The idea of energy is a multidisciplinary idea with a concept that is fundamental to understand the important and the use of energy couple with its environment and global crisis, this theses is in-tended to analysis more insight into the fundamentals of energy conversion following the laws of thermodynamics to understand energy transition from stone age till present. The understanding of energy is fundamental to the survival of mankind for a better and sustainable future and a safer world for the incoming generation.

Energy has been underlined as the greatest resources available to the benefit of man, to enable mankind to enjoy life and energy is to function to allow human mobility and adventure but the activities of man in extracting these energy has also in turn endanger the environment and the future of unborn generation.

This thesis will highlight the merits and the drawback of each energy source, compare the funda-mental differences and similarities in each of the energy sources, also point out the tradeoff in deciding the preferred energy source using individual and governmental policies that can shape the world, to a better and more prosperous future and to adopt the an environmental friendly energy source, called renewable energy.

The idea of renewable energy source is to save the world from environmental disaster of global climate change, the human society will have to formulate and adopt a rescue mission to save the world using sustainable engineering methods and fact, this thesis will give insight into the mean-ing, concept and dangers of global warming and the defining elements of global warming and hoe the adoption of renewable energy will not only end global environmental challenges but will also lead the world to prosperous energy future.

Using scientific proven fact and solution to the energy and environmental problems from different renewable energy sources in a sustainable way without endangering the environment for the fu-ture generation.


2          Theoretical background
            2.1       Energy transition
            2.2       Energy basics and fundamentals
            2.3       Thermodynamics of energy

3          Geological formation of fossil fuels
            3.1       Forms of fossil fuel
            3.2       Coal
            3.3       Natural gas
            3.4       Petroleum
            3.5       Unconventional fossil fuels
            3.6       Renewable energy

4          Methodology of the research (Energy tradeoff)
            4.1       Coal
            4.2       Natural gas
            4.3       Making distinctions between natural gas, petroleum and coal
            4.4       Petroleum
            4.5       Unconventional fossil fuel

5          Result
            5.1       Climate
            5.2       Energy security
            5.1       Renewable energy
            5.2       Renewable energy as a solution

6          Conclusion
            6.1       Energy for today
            6.2       Now is the time to shift to renewable energy


The energy production, transportation and utilization is one of the biggest industry in the world, classified among the top four such as production, banking and technology. The type of energy in use can be us to differentiate modern society and preindustrial society also can be use to determine the quality of life even though energy produc-tion is the biggest polluter of the planet earth.

This multidisciplinary final thesis topic is aim to give overview on different fuel source, environmental impact and public policies. This topic will be interdisciplinary and will give an introductory insight into quantitative concept in energy, different fuels source, energy technology, energy policy and social aspects of energy.

This thesis will cover the theoretical background of energy, methodology in energy conservation and result by comparing fuel sources in respect to merits, drawback and comparable advantages of every fuel namely coal, natural gas, petroleum and will use scientific fact to prove the benefit of renewable sources as compare to other sources.


·         Energy terminology

·         How energy transition work

·         The primary source of different fuels

·         Energy sectors and consumption

·         How energy is connected across sector

·         How energy production and conversion works

·         Thermodynamics of energy

·         Environmental impact of energy

·         How renewable energy can rescue the future.

Energy is very important and linked to every sector that which will care about, things like transportation, electricity and food, its cross cutting to education, national securi-ty, poverty, environment and public health.

2     Theoretical background

In last decade headlines are “The end of cheap oil” in 2004, The Economics in 2003 says “The end of oil age” but the headlines can change with time, like in March 2013 National Geography says “America strikes oil” and in May 2013, The Atlantic says, “We will never run out oil” (U.S. Energy Information and Administration)

2.1     Energy transition

In span of a decade the oil history change from we are running out oil, to we have abundant than we know what to do with it, the transition has happen many times and it will happen again it just a matter of time and the energy transition are more similar in occurrence than it can be anticipated, it take a long time and follows a path toward high performance fuel also tend tends to go from one from one fuel to a better fuel source and as the introduction of better fuel with more efficient technology solve one problem it also tends to introduce another fuel which follow a path toward decarburi-zation.

With the transition from wood, to coal, to petroleum, to natural gas and now renewa-ble energy....

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