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Over decades, liberation of African women from every form of prejudice, subjugation, mystical and diabolic beliefs and evils of traditions and cultures have been a matter which draws varying concern among female writers in African. These writers draw conclusion from the anomalies, unacceptable fate foolishness of African cultures and traditions in treatment of women. However, this research work exposes the various cases and conditions noted to the African women in their different societies in Africa. This study becomes a yardstick through which these African female writers like Sefi Atta and AkachiAdimora-Ezeigbo project the lives of those women in Africa who are under such unfavourable conditions. Through the events and actions of their characters, they picture African women as they censure in a world of realism. Through the lenses of feminism, the said cultures and traditions humiliated the African women in both Everything GoodWill Come and Roses and bullets. Conclusively, this research work is based on the previous facts raised by other researchers to bring to light the evils of African traditions and their effects on women using feministic approach as its theoretical frame work.

Title page
Table of Contents

Background of the Study
Definition of Term
Biography of Sefi Attta
Biography of Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo
Theoretical Frame Work

Review of Literature

A Study of Sefi Atta’s Everything Good Will Come

A Study of AkachiAdimora-Ezeigbo’s Roses and Bullets

Works Cited

            Female writers in modern African literature have before now gained stand in African literary world. They have attempted to emancipate African women in diaspora from the shackles of prejudice and subjugation meted on them by tradition, culture, norms, and all forms of mystical and diabolic beliefs governing the average African society. They now seem to reinstate and establish what seems to be their main interest which focuses on penetrating into the African literary world. Their aim is to examine the societies in Africa as well as to rid them of any practices that will mar the upraising freedom of women. In order to achieve this, they seek to promote their authored books or texts hence the female and male writers in modern African literature are focused on promoting peace and harmony in African continents.

            The major subject matter of female writers in the world of literature was for the emancipation of woman from every form of ill-treatment and mischief which mere tradition reduced them into.
            In the real sense, women were subjected, suppressed and subjugated by their male counterpart just because tradition made it so. They could not share a better place with the men. The above view gave the female writers in Africa a platform through which their protests were felt heavily. This group of female writers was first called feminists because they focused their writings and arguments etc. on what they called “feminism” which aimed at emancipating the womenfolk totally from the slums of life and giving them a better position to enjoy everything that life offers.
            However, in the world view, feminism means the movement which supports equal rights for women with their male counterparts as propounded by Charles Fourier, the French philosopher. But the approach of female writers in Africa towards feminism differs from the western notion. It also differs from culture to culture, from society to society, from race to race and people to another. No doubt, feminism to western writers is a movement or struggle to have equal rights with the males. Equal right in marriage, politics, economy etc. but to female writers in Africa, their protest is to be recognized and emancipated from all forms of subjection, subjugation, prejudices, suppression, oppression, ill-treatment that they were meted with. To a great extent, the African women were stench in the hand of tradition, norms and culture. In fact, they had no breathing space to complain and have their feelings expressed. This is so because their voices and opinions were not allowed nor permitted to be heard or aired. In the light of the above revelation, so many notable African feminists arose and fought against women subjugation and were happy to be celebrated among women folks.
            It is therefore worthy of note to say that feminism gave birth to whatever positions that our women especially those of them that are in the literary world occupy today.

            The major concern of female writers in modern African literature is re-entrenchment of women and/or female related aspects of selected statement into contemporary discourse. The focus here is to examine the society’s capacity to maintain harmony and equilibrium using some recognized predictions embedded in the selected indigenous core statements. The female writers also directed their literary works to politics, leadership, economy, religion, etc. to bring to light the problem inherent in them. The discrimination which they faced before now was that any text authored by female writer is never valued no matter how interesting the work might be. Authors like Dr. NgoziChuma-Udeh, Flora Nwapa, BuchiEmecheta, CathrineAcholonu, Teresa Meniru, AdoraUlasi, AkachiAdimora-Ezeigbo, KaineAgary, Sefi Atta, Marilyn Heward etc. have had to contend against this syndrome in their numerous works....

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