This study focused primarily on Motivation, Leadership and Corruption in Corporate Affairs Commission. It is also used to tackle the problems of non existence of Motivation, Leadership and high level of Corruption in an organization at all levels in Corporate Affairs Commission. The source of data used for carrying out this research work was primarily through administration of well structured questionnaires such as personal interview, descriptive data analysis, was employed for the analysis of data collected. This research also serves as exposition tools on how motivation, leadership and corruption in an organization.
During the process of findings, it was discovered that from 1991-2000, Motivation, Leadership was not seen in the activities and operations of the commission, which gave birth to corrupt activities.

However, in response of staffs to the questioner, it was discovered that staff appreciates the new leadership styles of the management team. In view of the problems mentioned in the earlier chapter of this project, the following information is hereby suggested to bring motivation and leadership, such as: adequate planning, Manpower requirement must be met, adequate training must be put in place, Good Salary package, the working environment must be conducive for staff of the Commission.

Corruption literally means dishonesty, lack of integrity or use of official position for personal gain. The corrupt practice and other related offences Act 2000 (hereafter referred to as the Act) State that Corruption "includes bribery, fraud and other related offences "Corruption has been a giant virus that has eluded our society today on a great deal; It has brought about a setback, in a great measure which has now become a mindset of do or die ways of making it in life. This has affected both Private and Government setup all over the nation today.

It is painful to note that some of our past Leaders gathered wealth by means of corruption, such as using position for personal gain, bribery, and mismanagement of fund, and inflating of contract prices. Motivation and Good Leadership are one of the most important ways to Eradicate Corruption in our Society today. It is a good evidence in our Society today that with a Leader that cares about the needs of the people, such Leaders brings could about effective and efficient results at all Levels of endeavors.

A Good Leader possesses the ability to direct and influence the task -.: related activities of group or members of her Organization. A good leader frowns at non-challant attitudes to work and responsibilities at every duty post and Corruption in any Levels, which may occur during the process of task actualization in all stages of responsibilities. In the course of this research work, it is written on the assumption that, in the year 1991 to 2000 Corruption was strongly in existence in CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION.

The essential point of this research work is to find some common problem Encountered in the course of the study.

It was discovered that from the onset precisely (1991 - 2000) CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION, has encountered a setback due to wrong management in position of authority, with lack of Motivation and Good Leadership capabilities, has brought about large occurrences of Corruption, bribery and mismanagement of funds in the Commission.

The introduction of the new management team led by Mr. Ahmed Almustapha in 2001. A team of sound Motivation. Leadership and corruption has brought about the in the Commission at all helms of affairs.

(i)         The objective of this study is to primarily focus attention on how a corrupt free operating system will come to be in CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION.

(ii)          This study is meant to ensure that Motivation, Leadership and Corruption could in one way Eradicate Corruption at all Levels of endeavor in CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION.
(iii)           This study also shows that with the provision of Livelihood and good welfare package, productivity will be enhanced.

(iv)        It creates a means of recognition to the subordinate in CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION.

(v)              It is a means of efficient and prompt service delivery.

It brings about the reason why the research work is carried out such as:

. Ways to follow to get my information

. How to put the data into an information

. Are the data reliable for the study

. The reason for the data.

The number of senior and intermediate/ Junior staff of the Commission

. The impact of the study to the Commission.

This is a tentative answer to a research question. It is often stated in the form of a relationship between dependent and an independent variable. There are two types of hypothesis they are: Null (Ho) and the Alternative (HI).
. NULL HYPOTHESIS: Is one which denies the existence of the anticipated relationship.
. ALTERNATIVE HYPOTHESIS:- shows a positive relationship between the data analyzed

The purpose of this project work is to examine motivation and Good Leadership way to Eradicate Corruption in government parastatals in Nigeria with a case study Of CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION.
The aim is to focus attention on how Motivation and Good Leadership team could Eradicate Corruption in the day to day operation to the general public, portraying a Corrupt free working environments efficient and prompt service delivery. In the course of this study. It was discovered that manpower Training and Development was introduce by the management to enhance adequate campaign on Anti Corruption Crusade at all Levels of operation within the Commission.

The study is to examine the operation and system of government parastatals CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION, wuse zone 5, Abuja. In order to determine how the system is run in its daily activities with special regards to it's functioning towards a corrupt free objective in the Commission.

 The  widely  popular  saying  that  nothing  goes  to  its  final  stage  without encountering some difficulties. The limitations of the study can be summarized under the following headings:

As a result of time and the duration given to write this research topic, is not enough to enable me have a close view on how Motivation and Good Leadership way to Eradicate Corruption is been appreciated in other government parastatals.

Adequate finance would have enable me widen the scope of my study in order to find more problems and solutions relating to the to the research topic. To be able to make meaningful generalization for a population, it is necessary that the sample study represent the population. My research work is limited to CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION alone.

Due to the poor state of the economy presently, it is difficult to find well-equipped library for research purposes. It becomes difficult to gather adequate and relevant information on books and journals. All attempt made to collect data From other organization prove abortive because of security of information network of the organization; I was able to obtain past report CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION.

The method of my research was base on personal interviews; the attitude of some respondent was very disappointing as regards answering question in the questionnaires, which in the actual sense a positive contribution towards the success of any research work.

( a) Motivation System: is a human psychological characteristic that control bullets to a person degree commitment

(b)          Leadership System: The method and the process of directing influencing the task related activities of group members.

(c)            Corruption: Literally means dishonesty, lack of integrity or use of official position for personal gain.

(d)        Questionnaire: This is the method used in gathering information by asking question in a paper are pass round to get the accurate information.

Corporate Affairs Commission was established under the Companies and Allied Matter Decree 1990, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to oversea the registrations of companies of any kind Nigeria. The following set of bodies and professional both public and private sectors are charged with the responsibility of policy formulation and providing guidance: . A representative of ministry of Justice
. A representative of chambers of commerce and industry

. A representative of Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN)

. A representative of Institute of Chartered Secretary of Nigeria

. A representative of Nigerian Institute of Management

. A representative of Chartered Institute of Administrators

. A representative of Traditional Rulers

. The Registrar General of Corporate Affairs Commission

. The Secretary to the Board / Commission.

The registrar general of the commission is the chief executive officer and also the accounting officer of the Commission. Corporate Affairs Commission, in regards to its guidelines by CAMD 1990 some of its operations is stated below in various parts as stated in the Companies and Allied Matter Decree (CAMD1990).

. Incorporation of companies (private or public)

. Conversion and re- registration of private company as public company.

. Registration of mortgages, debentures and charges

. Re- registration of company limited by shares as unlimited company.

. Increase in share capitals.

. Change of Name

. Company Searches

. Certified True Copies (CTC) of filed document.

. Certified True Copy (CTC) of Certificate of Incorporation. Other statutory fillings are:

. Annual Returns Fillings

. Alteration of Memorandum and Articles of Association.

. Change of Director (s)

. Appointment / Change of Secretary

. Allotment of Shares

. Filing of Statement of Affairs, S.636 (CAMA).

This part of the CAMD 1990 is majorly based on the registration of an ordinary Business Names, popularly known as one-man business as legally required by Law. And all the changes in its regard are inclusive.

This part of the decree 1990, which enhance the commission to carry out the registration of a Non-governmental organization (NGO), foundations and an initiatives organization at both Local and International Levels, Churches inclusive. Both operations allow changes or addition that falls within this category in part C of CAMD 1990.

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