This research work was carried out to look into workers reaction in respect to organizational changes in a government owned company (A case study of Anambra State Broadcasting Service, Awka (ABS). The research was designed to look into what could happen when workers react to any change embark upon by the management. Chapter one has the introduction of the research work, background of the study, Historical statement of problems, Significance of the study, Purpose of the study, Scope and Limitation of the study. Related literature were also review as to enable the researcher have an in depth study which will help him find solution to the problem. A good method was used in Data collection, here questionnaires, interview and face to face confrontation were used for data collection. The techniques used for data collection was a Random Sampling techniques. All the data collected were presented and analyzed in chapter four, discussion of findings, conclusion and recommendation were made at the end of the work.

Organizations are formed when people come together to work as a team for a common goal. The person that makes up this organizations are constituted into various levels of authority and work is divided in line with the principle of division of labour according to areas of individual’s specialization so as to reasonably actualize the goals of the organization. For any organization to meet up with it’s predetermine objectives, there should be that consciousness as to utilizing effectively both the available human and material resource both the available human and material resources that tends to exist within the organization.

The human resources as a matter of fact have to be well integrated with the principles and the objectives of the organization and proper machinery set in place to ensure that the aims of the organization is actualize.

Organizational changes comes as a result of the dynamic nature of the environment and the resources their in. This changes within an organization may have negative or positive effect on the productivity of the organization, that is to say that the kind of changes to be embark upon before making such changes.

The challenges the management face in organization changes is the reaction that may come from the workers. This reactions may be positive or negative especially if such change does not suit the workers in terms of their welfare.

It is therefore on this development that a critical examination is carried out in respect to this study to look into how workers react to organizational changes by using Anambra Broadcasting Service, Awka (ABS) as a case study. It is also aimed at looking into the relationship that exits between workers and their relative organizational changes and recommendation made.

The background of this study is centered on worker’s reaction to organizational changes taken a look at Anambra Broadcasting Services, Awka (ABS) as a case study.

Changes within an organization come as a result of the same environmental antecedent as it may have affected the organizational performance.

The changes within an organization may have a negative or positive reaction from workers. Workers react negatively to changes when such changes are detrimental to their welfare.

It becomes pertinent for the management to know the exact time and period to effect a change and kind of change to embark upon. It will be equally of a relief of tension from workers on the organization or management when the workers are involved in the changes, and those affected by the changes pre-informed.

It is also in the background of this study that highlight is made on the need for the management to put into consideration the economy of Nigeria as a country before embarking on a most of these changes. Consideration should also be made on the felling of workers on organizational changes and how best to manage changes and workers reaction.

This study is concern with workers reaction to organizational changes in a government owned company taking a look at Anambra Broadcasting Service Awka (ABS).

The problem inherent in this study follows thus:

1. Workers react to organizational changes because most of those changes are detrimental to their welfare.

2. Workers resist changes especially when they are not pre-informed on the changes.

3. In most case, the changes comes at the time not favourable to worker’s hence making them show as sharp reaction.

4. Poor implementation of changes has also resulted to a sharp reaction from workers and this thereby has lead to poor workers performance.

5. The implication of workers reaction to organizational operation and performance in negative.

6. Workers are not involved to make contributions towards organizational changes and this often time has made workers show sharp reaction.

7. The degree of worker reaction has been struck action.

This study intends to critically examine or investigate how organizational changes can affect the workers in an organization especially in a government owned or established companies taking a look at the Anambra broadcasting service, Awka (ABS) as a case study.

And also to look into the issues that could bring about changes within the organization, either in its structure, policies, procedures or system. Changes in an organization has a serious position hence it could have either a negative or positive effect on the worker’s productivity.

More so, to offer suggestions to the management policy making body on how best it could utilize it’s talent in creating policies as at the time and period needed. Have put to consideration have environmental factors that surrounds the business premises and the Nigeria economy which may not be favourable to the workers.

It is also in the purpose or objective of this study to offer suggestion of how organization should manage its workers by effectively utilizing the personnel department.

And to recommend the best way and time to effect changes within the organization which may not permit a sharp and negative workers reaction.

This study is of a great significant to managers and administrators that work in a firm.

The study becomes a base for knowing the right time to embark on change and the kind of changes to embark upon, have put to consideration workers or employees welfare. The study also, could be use to assess the environmental factors that may call for changes. So, it is necessary to know exactly the things that might happen when changes occur in the organization, and to be able to handle workers reaction, to such changes.

Research question are those questions ask in order to get answer to the research problem; this research work lies in the following question:

1. To what extent does workers reaction to organizational changes have impact on the organizational level of operation?

2. To what extent does the importance of workers reaction to organizational changes result in poor performance?

3. What organizational changes lead to negative or positive reaction?

4. How best can organizational changes be managed?

This project is set out specifically to find out worker’s reaction to organizational changes in government owned companies. The study therefore covered the Anambra broadcasting service Awka (ABS) in Anambra State.

The population sample in this work include: the workers, supervisors and the employers.

Limitation of the study simply emphasis on the problems faced in carrying the research work. The discouraging factors encountered in the course of this study were that of data collection. there are some difficulties in getting correct data from the respondents. The respondents especially the officials were not ready to release the relevant information need. Others exhibited a non-chalant attitude towards the questionnaires distributed.

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