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·        Title Page
·        Certification
·        Dedication
·        Acknowledgement        
1.1     Background of the study        
1.2     The statement of the problem
1.3     Objective of the study
1.4     Research questions/Hypothesis       
1.5     Significance of the study
1.6     Scope of the study
1.7     Limitation of the study
1.8     Historical background

2.1     Introduction
2.2     Who is a secretary
2.3     Types of secretaries
2.4     Duties of a secretary in an organization
2.5     The personal attitudes of a secretary
2.6     Functions of a secretary
2.8     Choice of notes paper for a secretary in an organization
2.9     Problem encountered by the secretary

3.1     Research design
3.2     Target population
3.3     Sample and sampling method
3.4     Instrument for data collection
3.5     The validation of instrument
3.6     Administration and collection of data

4.0     Presentation of data
4.1     Table showing importance of secretaries based on
selected demographic
4.2     Table showing importance of secretaries
4.3     Table showing secretaries qualification
4.4     Table showing marital status of secretaries
4.5     Table indicating secretaries that have interest
in the organization
4.6     Level at which organization is introduced to the secretaries
4.7     Importance of secretaries based on research for the
positive attitudes of secretaries towards the organization
4.8     Importance of secretaries based on the negative attitude
          Of secretaries towards the organization
4.9     Importance of secretaries based on suggestion applicable to
the solutions to problems of secretaries in the organization

5.0     Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1     Summary of findings
5.2     Conclusion
5.3     Recommendation

          Government owned establishments of the Polytechnic, Ibadan which government established in order to carry out special task for the welfare of the student. These tasks cannot be carried out by private individuals or people due to their nature, their financial involvement and the effectiveness of its services. It can be owned by state government. Some of the organization owned establishment are the secretaries success books contains the core skills needed by any secretary seeking promotion or a move into management, the important outhired represent most demand courses in training programs run by the author. In the past mine years, these courses have been delivering from over 200 of the top United Kingdom (U.R) the international organisation. The courses have addressed the real world problems and issues of the modern secretary. Exit report from those course have been 100 present, positive.
          According to (Hornby 1984) given by National Secretaries Association (1988) a secretary is an executive assistant who possess a mastery of office skills who demonstrates the ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who exercise initiative and judgement and makes decision within the scope of an assigned authority. From this definition, one can see that secretaries perform a lot of responsibility in any organization or establishment can perform, well on the absent of secretary who want to:
·        Make more of their jobs
·        Acquire skills that will take them into executive secretaries.
The Professional comes in section.
·        Communication skills
According to EEAMOR (1980) defines secretary as; a complex activity requiring knowledge, experience and social skills, which need continually to be developed. This definition suggests that a modern secretary are knowledgeable in an organization.
          The most successful skills for meeting: minutes and agendas. The word secretary can be described in different and many ways.
          According to Oxford advanced learners dictionary it is a person who works in an office, working for another person, dealing with correspondences, incoming and outgoing mails, telephone, typing document, keeping records and arranging meeting with people and dealing with external letters.

          Advancement  cannot be over emphasized. Hence, to build a solid foundation of the secretaries in an organization. It has been observed over so many years, that secretary is very important in an organization, particularly for running an organization for making the organization more valuable, but it has not been encouraging. It is therefore pertinent to critically examine those qualities of a secretary in an organization.
          The institution of any nation has the legitimate responsibility of providing certain essential services for the welfare of all her subjects that sometimes, government hijacks the provision of exploitation of the masses, thus, the rational for the establishment of certain government owned corporation. These establishments are known to have seen rendering certain services to people. At time, the quality of their services are badly criticized.
          The problem is that it has not been known if secretaries in those establishments do contribute at all towards the improvement of the quality of services which their organization render to the establishments appreciate the duties of secretaries.
          Hence, the research work determined in dept the impact of secretaries in Nigerian labour market in the Polytechnic Ibadan should, however be placed on main campus.

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