The topic of this study is the impact of delegation on management decision making in first bank Plc Onitsha “The researcher used oral interview and questionnaire together, data collected were analyzed using simply average and percentage techniques. This is are the finding; Autocratic style of leadership negatively affect the organization, management of the first bank plc do not involve their workers in decision making, that there was no two ways communication channel in first bank plc, Onitsha, recommendation: first bank plc Onitsha should place high emphasis on direct participation of workers in management decision making, since it is a fact that workers are the bedrock of organizational survival, democratic system of leadership should be adopted and encouraged in order to maintain two ways communication channel which will boast the moral; of the employed as well as increase in productivity, management should regard the workers as partners in program by creating avenue of getting feedback from workers to whom duties have been delegated, In conclusion, when the above findings and recommendation are adequately considered, there should be harmony and improvement in first bank plc Onitsha. Organization should therefore put into practice the concept of delegation of duties, responsibilities and authority for abundant fruit to reap through a better and a purposeful decision.

Title page
Table of contents
Chapter 1
1.1      Background of the study
1.2      Statement of the problem
1.3      Objective of study
1.4      Significance of the study
1.5      Research questions
1.6      Scope / Delimitation of the study
1.7      Definition of Terms

Chapter 2
Literature Review
2.1. Concept of Delegation
2.2. Theoretical framework
2.3  Delegation – Authority and Responsibility
Chapter 3
Research Design and Methodology
3.1.    Design of the study
3.2.    Area of study
3.3.    Population of the study
3.4.    Sample and Sampling techniques
3.5.    Instrument for data collection
3.6.    Validation of the instrument
3.7.    Distribution and Retrieval of Instrument
3.8.    Method of data analysis

Chapter 4
Data Presentation and Analysis

Chapter 5
Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1      Summary of findings
5.2      Conclusion
5.3      Recommendations
5.4      Limitations of the study
5.5      Suggestions for further Research


The concept of delegation of authority as it happens in industries services and business organization has altered money psychologists and educationist. These great people have carried out series of research on it with each, there coming up with a theory as it affect decision making organizations.
Yet no one theory or negotiation can alone satisfactory explains the concept. This is because of the complex in human behavior.
Delegation means entrusting to or duplicating or representing.
Management is described as a socially process entailing responsibility of an effective planning and regulations of operation of achieving the objective of a business organization in the most efficient way.
However, all organization is it small or large has to take decision. The purpose of decision making as earlier said, it is to direct human behavior towards a future goals. Decision-making is the selection from among alternative that have skills knowledge, experience on jobs duties. There should be need for a decision ­making in any plan; there must be decision on to take. Therefore, it can be said that planning leads to decision guided by organization policy and objectives. Therefore, planning in the other hands plays the major roles in decision making, it has to do deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and how result can be evaluated.
Historical Background
First bank of Nigeria plc was established in 1894 as bank of British West Africa. It metamorphosed into its current name in 1979, and true to its name, it is now the biggest bank in Nigeria with assets over 700 billion Nigeria.  In repositioning the bank for both domestic and global competition it had recourse to raising additional capital. The bank achievement...

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