TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN NIGERIAN S.M.E COMPANIES (A case study of Rolling Technologies Communication Limited)

The main aim of this research work was to pinpoint how Rolling technologies as a small medium enterprise in Lagos ICT market has been managing her TQM mode despite the fact that the company is a sole proprietorship business also major outcome of this research work showed the TQM lapses of Rolling technologies Limited and new TQM policies that will be a benefit to the case company was created. In the study, the author used a benchmarking method of the Finnish SME companies.

Qualitative research method was been used in this research study. The research data enabled a total of five interviews in which three of it was conducted from the management of the case company and two who are Finnish Small Medium enterprise experts in Finland.

The outcome of the interviews revealed that Rolling technologies lacked the modern usage of total quality management in the small scale company, also how the management of Rolling technologies have just been using a one man business discretion without consulting the theory of total quality management or a knowledgeable TQM experts who knows much about how it could be used in a small business.

The author of this research work recommends that Rolling technologies should have a feedback form from all her customers about the company total quality in a whole and this would strengthen the power of continuous improvement in the small management, also to initiate performance measurement in the company.

Keywords:  Total Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction



1.1 Research Purpose
1.2 Research Problem
1.3 Research Method
1.4 Qualitative research method

2.1 Theoretical Background of TQM
2.3 Difference between Quality Management and Total Quality Management
2.4 Rudiments of TQM
            2.4.1 Quality Assurance
            2.4.2 Problem Solving in TQM
            2.4.3 Knowledge Management and TQM
            2.4.4 Process Improvement
            2.4.5 Inspection aspect of TQM
2.5 Customer Relationship Management involvements in TQM
2.6 Process Management
            2.6.1 Process Quality Management
            2.6.2 Integration of Process Management with TQM
2.7 Performance Appraisal in TQM
2.8 Benchmarking in TQM

3.1 Inside Africa
            3.1.1 Business in Africa
            3.1.2 TQM Advancement in Africa
3.2 History of great Nigeria in brief
3.3 Lagos the citadel of IT market

4.1 Case Company
4.2 Collective research analysis of the case
4.3 Define require changes
4.4       Benchmarking the Finnish SME‟ Company and Rolling Technologies Communication Limited

5.1 Recommendation
5.2 Evaluation
5.3 Conclusion


The main idea of this thesis started from the previous experience during the practical training period with Rolling Technologies Communication Limited. Total Quality management has been in existence for long, the world talk has been the conventional mode of managing quality, which is product and customer focused. But presently, the SME companies have modified it with the kind of total quality they engaged in. There has been a pervasive consensus that Total Quality Management is a way of handling organizations to improve their overall competency and effectiveness in emancipating customer satisfaction. There is a minimal correspondence as to what are the key elements of Total Quality Management and the critical factors that influence the Total Quality Management implementation process. Organizations differ in their approach to Total Quality Management.

In the second chapter of this thesis there will be theoretical analysis made by several authors who have contributed to the new modeling system of total quality in today small medium enterprises especially in the retail sector. Furthermore, the third chapter will give a clear understanding of the Research environment of Lagos IT retail market; it will also be explained and argued further. Rolling Technologies Limited is an SME company located in the central part of Lagos, Nigeria. It is a retail firm that deals with selling and supply of high tech products to various institutions. It also focuses on daily operation in modern IT equipment such as laptops, desktop computers, flat screen computers, electronic chalkboard, accessories in general, Internet servers and all other information technology related items. The company mainly specializes in the supplies and distribution of Desktop, Laptops and Accessories to several banks in Nigeria such as Oceanic Bank PLC, Intercontinental banks etc. also several universities and secondary schools in Nigeria are part of their customers, the small company is not only dealing with business-to-business operation. It also sells to the final consumers who are highly interested in quality products that are durable, rather than the counterfeit that will only serve for a shorter period. Rolling Technologies Limited also have many sales agent who does nothing than searching for various institutions who need certain information technology product that are scarce in the market and quality accessories that will help them.

1.1 Research Purpose

Total Quality Management in a conventional method have always been the talk of most management specialist but diverting the attention to this new era, continuous improvement in an SME‟s especially the retail sector. This thesis is developed in order to carry out several researches on how a small retail outlet could continue the improvement of her Total Quality management system. Several SME‟s only focus on product quality instead of the total qualities of the concerned business environments.

The study of this thesis will not only make impact in the case company but the entire affected small medium enterprises in Nigeria and other region as a whole. The main idea of the thesis is about taking a look at the overall means of managing the Total quality of small medium enterprises.

1.2 Research Problem

The motive of this study is to draft out the challenges Rolling Technologies Communication has been undergoing despite the fact that it is maximizing profit. In other words, there are still problems with the quality of the products, services and market environment. It is quite difficult for a retail store in Nigeria to excel maximally because of the lack of service management.

Another serious problem that orchestrates this research work is the failure to continue the knowledge management system that is normally being introduced to the employee at the start of the job. Accordingly, a firm is supposed to give at least yearly training to its staffs, in Total Quality Management especially in the case of a Small Medium Enterprise (retail outlet). The major thing that needs to be done is the knowhow of how the customer satisfaction works towards the management qualities. Another thing that will be look deeply into is, Has Rolling Tech for once...

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