This Research Work focused on the Lexical error analysis in the English among Undergraduates Students. The research was conducted on essays written by thirty (250) Students of the above school. The analysis revealed the deficiencies of some of the Students in using English tense. In the use of the present tense, for instance, Students had more difficulties in the use of present tense compare to the use of other tense. It has also been observed that students commit these errors as a result of their mother tongue interference. It was also found out that the errors were as a result of poor teaching methods, lack of adequate textbooks and qualified English teachers. To minimize these problems, we suggest that the government should provide adequate textbooks on English grammar and qualified English teachers. So that student in the lower classes should be exposed to the various situations in which tenses should be used.

1.1       Background of the Study
This research work deals with Lexical error analysis in English essays of Undergraduate. The research is to find out the type of Lexical error analysis committed by the students who have sat for their 100 Level examination.

1.2       Statement of Problem
It has been discovered that second language learners of English face some difficulties while learning the language. This is because most second language learners find it difficult to speak or write good English.
With the above in mind, this research work focuses on Lexical error analysis in English Essays of Undergraduates Students This is to find out the Lexical error analysis the students make, the causes and possible suggestion of how to reduce the problems.
The work addresses the following questions:
1.         What are the errors students made?
2.         What are the types of errors?
3.         What are the causes of the errors?
4.         What are the possible solutions to these errors?

1.3       Aim and Objectives
The objectives of the study are as follows:
1-To find out the grammatical errors in writing composition of the third year at al-Gedaref secondary schools .
2-To find out the causes of difficulties in writing composition of the third year of Gedaref secondary schools .
3-To promote the awareness of the teachers of English at al-Gedaref secondary school of employing suitable writing strategies in teaching composition which is free from grammatical errors
4- To find ways for improving the students' grammatical
1.4       Significance of the Study
The falling standard of education generally could be attributed to poor comprehension of the English language lessons by students.
This is due to the fact that, English language serves as a bed rock for understanding other disciplines of learning S.S.C.E holders cannot fully communicate in the national language (English) and it is on this basis that this work focuses on the tenses in the students written essays.

1.5       Scope and Delimitation
This study is limited to the analysis of thirty scripts of S.S II Students of Maimuna Gwarzo in Kaduna South local government. The research is limited to found out Lexical error analysis made by students in the schools so as to provide the lasting solutions to aid teachers and students on how to guard against such problems.

1.6       Justification of the Study
This study is important as, it attempts to highlight the major Lexical error analysis committed by the students in their speaking and writing, and to provide the lasting solution on how to correct the errors.

1.7       Methodology

This section deals with how data is collected for the research work. The study covers the use of Lexical error analysis in English essays of Undergraduate students of some selected Undergraduates in Kaduna South Local Government. The data for this work is the essay papers of thirty students of the schools. 

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