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The key aim of this thesis is to identify and discuss the contribution on the roles of the Nigerian capital market in mobilizing long-term finance for the development of the industry sector. Another aim is to examine the activities of the Nigerian industrial sector, to identify the problems and prospect of the Nigerian capital market in financing and sustaining industrial enterprises. Most of the information for the study was obtained from secondary sources; they were extracted from the Central Bank of Nigerian Publication 2005 and business newspapers. The capital market is a financial institution set up for the granting of medium and long-term instruments. It is an instrument of financing the operations of various sectors of the Nigerian economy. This study also analyses the economies of developing countries e.g. the African economy in brief and discusses the 5 major economies in Africa, the largest economies in West Africa, and their rankings in the world. Nigeria has the biggest economy in West Africa, the 3rd in Africa, and occupies the 30th position in the world.


Thesis Abstract
Tables and figures

1.1 Needs for the study
1.2 Statement of the problems
1.3 Objectives of the study
1.4 Research questions/hypothesis
1.5 Assumption of the study
1.6 Limitations and scope of the study

2.1 Securities and Valuations
2.2 Corporate debt
2.3 Secured and Unsecured Corporate Debt
2.4 Economic and Industrial Development
2.5 Elements of the Economic Environment and Development

3.1 The West Africa Economies in 2011
3.2 The 4 Largest Economies in West Africa in 2011
3.3 Unilevel Brothers Nigeria PLC. (Case Study)
3.4 Developing Countries Economy
3.4.1  The Effects of Economic Globalization on Developing Countries
3.4.2  The Benefits of Free Trade for Developing Countries

4.1 Historical background of research problem
4.2 Theories and models relevant to the research hypothesis
4.3 Capital market and industrial development in Nigeria
4.4 Current Literature based on each of the relevant variables of the model
4.4.1  Primary Market Activities
4.4.2    Secondary Market Activities
            4.4.3 Institution operators of the capital market
4.5 Capital market and investments
4.6 Listing requirement of Nigeria stock exchanges
4.7 Nature of Security Listed in the Nigeria Stock Exchange
            4.7.1 Commercial and Industrial Loan Stock and Debentures
            4.7.2 Company Shares and Stock
            4.7.3 Ordinary Share
            4.7.4 Preference Shares
            4.7.5 Deferred share
4.8 Data Presentation and Analysis
            4.8.1 Theoretical Framework
            4.8.2 Population and Sample Size for the Study
4.9 Implementation
            4.9.1 Step-by-step procedure
            4.9.2 Research Results
            4.9.3 Data Presentation and Analysis
            4.9.4 Analysis of Introductory Responses
            4.9.5 Analysis of Research Questions
            4.9.6 Recommendation

5.1 Validity and Reliability
5.2 Usefulness
5.3 Areas for further study
5.4 What the researcher have learned – and what he would do differently


The Nigerian capital market has always played a significant role in the economic growth and development of the nation. In time of economic boom, it assisted in the provision of finances for expansion, retooling and establishment of production facilities. Also in current period of recession it has been providing finance for maintaining existing facilities diversification and acquisitions. The capital market spearheads the ongoing prudential structural adjustment of our national economy which will call for huge financial commitments of a reasonable proportion of the financial needs. Under this structure re-arrangement will certainly be met through the assistance of the Nigerian capital market.

A said feature of the Nigeria economic landscape is the large number of industrial project of the Federal and state government as well as the compelling of an unequipped private sector to assume greater responsibilities in the economy in order to who it may concern reduces the domineering status of foreign bodies. The oil boom of the 1970s made it possible for government to embark on various industrial projects.

However, the non-completion or underutilization in cases where some of them are fully executed of these projects amounts to a waste of scares services resources under the government industrialization program, consideration are given to the small and medium scaled enterprises (SME) which form the center of the industrial development of the country. Unfortunately, the SME’s are only living in the shadows of large business for so long hence their importance as roots to the economic health of a nation have been forgotten. The problems of SME’s ranges from improper policies which have been constitutes by the authorities guiding them to the problems as well as the Nigeria citizen with regards to foreign products as well as the problems of finance for the formation and sustenance or SME’s.

1.1     Needs for the study

The study “role of the capital market in the growth of the Nigerian industrial sector “is designed for us to understand and appreciate the important and functions of the capital market in shaping work done on this topic by various researchers and analysts. It has not in any way duplicate previously studies or investigating rather it has its goal as trying to improve on what has already been done.

The study and research thereby for is necessary because:

It tries to find new ways and methods of Appling the capital market concept so as to improve the performance of the industrial sector

Government and the enterprises would take advantage of the /suggestion and recommendations, the study make results oriented industrial policies

It encourages the researchers, investigators, academics professional and analysts on the need for the researcher work and more studies on this issue.

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