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This research study probed the problems of recruitment in Nigerian State Civil Service and to determine the extent of utilization and justifying the recruitment policies in recruitment process. Recruitments as the process of searching for prospective employees and persuading them to apply for employment in the organization. During recruitment only those with the ability attitude and aptitude needed by an organization to achieve its goal will be recruited as those qualified for the job to ensure high productivity. The term Nigerian Civil Service is used in this study work to refer to both the federal and state civil service. Moreover the research work is concerned with the recruitment problems in Anambra State Civil Service. Based on the above statement the study tries to unravel the problems bedeviling the Anambra State Civil Service as it affect recruitment of civil servants. Questionnaire are used to collect data and are analyzed in stratified random sampling method used to draw sample of one hundred and twenty questionnaires from twelve ministries and extra-ministerial departments grouped into the four major categories of grade levels. Descriptive survey design was employed and descriptive statistics used for the analysis. The survey identified factors such as increasing pressure for employment, utilization of informal sources of recruitment, long military era, lack of independence of the service commission and delegation of recruitment functions as the prevalent problems affecting recruitment in the State Civil Service. As results of these problems job description and standard personnel requirement were not adequately used in the recruitment process especially at the lowest category of grade levels. However, the findings, the researcher recommended that the federal government should promulgate laws that will protect employees in the public sector. Subjective and informal sources of recruitment should be emphasized, and instead sources from educational institutions and professional organizations should be encouraged. It was also recommended that remuneration of the state civil servants should be increased to meet with the federal and the public sectors. State Civil Service should utilize job description when embarking on actual recruitment exercise and personnel requirement should be developed to meet position classification in the service. Finally, government should reduce their interference with politicians in the recruitment of civil servants. They should set up a body that will be responsible for monitoring the recruitment exercise in the civil service with a view to ensuring that government policies with regards to recruitment are strictly adhered to.


Title Page
Table of Content

1.0       Background of the Study
1.1       Statement of the Problem
1.2       Objectives of the Study
1.3       Research Questions
1.4       Hypotheses Formulation
1.5       Significance of the Study
1.6       Scope of the Study
1.7       Limitation of the Study
1.8       Definition of Terms

2.0       Introduction
2.1       Civil Service Structure
2.2       Recruitment Policy
2.3       Process and Sources of Recruitment
2.4       Application Forms
2.5       Criteria for Recruitment
2.6       Anambra State Civil Service

3.0       Introduction
3.1       Procedure for Data Collection
3.2       Data Collection and Method of Analysis
3.3       Population of the Study
3.4       Sample Size and Techniques
3.5       Instrument Used for Data Collection
3.6       Reliability and Validity of Data

4.0       Introduction
4.1       Analysis
4.2       Interpretation of Data

5.0       Introduction
5.1       Summary of Findings
5.2       Conclusions
5.3       Recommendations




The word civil service in Oxford Dictionary means the government in a country. The civil service handbooks (1976:15) also defines “Civil Service as a body or an organ of government, which enjoys continuity of existence and they all work on pensionable appointment, it comprises of all servants of the state other than holders of political and judicial officers who are employed in a civil service and whose remuneration is wholly and entirely out of money voted by parliaments. Based on the above postulation, the recruitment into the civil services is vested in the federal civil service commission or State Civil Service Commission as provided by in the Nigeria Constitution. With the civil service rule (1978), direct appointment to state public service may be made in any of the following as trainee on pensionable post hold or based on contract against a pensionable or post for specified period etc.

The availability of a competent and labour force does not just happen by chance but through an organized and articulated recruitment exercise. Recruitment is a process or a set of activities used to obtain a sufficient number of the right people at the right time from the right place (Nicels et. Al 1999). Its purpose is to select those who best meet the needs of the work

place, and to develop, maintain a qualified and adequate workforce through which an organization can fulfill its human resource plan. The efficiency and effectiveness of any workplace (whether the private or the public sector) largely depend on the individual in the work. A recruitment process begins by specifying Human Resource requirements (numbers, Skill mix, levels, time and frame), which are the typical result of job analysis and human resource planning that activates the next phase in the recruitment process, which is attracting potentially qualified candidates to apply for vacant positions in an organization (Baid 1999) says recruitment is a process to do with quality of people, a company/organization can attract. This can be done through (internal sources) and (external sources) which is within and out organization. After the phase, the organization should device means of selection to help sort out the relative qualification of the job applicants and examine their potentials for being goods performers in a particular job (Jones 2000). Those tools include applications and interviews which go into reference cheeks and test. The essence of these recruitment activities is for the organization to appoint/employ the best applicant with the right ability, temperament and willingness for the job. Recruitment of personnel for civil services is one of crucial tasks of modern government and it les in the heart of the problems of

personnel administration (Basil 1994). The State and Federal Civil Service Commissions serve as employment agents for the Civil Services in Nigeria and they control the recruitment without a fee (Nwachukwu2000). Specifically, the authority for recruitment into the State Civil Service is the State Civil Service Commission. However, the Commission delegates powers to State Ministry and extra-ministerial departments to recruit junior staff to posts graded GL 01 – 06 (Gazali, 2006).
The state civil service system emphasizes uniformity, standardization and transparency (Babaru, 2003) in recruiting competent applicants. Before the military takeover of government in 1966, the civil service has played a Central Role and a very important role that has sustained the system for a very long time.....

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