AIM: the aim of this cross sectional survey is to measure the level of satisfaction in the management of musculoskeletal conditions and to know if really physiotherapy managements helps patients with musculoskeletal conditions in Enugu state Nigeria or not and hence tends to answer the following research question” What is the impact of physiotherapy in management of musculoskeletal conditions from patients perspective? What is the level of satisfaction of elderly patients in physiotherapy management of musculoskeletal conditions?”The method used was a cross sectional survey with the use of patient’s satisfaction questionnaire, A 26 item instrument designed to measure the domains of patient’s satisfaction which was designed by American physical therapy association was used. The subjects that took part in the survey were a total of 91 clients 60 female and 40 males. The result showed that 9.8 total mean values of the elderly people suffering from musculoskeletal conditions are not satisfied with the physical therapy administered via a physiotherapist.


            1.1.1 BACKGROUND
            1.1.3 PREVIOUS RESEARCH
            1.1.4 THEORITICAL FRAME

            2.1.1 DATA COLLECTION/METHOD
            2.2 SUBJECTS
            2.2.2 CRITICAL REVIEW
            2.2.3 RELIABILITY

            4.1.1 CONCLUSSION
            4.1.2 RECOMMENDATION
            4.1.3 REFERENCE
            4.1.4 INDEX

The term musculoskeletal system originated from two words which are “Muscular and Skeletal” system. Muscular system are the body organ that comprises of skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles and its primary function it’s to enable body movement and to maintain body posture while the Skeletal is the combination of fused and unfused bones and been backed up by ligaments, tendors, muscles and cartilage which serves as a support and also as a body protector, it protects the vital organs in the body such as the brain, lungs and the heart.

Musculoskeletal disorder(MSD) are work or sport related injuries that affects the bones, muscles within their related tendons, joints structure such as ligaments and menisci. This injuries and disorder may cause impairment such as pains, inflammation, restricted movement, joints instability or weakness (Beath .et al 2000).

The researcher been a Geronom/Gerontologist is interested in the total wellbeing of the elderly and more especially to prolong independence among the elderly people in Nige-ria and the society as a whole. Elderly independence has been the heart beat of Nigerian Government and other Government leaders all over the world, elderly people needs to be independent in other to save the cost of taking care of them in care home and institu-tion. One of the common problems that is challenging the independence of the elderly people in Nigeria has been the problem of Musculoskeletal disorders which affects their wellbeing and thereby result in making them handicap.

Nigeria is one of the most populous country in Africa and most of the elderly people in Nigeria are mostly farmers, as a result of the nature of their job as farmers they tend to suffer from musculoskeletal disorder, this affects the growth of the Nation because of its impact on the Agricultural sector which is very vital to the economic growth of Nigeria as a Nation.

Patients have a lot to contribute about their problems and their treatment options but over the years in Nigeria, they have not been given the options or the chances to make contributions as regards what they feel or think about their health and treatment and hence the purpose of this research is to give the elderly people in Enugu state the oppor-

tunity to air their view as regards Physiotherapy management of musculoskeletal conditions by making use of a questionnaire to know the level of satisfaction of elderly peo-ple as regards physiotherapy management of musculoskeletal conditions

Although people with musculoskeletal conditions accounts for majority of the outpa-tients visits to physical therapist, many do not receive physical therapy services(Jelly et al 1998),it is not known how many elderly people in Enugu state Nigeria that needs physical therapy and there are no criteria to evaluate the quality of physical therapy ser-vices been administered to them via a physiotherapist and hence the need for this re-search which tries to adopt a different way of managing elderly people with musculo-skeletal conditions in Enugu state Nigeria. The physiotherapist in Nigeria are glued to one particular system of physical therapy which is based on DISEASE CENTERD AP-PROACH which uses clinical evidence and professional practice to render its services to the elderly people in Enugu state, while through the result of this research, it’s been established that there is a need to adopt a different way of physical therapy management which is based on PATIENT CENTERD APPROACH. Which involves the patients in the course of treatment by entering into the patient’s world and also trying to see with the patient’s eye in the course of rendering physical therapy care to the elderly? The re-search also suggested other modern ways of treatment to Nigeria physiotherapist.

Elderly satisfaction has not been closely monitored in physiotherapy care and limited research data exist in the area of allied health services (walker et al 2004). by actively seeking elderly input, the importance of involving the patients in the course of achieving success in physiotherapy care will be seen, and as a result, patients information will be highlighted and the benefits of adopting a patient centered approach in physiotherapy management will be seen, reinforced and adopted by Policy makers, Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health, Enugu state ministry of Health, physiotherapist and the health care professionals. Although consumers and purchasers of health services may have difficul-ty in assessing the technical quality of care they receive, they still do have expectation of service quality.(Jelly et al 2000).

A strong correlation exists between assessment of past experience and the intervention or implementation of future practices. Elderly satisfaction in physiotherapy management....

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