Food has undergone several transformations with the advancement in technology and with the present emphasis on food quality and safety, the shelf life and quality of food products are highlighted issue.
This study sought to determine the quality and shelf life of Honey Shake Milk Drink (HSMD) during storage. Three different flavours (Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate) of HSMD were randomly selected and subjected to microbiological, physicochemical and sensory analyses using standard procedures. Results showed that all the freshly prepared HSMD samples were safe for consumption with < 30 cfu/g aerobic count, no Salmonella spp. and Staphylococcus aureus detected, pH of 6.98, milk fat content of 2.08%, non-fat content of 15.64% and Brix-TC content of 17.10. The products had overall acceptability score of 5-7 on a 9-point hedonic scale with the chocolate HSMD the most acceptable by consumers. The products exhibited a reduction in pH, fat content and Brix over time with a more profound and significantly different reduction (p < 0.05) in the products stored under ambient conditions as opposed to those stored under refrigeration conditions. The pH decreased from 6.98 to 3.32 under ambient storage conditions and from 6.98 to 5.68 under refrigeration conditions whereas the milk fat content reduced from 2.08% (w/w) to 0.48% (w/w) and from 2.08 to 1.84% (w/w) under ambient and refrigeration storage conditions, respectively for storage period of 35 days.

The Brix content reduced from 17.0 to 15.6 and from 17.0 to 12.2 under ambient and refrigeration storage conditions respectively over 35 days of storage. The ultimate shelf life of the product was estimated to be 7 days when stored under ambient conditions and 52 days when stored under refrigeration conditions. The results suggest that the HSMD products will be best stored at refrigeration temperature ( 5°C).

1.1 Background
Milk due to its components like protein, fat, lactose, water and minerals is often considered as a complete meal hence has become part of human diet for thousands of years. It can be converted into different forms of products while in others cases used as ingredient for other food products (Feary, 2010). According to Tijani (2014), the average Ghanaian diet as at 2001, consisted of about 5% animal based and the rest comprised of starchy staples which resulted in high protein deficiency. A great solution to this national problem is to consider milk and milk sources as part of our daily diet. Milk due to its components like carbohydrates, proteins and fats provides great source of nutrients and able to support microbial growth and development. Milk in its raw form is highly perishable and provides great source of nutrients for human and microbial growth and metabolism (Udayathilaka, 2003).

Honey Shake milk drink (HSMD) is a delicious milk beverage produced and registered in Ghana by SS Brothers Company Limited in Accra, Ghana. It is produced from purified water, spray-dried whole milk powder which is imported from Ireland, uses pure natural honey as sweetener and comes in three different flavours. Standard operating procedures are adhered to make sure quality and safe products are being produced from the pasteurization plant.

In the pasteurization process, the target is to remove all non-spore forming pathogens in the milk and eliminate commonly associated spoilage microbes thereby ensuring quality of food product under the right refrigeration storage (Udayathilaka, 2003).

Over the years, incorporation of milk powders into the production of various food products have increased immensely hence the importance of the functionalities of milk powders. Though the reconstitution properties of these milk powders can be inconsistent and uncertain sometimes, many foods and dairy products manufacturers used them as a major ingredient (Macbean, 2009).

The time at which the quality of beverages decreases and becomes unacceptable from the time of production is described as “shelf life”. Determining the shelf life of a product is very essential because it takes into account the quality of the product and is expressed in terms of flavour, nutritional value or appearance as well as its safety through microbial analysis (Leo, 2015).

1.2 Significance of Study
Honey Shake milk drink beverage is consumed widely in the city of Accra due to its nutritive value hence irregular identification of off-flavour and sour taste by some clients. The research seeks to identify and estimate the proper storing condition of the milk beverage and estimates its shelf life through varying temperatures to improve quality of the product.

1.3 Aim of the study
The main objective of the study is to assess the effect of temperatures on the quality and shelf life of Honey shake milk drink (HSMD).

1.3.1 Specific Objectives
The specific objectives include:

To determine the qualitative changes of HSMD with varying temperature.

To determine the shelf life of HSMD.

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