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The research was carried out to know the sex that suffers cordial arrest most. The data used for this research cover a period of ten years from 2000-2009, the data was obtained from the University College Hospital, Ibadan.
The data was collected to suit the model of the tool adopted. The statistical tool adopted is chi-square distribution. After the analysis, the result was subjected to hypothesis testing at 5% level of significance and the result shows that there is no significant difference in the sex that suffers cardiac arrest most.

·        Title Page
·        Certification
·        Dedication
·        Acknowledgement        
·        Abstract
·        Table of contents
1.0     Introduction
1.1     Historical Background of University College Hospital UCH
1.2     Type of Cardiac Arrest
1.3     Causes of Cardiac Arrest
1.4     Signs and Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest
1.5     Risk Factors of Cardiac Arrest
1.6     Prevention of Cardiac Arrest
1.7     Research Problems                              
1.8     Objectives of the study
1.9     Scope and Coverage of the study
1.10   Limitation of the study
2.0     Literature Review
2.1     Chi-square distribution
2.2     Components if Chi-square
2.3     Nature of Chi-square
2.4     Observed frequency
2.5     Expected frequency
2.6     Goodness of fit test
2.7     Contingency Tables
2.8     Significance tests
2.9     Hypothesis test
2.10   Assumptions under Chi-square
2.11   Non parametric tests
2.12   Advantages of Non parametric tests
3.0     Data presentation/Methodology
3.1     Data presentation
3.2     Methodology
3.3     Chi-square Distribution
3.4     Observed frequency
3.5     Expected frequency
3.6     Degree of freedom
3.7     Types of hypothesis
3.8     Data
3.9     Types of data
3.10   Methods of data collection
3.11   Sources of Data
4.0     Analysis
4.1     Data Analysis
4.2     Degree of freedom
4.3     Test of significance
4.4     Hypothesis testing
4.5     Decision Rule
4.6     Conclusion
5.0     Findings, recommendation and conclusion
5.1     Findings
5.2     Recommendation
5.3     Conclusions        

From the word “Statistics” this is the scientific method of collecting, organizing, summarizing, presenting and analyzing data as well as drawing towards a valid conclusion and making reasonable decision on a basis of such analysis.
However, the legal registration of statistical recording of occurrence and the collection, compilation, presentation analyses and distribution of statistical data per training to vital events is called vital statistics.
The tool adopted for this project write-up is chi-square distribution. Chi-square is the measure of discrepancy existing between observed and expected frequency.
Moreover, the topic of this write-up is “Statistical Analysis on the sex that suffers cardiac arrest most case study of University College Hospital UCH Ibadan.
Cardiac arrest is also known as cardio pulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest. It is the cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively. Medical personnel refer it to a sudden arrest of the heart.
A cardiac arrest is different from heart attack but may be caused by heart attack where the blood that flows to the muscle of the heart is impaired. Arrested blood circulation prevents the delivery of oxygen to the brain and this causes loss of consciousness which then results to abnormal or absent breathing. Sudden cardiac arrest occurs when the heart develops an irregular or abnormal rhythm called “Arrhythmia” this causes it to stop beating. Cardiac arrest death may occur if the arrest is not treated for minutes. Cardiac arrest helps to understand how the heart works, the heart has an electrical system that controls the rate and rhythm of the heart beat. Problems with heart electrical system can cause irregular heartbeat. There are many types of arrhythmia, during an arrhythmia the heart may beat too fast too slow or within irregular rhythm. Some arrhythmia can cause the heart to stop the pumping of blood into the circulation. (Body). This arrhythmia causes cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is different from heart attack; a heart attack occurs if the blood that flows to part of the heart muscle is blocked. During heart attack, the hear does not usually stop beating, cardiac arrest may happen after or during recovery from heart attack, people that have heart attack are at higher risk of cardiac arrest i.e cardiac arrest can be caused by heart attack.
However, sudden cardiac arrest can happen in people who appear healthy and have no known heart disease. Those people who have cardiac arrest dies of it often within minutes, Rapid treatment should be given to a cardiac patients to save his/her life.

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