Records management and documentation seeks to efficiently and systematically control the lifecycle of records that are routinely generated as a result of activities and transactions. Most organisations are continuously deploying integrated records management and documentation as a means of improving the decision making as well as service delivery quality. The study reviewed literature on the concepts of records, their forms as well as the lifecycle of records. It further outlined the benefits and challenges of records management and documentation. The study purposely sampled 80 administrative staff comprising senior members, senior staff and junior staff from the FERMA Abuja. Flowing from the quantitative nature of the research strategy, structured questionnaires were used as the sole data collection instrument and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the data. The major findings of the study revealed that the administrative documents are stored in both manual and electronic forms. This leads to quick decision making, saves office space and promotes good corporate governance.  It was further indicated that there were insufficient resources in terms of professionally trained records managers, training starved administrative staff and office space.  Therefore, it was recommended that management of FERMA Abuja should embrace the records management and documentation function to ensure its effectiveness, and also professionally trained records managers should be employed. 

1.2 Background to the Study
Mrwebi (2000) indicated that information plays a very vital role in the economic development of organizations which is essential for any corporate body to function effectively.  Information is every organization’s most basic and essential asset, and in common with any other business asset, recorded information requires effective management.  Organizations produce increasingly large amounts of information and consequently greater volumes of records, in both paper and electronic forms. It is essential that information is captured, managed and preserved in an organized system that maintains its integrity and authenticity as well as fulfilling legal and financial requirements.  According to Shepherd (2006), organizations use records to support accountability, when they need to prove that they have met their obligations or complied with the best practice or established policies.  An unmanaged record system makes the performance of duties more difficult, costs organizations all resources (e.g. time, money etc.) and makes them vulnerable to security breaches, prosecution and embarrassment.  

Rule of law, management of state resources, probity, accountability, foreign relations and the protection of entitlements and rights of citizens are very critical to every good government.  However, without records, all these would be meaningless (Dzandu, 2009). Important information of an organization can be lost forever if records are not kept properly especially when a member who is holding a key position in an organization dies, retires, resigns, travels abroad, transfer to different department, branch, or organisation like FERMA Abuja

1.3 Problem Statement 
Some of the business transaction record sent by the employer to the employee is so important, if this record is destroyed without being read by employee, this cause some problem with the operation of the organization. In these case if organization is not manage record wisely the organization is out of information, so organization is not compute with other organization. 

In effective record management practice in commercial bank of Ethiopia Jimma main branch affect the growth of the bank. In this area every record must be kept properly because every record is related or directly related with the business. If one record is loss it directly affects the development of bank. Ignorance of such business transaction record may affect the competitive performance of an organization. This mean that information in the form of records is used by organizations via employees as a strategic weapon to gain a competitive advantage for the organization that creates, receives and uses them effectively (Elizabeth, 2009).

Even if increased performance and speed decision-making were the motive behind electronic communication devices, it remains difficult for commercial bank of Ethiopia Jimma main branch to take quicker decisions and increase its performance due to the behavior of end-users after receiving information. Some staff members may delete documents on arrival while others do not have time to visit the organization’s Intranet
In Nigeria, the problem mostly arises where organisation have to allocate large office space to keep public records files manually every year.  Again, public organisational organizations especially the organisations must keep large volume of public records examination papers and results for at least five years before they can be disposed of.  It is however becoming clearer that it is more pronounced in the organisation system because accurate, reliable and trustworthy records that fulfill evidential requirements are being created but not properly managed
(Longe, 2001). 

1.2 Objectives of the Study
The objectives of the study have been categorized into general and specific objectives. 
They are;
1.2.1    General Objective
The general objective of this study is to assess the records management and documentation practices among the administrative staff of FERMA Abuja –  .

1.2.2    Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of the study are to:
a)                  assess the records management and documentation practices at the organisation.
b)                  identify the benefits derived from proper records management and documentation.
c)                  identify the challenges associated with records management and documentation at the organisation.

1.3 Research Questions
To achieve the above objectives, the study sought to address the following questions;
a)                  What are the records management and documentation practices at the organisation?
b)                  How does proper records management and documentation benefit the organisation?
c)                  What are the challenges associated with records management and documentation?

1.4 Significance of the Study
The study will be very significant to different stakeholders. The study will help management of FERMA Abuja to sensitize the administrative staff on the importance of effective records management and documentation practices in the organisation.  Again, the study will benefit the management of FERMA Abuja to appreciate the challenges associated with records management and documentation and how to address them.

It would also help individualss and the general public to know the importance of proper records management and documentation.  Furthermore, the study will help reveal the need for good records management and documentation for effective planning of FERMA Abuja to ensure rapid growth and development.  It will also help identify the need to use appropriate filing system to meet the day to day activities of the two  within the organisation.

In addition, the study will ensure easy access to records by authorized people.  Also, it will help provide the government with quick and accurate data for effective policy formulation and regulation.  Lastly, it will also add to the body of knowledge in the area of records management and documentation.

1.6 Scope of the Study
The study was restricted to records management and documentation practices among the administrative staff of the FERMA Abuja.

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