The major benefit of this study was to determine the benefits of information technology on the job performance of secretaries employed in polytechnics in Federal Polytechnic Oko. The population of the study consists of 74 secretaries in Federal Polytechnic Oko. Four research questions were formulated which guided the study. A 40–item structured questionnaire was developed and validated. Percentage responses were used to answer the research questions. The major findings of the study were: (1)Information technology plays an important role in the job performance of a secretary such as storing and retrieving of information, easy access to information (2) Information technology improve the secretaries performance when the quality of work produced using information communication technology is far better than manual and also saves time, improve efficiency in output and performance, increase speed and accuracy, (3) secretaries encounter some challenges like: technology changes the job of  the secretary and inability to grow with the use of computer, (4) changes in technology can cause job displacement of secretaries. It was concluded that(1) there is need for secretaries to be computer literate since it plays important role in their job (2) there is need for secretaries to acquire skills and knowledge needed to cope with the changes in technology since it saves their time and increase their speed and accuracy (3) secretaries face challenges in their jobs because of changes in technology and inability to grow along with the current trends and acquisition of the needed knowledge to meet the changing challenges. It was recommended that (1) lecturers in higher institutions should help their students to understand the important role computer plays among secretaries and also enough computers should be provided by the school authorities (2) secretaries must be dynamic with the current packages of the computer like: Ms word, Ms Excel, Page maker Corel Draw, etc in order to improve on their job (3) Non computer literate secretaries need to go for training in computer in order to meet with current changes in technology today. 

Title page
Table of contents
1.0   Introduction
1.1      Background of the study
1.2      Statement of problem
1.3      Purpose of the study
1.4      Research questions
1.5      Significance of the study
1.6      Scope of the study
1.7      Definition of terms
2.0   Review of Related Literature
2.1      The uses of information and communication Technology
2.2      The roles information Technology play among secretaries
2.3      Impact of information Technology on the performance of secretaries
2.4      Challenges facing secretaries in utilizing information Technology
2.5      Summary of Literature Review
3.0   Research methodology
3.1      Research design
3.2      Area of the study
3.3      Population of the study
3.4      Instrument for Data Collection
3.5      Reliability and validity of the  Instruments
3.6      Distribution and Retrieval of the instrument
3.7      Method of Data Analysis
4.0      Presentation and Analysis of Data
5.0   Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1      Summary of findings
5.2      Conclusion
5.3      Recommendation
5.4      Limitations of the study
5.5      Suggestions for further Research
Appendix A statistics of secretaries in Federal Polytechnic Oko
Appendix B: Research questionnaire

1.0   Introduction
By the mid 20th century, human had achieved a mastery of technology sufficient to leave the atmosphere of the earth for the first time and explore space. According to Merriam Webster (2007), technology is making usage and knowledge of tools, machines techniques crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function. The word Technology comes from Greek, the term can either be applied generally or to specific areas: Example include construction Technology and information technology.
1.1   Background of the Study
Information Technology has dramatically changed all aspects in business and industry in modern society. These technology developments have adversely affected the jobs of many people. To understand information Technology, Bennett (1997) defines it as acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of information using computers.
        However, Eric Schalzbery (2004) in his views says that with the high rate of technological development in this “global village” era, the secretary has come to terms with the reality of having her job greatly enriched and complete business activities going on in modern office. The secretary plays important role in ensuring the proper utilization of these machines for greater productivity.
        In the past, most office work had been carried out manually although then the volume of office work had been small and was less sophisticated in industrial art, hence there was no significant demand for modern technology. But today when one looks at the basic tasks in an office, whether it be writing, calculating, filling, sorting or analysis it is found that office machines can be used to do the job better and faster which leads to great achievements and professionalism in the field. There has never been greater need for efficiency in business than there is today. All kinds of business must employ modern methods in their offices as the raw materials of an office is information, the responsibility of an office is like that of a clearing house, receiving and sending out information, processing, storing facts in various forms. Therefore, the ever increasing size of business organizations....

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