The use of three-five languages is of the greatest importance in order to form varied cooperative networks for the creation of new knowledge. Aim of the paper is to analyze the synergy between language acquisition and language learning. Materials and Methods. The search for the synergy between language acquisition and language learning involves a process of analyzing the meaning of key concepts” language acquisition”, ”language learning”, ”mother tongue” and ”foreign language”, and demonstrates how the key concepts are related to the idea of developing the system of external and internal perspectives. Results. The study presents a potential model for development indicating how the steps of the process are related. Conclusion. The theoretical findings of the research allow putting forth the following hypothesis: the synergy between language acquisition and language learning is efficient if language learners gradually move from the external perspective, namely, language learning, to the internal perspective, namely, language acquisition through foreign language for professional purposes peer-learning.

This research work aims at the investigating aspects of language that causes problems in learning second language. Many teachers haveconducted researches and discovered some aspects that cause problems in learning second language. Those aspects of second language learninginclude difficulties with linguistic codes (such as phonetics, phonology, semantics and syntax), mother tongues interference, and student academic history, dyslexia, anxiety, lack of effort and motivation and diverting much time and afford to other courses, are factors believe to be affecting proper learning of second language. We are going to look into the presentation of those aspect believe to be the causes of failure during the process of learning asecond language, analyzethemand providesomeexperimentsand conduct questionnaires to examine critical thinking about those aspects that affect second language learning.

I encountered some problem during the process of data collection as well as typing. In data collection I started my researching under the topic “problems associated in learning foreign language”, which has been change during the process to “problems associated to learning second language”. Secondly during the typing, the business center where I start typing the project, after I have typed two chapters submitted to my supervisor, weeks later I went there with chapter three, they told me that they have corrupt with virus and they format it.I left to another business center where I  meet a lot of people doing project, assignments and so on, which delay the completion of my project.

This study aims at analyzing the acquisition second language. To achieve this, second language learning must be examined. Research behind second language difficulties is vast and varied, I

hope to be able to review and summarize the root causes of differences inability to learn second language, so that I can identify the reason why students are struggling in their language classes.

To became competitive on global scale, the world need individuals who can work in a culturally diverse environment and who have strong skill in languages. Due to the fact that many countries of the world have added foreign languages to their curricula either as a lingua franca or a language policy. The study of second language learning difficulties background information is to get understanding of aspects that causes problems in learning second languages to enhance academic skills, raises scores, and prefers students for a career. As languages promote understanding between people of different cultural background also to format subject matter in other languages.

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