Employment procedures is an important task of personnel management. It is a function that determines who is employed and filled vacant position for the smooth running of the organization.

In Nigeria the employment procedures function is not justly done because of the complex nature of the society. It is being influenced by such factors as tribalism, nepotism, favouritism etc. The employee of Anambra State Ministry of Education Awka serves as the engine that regulate the activities of the organization and the quality personal in the organization determine the effectiveness of the organization. However, with poor employment procedures of workers, most organizations are not performing up to expectation.

The research work has identified such factors e.g. religious factors, personal values, first impression, tribalism, nepotism etc. The influenced the employment procedures functions and what management should do to dominate them if the organization interest will be considered first.

Organization is a group of people with different roles that are co- ordinate to achieve its overall goal and objectives.

Organization try to seek for people whose skills, talents, experiences and abilities meet their requirement in terms of the job. However, this can only by ensured through recruitment exercise selection and placement policies. The employment procedures must be objective. Objectivity is a good issue but is hardly achieved in the ordinary course of discharging our daily duties because of so many factors ranging from nepotism, tribalism, favoritism etc.

The greatest asset to any organization is its human resources since it determine the output of the organization in relation to quality. Ideology success in any organization is determined by how well the human resource fits in their various positions. Organization is like a human being that has various parts that are interrelated and the mal functioning of one part affects the well being of the other parts. So, when the ineffectiveness of a policy on say recruitment is not corrected in good time, then the whole system will be rendered useless.

The effectiveness of the employment procedures policies of organization plays a vital role in promoting and supporting its growth and development this is because of clear cases in dailies posters etc and announcement we hear in Radio and Television seeking for applicants to apply for job vacancy. However, therefore clear cases where applicants complain of not been successful in recruitments exercise because they lack what Nigerians term as “God Fatherism” and other factors that are negative to rational behavior. The some factor is also affecting the selection and placement policies of organization as the three concepts are well interrelated. Also, there are various policies ranging from government policy, qualification requirement catchment areas etc which organization must abide by and which might sometimes be considered good but wrong in some situations or circumstances.

In many circumstances also, organization are negligent in their discharge of employment procedures function because of their inability to subordinate their interest to that of the organization.

Situations were seen where people are being placed based ion informal relationship with functional managers, sectionalism, nepotism etc all in the name of inability of people to subordinate their interest to that of the organization. It has become difficult for people to shun such negative behaviours and it is done at the expense of the organization.

Every organization objective is achieved through quality human resources thus, the employment procedures should be primal and well implement.

1. What are the factors that are affecting individual productivity in Anambra State Ministry of Education Awka?

2. Are there relationships between the employment procedures and productivity in Anambra State Ministry of Education Awka?

3. What is the effect of individual productivity or behavior on recruiting, selection and promotions policies in an organization?

The overall objective of the study is to find out how effective the employment procedures policies of organizations are in Anambra State Ministry of Education Awka.

Significantly, the study tries to show;

1. The extent to which factors such as qualification requirement, government policy etc has been wrongly perceived by by Anambra State Ministry of Education Awka.

2. The study tries to portray the need for effective employment procedures in organization in order to achieve the organization objective.

3. The study tries to identify various factors that are social in nature e.g. tribalism, nepotism etc and their consequence to the effectiveness of employment procedures policies of Anambra State Ministry of Education Awka.

The study tries to identify various social and personnel factors that have become part of individuals and there influence to the day activity and hold well practicing managers can get rid of such factors so as not to influence their decision. So it is important for managers to rein source on their behaviour in executing their employment procedures function in their respective organizations. The study is also important to interested readers to know more about the employment procedures of organization in Nigeria and prepare their mind in the area own interest.

Furthermore, the study will serve as a good base for further research on the effectiveness of employment procedures of organization in Nigeria.

It is right to say that remain uncompleted because of some limitations. One of such limitations is the researcher not being a genius in terms of combating the problem that may arise from wrong perception, since things might not necessarily be the way they are been perceived because of fundamental error of perception.

Also, most of the data the researcher would have got from organization will not be available as no organization will want to be associated with some act of informality and misdeeds and as such questions regarding such act will be shun and remain completely untreated or not answered.

The study is focused on the effectiveness of employment procedures of organization in Nigeria. The study covers the ministry of education in Anambra.

The study tries to examine a systematic approach used by organizations in Nigeria in order to execute the management function of employment procedures of workers and the extent to which these policies are effective to the overall attainment of the organizations human resources or personnel objective e.g. reduction in personnel turnover.

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