The focus of this study was to investigate the computer proficiency of students and the effect to which its integration will affect instruction. It also determined if there exist significant difference in the mean score between students in the experimental group and control group on the post-test. The study used Technological Pedagogical Knowledge Framework by Mishra and Koehler (2006) as the conceptual base. The population was composed of 120 junior high school pupils of JHS two (2) from three Garrison clusters of schools in the Sunyani Municipality. Using a pre-test and post-test and questionnaire adapted, data was collected to address the research questions. The findings revealed that most of the students had positive attitude towards learning of mathematics. Furthermore, a mean of means of M = 3.41; and SD = 0.71 was obtained to signify that students in the experimental group had interest and satisfaction with the use of an interactive multimedia courseware in learning mathematics. Also, the result from the paired sample t-test showed that there was no statistical significant difference between the mean performance of pupils using post-test by control and experimental groups. The study recommends that Mathematics teachers should be made to attend more professional and refresher course and programmes on the use of interactive courseware for the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

This study is purposed to bring to the attention of curriculum developers, mathematics teachers and other stakeholders in education the need to emphasis more on the teaching of the higher ability thinking skills such as application and reasoning. The focus on the teaching of the low ability skills and not giving much attention to the high ability skills has affected the performance of basic school candidates in examinations over the years. This trend could have a ripple effect on the nation’s human resource development if not addressed. Other researchers have made much effort in ascertaining the effectiveness of using multimedia courseware as a medium of instruction in mathematics topics such as multiplication of common fractions, Algebra, etc. This study will provide the theoretical basis for curriculum developers and educational administrators an appropriate practical teaching approach (collaborative method) when multimedia courseware is used in the teaching and learning process.

Background to the Study
A catch phrase in education today is technology integration. The call to integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education has become a major concern to many countries all over the world. This is so because the importance of integrating technology in classroom instruction cannot be over emphasized. According to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MOEYS) and the Ghana Education Service (2002), integrating technology in classroom instruction ensures greater motivation, increases self-esteem and confidence. It also enhances good questioning skills, promotes initiative and independent learning, improves presentation of information or output, develops problem solving capabilities, promotes better information handling skills, increases focus time on task and improves social communication skills.

Computers have become the most useful tool in Ghana for the past two decades if not more. Many institutions have taken advantage of its immergence and the significant role it plays in enhancing work efficiency. Some of these institutions include the corporate world, industry players and as well as in governance. Instances of these are the biometric systems, the electronic banking, the e-pay slip systems and a lot more.

In the pedagogical settings, connection between ICT as a subject and the integration of it in teaching other subjects is yet to be realized fully. Efforts have been made by successive governments towards the improvement of the standard and performance of education. On the average; the performance of students over the years does not justify the effort put in the development of education.

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