Nowadays there are plenty of cars which still can be used, for instance, as a source of spares part after they have been used for work, business, or pleasure. It is usual that those cars consume petrol or diesel and contribute to pollution of the atmosphere. But they could last with good services and repair for quite a long time, maybe for ten years or more. However there comes a time when the repairing does not pay. But for sure these cars can be used as spare parts storage for many other cars, even after they have been taken to the scrap yard, which earlier would have been a final resting place for them. Nowadays we are stripping the cars of useful components, which can be taken into use. These useful parts may include a wide range of materials.

These parts and materials can be sold to private car customers who are in need of spare parts, and also to companies that can reclaim the materials for further use. The rest of the car can be crushed into blocks. These are melted down in special furnaces; the waste is removed leaving the usable metal, normally steel. The recycled metal can be used to manufacture new cars or other products.

This thesis discusses some of these issues of recycling and concludes with suggestions for improvement in life cycles of cars, waste management solutions in various locations or areas in Finland and abroad, especially in Africa. The main research method was a questionnaire alongside with books, journals and internet sources. Also the personal experience of the author has contributed in a great measure to the conclusions. The Fangmbeng & son`s shipping open company has made comparisons on how different municipalities deal with the recycling issues in general, but particularly with metal recycling and with abandoned cars. The company tries to update the differences in waste management policies in local communities in both Finland and abroad.

Keyword:  recycling, cars spare, waste management, business, customers.




2.1 Short Summary of our business and the Business idea
2.2 SWOT Analysis
2.2.1 Strengths
2.2.2 Weaknesses
2.2.3 Opportunities
2.2.4 Threats
2.3 Use of Expertise in the company
2.4 Products and services
2.4.1 Product/Product group
2.5 Customers and markets
2.5.1 Customers/customer groups
2.5.2 Markets and competition
2.5.3 Marketing procedure
2.5.4 Selling procedure
2.6 How our company operates
2.7 Financial administration and accounting
2.7.1 Short estimated description on how profitable our business is

3.1 Step one
3.2 Step two
3.3 Step three
3.4 Step four

4.1 Environmental legislation
4.2 Environmental impact
Negative impacts
Positive impacts

5.1 The Company’s future plans



Fangmbeng & Son`s Shipping is a new shipping company based in Finland. This company was established on April 1st 2009, so the thesis writing is based on one year of working experience on our branch of business. We deal with shipment of used cars and car spare parts using 40 or 20 feet dry containers (dc). Some of the main objectives or goals of this work are firstly to present the main operations of Fangmbeng & Son`s shipping company in Finland. We want our company to contribute to supporting the improvement of recycling as a function of local and regional environmental management, to develop environmental situations that are technically and economically suitable for various issues related in our line of business. One of the goals is also to create employment in both Finland and abroad, where our company’s main products or lines of business deal with deliveries and markets of reuse.

To describe the current situation of Fangmbeng & Son`s Shipping main activity, which is recycling, a critical analysis has been done on the bases of the business idea of recycling, plans for future improvement, and on the business stability in Finland and abroad. The collecting of different kinds of loose cars waste, potentially useful material in Finland and abroad, is important. Also it is essential to explain how the materials that are valuable in Finland and abroad are reused, marketing procedures, the impact on the environment, and also how such activies benefit the society or community at large.

Recycling and shipment of used cars, and cars spare parts, have been the main activities of Fangmbeng & Son`s Shipping, where they are trying to set up the infrastructure for the collection and storage of the different car parts and materials, particularly in the provision of recycling containers. After collecting, an arrangement is made for a collector to regularly pick up materials for recycling.

According to Jama and Aam, (2002, 220, 332) recycling is the processing of used products to provide the raw material to make new ones. It is always known that when we take materials to a bring bank or to a disposal container for the local authority to collect, they have not at that point been recycled - although they have been collected for recycling. They are yet to be processed, ready for recycling, and then made into a new product, at which point they need to be recycled. It is usual that the recycling process is not really fully completed until we buy the products which have been made from the recycled materials.

Recycling in every situation reduces the demand for raw materials. By recovering materials from recent products we are removing or reducing the need to extract yet more raw materials from the earth. We believe that when recycled matter gets, a financial value, it creates a demand for the collected material that needs to be recycled, and also aids the development of the material's reprocessing infrastructure and therefore increases opportunities for recycling. It is obviously believed by most that recycling has not actually taken place until the new product has been in the market, ready for consumption. The recycler normally ensures that the recycled material is up to standard and in good conditions after processing before it can be forwarded for marketing in other forms for the new product to be reused.

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