which is not listed or related to the topics we have here on our site?

If "YES", then you have nothing to worry about as we are capable carrying out a "NEW" research writing on any topic in various field of study.

We have qualified Professional Writers in various fields that will handle your FRESH  Topic from Beginning to the End (including Data Analysis) at all levels of study.

Service Charge depends on the nature of your Research Work.

To begin with, kindly send a SMS or WhatsApp message to our Phone No.: +2348066484965 with the following info:

Research Topic:
No. of Chapters:
Level of Study (i.e ND, NCE, HND, BSc, MSc, PHD etc):
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After sending the SMS/Whatsapp message kindly await a response from us within 15mins concerning your request.

(Note: You can also request a write-up on all other aspect of academic writing such as Assignment, Essay, Term Paper, Proposal, Research Journal etc).

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