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The world as a unit where several of its parts have to have close contact and interaction with one another and to recognize themselves as sharing a common humanity, took a new turn in the fifteen century earth the Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch voyages of discovery, a phenomenon advances in maritime technology. It is the result of that process or phenomenon that has come, generally to be referred to as globalization. Globalization reflects man’s common humanity, a desire to explore and break barriers and to conquer both territory and forces and to constrain them.

This research project seeks to determine the problems and prospects of globalization on human resource management, and this was a study of selected Breweries- NB Plc and Guinness Plc, Lagos.

A sample of 136 respondents all randomly selected from the staff and management of NB Plc, Lagos. Both primarily and secondary data were used.

At the end of the research study, it was gathered that globalization has made impact on human resource management; and the aspects it has made such impact includes: the economic, political, social/cultural, and technological aspects; and the countries that stands to greatly benefit or better put, that has immensely benefited from globalization has both negative and positive dimensions. From the foregoing it can be concluded that globalization is a dual-purpose sword, which implies that it has come to stay and must be properly and adequately addressed. In addressing it therefore, it should be ensured that its fruits extends to all countries of the world; the fears that the growth that globalization brings is inherently destabilizing should be wiped out; the concern within richer countries should be addressed that international competition does not hurt living standard; and the problems complicated by rapid business expansion, notably environmental degradation, disease, migration, crime, unemployment and terrorism should be tackled.


Title page
List of tables
Table of contents

1.1       Background of the study
1.2       Statement of problem
1.3       Objectives of the study
1.4       Research questions
1.5       Significance of the study
1.6       Scope of the study
1.7       Limitation of study
            Background of the study areas
1.8       Profile of Nigerian breweries plc
1.9       Profile of Guinness plc
1.10     Definition of terms

2.1       Introduction
2.2       Meaning of human resource management
2.3       Development of human resource management
2.4       Human resource management functio
2.4.1 Human resource planning
2.4.2 Recruitment and selection
2.4.3 Organization and placement of staff
2.4.4 Personnel training
2.4.5 Management development and career planning
2.4.6 Compensation
2.4.7 Performance appraisal
2.4.8 Staff welfare service
2.4.9 Labour or industrial relations
2.4.10  Safety and health
2.4.11 Records
2.5       The role of human resource manager
2.6       The concept of globalization
2.7       Globalization and human resource management
2.7.1 Economic change and human resource management
2.7.2 Technological change and human resource management
2.7.3 Social change and human resource management
2.8       Dimensions of globalization
2.9       The proponents
2.10     The opponents
2.12     Summary of the reviewed literature

Research Methodology
3.1       Research design
3.2       Area of study
3.3       Sources of data
3.3.1 Primary sources
3.3.2 Secondary sources
3.4       Population of study
3.5       Sample size determination and sampling technique
3.6       Instrument for data collection
3.7       Data collection procedure
3.8       Data analysis

4.0       Analysis and interpretation of data
4.1-4.2 Analysis of data based on Bio-Data
4.3-4.11 Analysis of data based on objectives

5.0       Summaries of finding, conclusions and recommendations
5.1       Summary of findings
5.2       Conclusion
5.3       Recommendations
5.4       Areas for further readings


The role of human resources management in an organization’s strategic management planning is extremely important in helping firms find ways to complete effectively in the domestic and foreign markets. Service, product quality and productivity are the most critical competitive issues concerning most organization vesper (2002:92). Quality and productivity constitute the core of managing work organizations, people and operations because they are critical to costs, sales, competitiveness and profitability Williams (1999:201).

To improve quality and productivity in organizations most executives now prefer human resource methods such as employee motivation programs, employee training and education, and changing the organization’s culture, rather than technology-oriented solutions. The strategic importance of effective human resource management is becoming more recognized. Improvements in the firm’s competitive position can work only if human resource management is elevated and remains a crucial area in the strategic planning and implementation of plans.

Wider economic, technology, political and social forces shape human resource management policies and activities. What happens in the global economy influences human resource management in the domestic economy. There is general agreement among academics and senior business executives that the structure as well as the fundamental dynamics of global business have dramatically changed in the pass three decades. These changes have impacted much on human resource management Sisson, (2003:90).

The key question that immediately arises is what has changed in the global economy and in political and social environments that impacts on human resource management? Analyzing the external contexts of human important, because in various ways the conditions external organization present particular opportunities and constraints in the management of human resources Legge, (2000:70).

In the 1960s, changing public polices covering productivity and employment law extended the personnel management function. Personnel management practices arose as the result of changes in the political economy. In the 1980s, the context of human resource management was profoundly influenced by the global political environment Fasuyi, (2000:47). In the 1990s the processes if globalization have important consequence for “high value” businesses and strategic human resource management.

Globalization describes recent changes in the world economy and reflects trade flows, declining transportation costs, the portability of new and more integrated financial markets. Increasingly, multinational companies can readily shift or transfer production to wherever the mix of raw materials, infrastructure, skilled workers, labour cost and regulatory requirement offer the greatest potential to compete in the international market. This movement impacts on the traditional HRM practices in the new country to which they move.

Against this background, this study is set to examine (problems and prospects) on human resource management in Nigeria Breweries....

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