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1.1              Introduction
1.2              Purpose of the study
1.3              Objective of the study
1.4              Research question
1.5              Methodology
1.6              Scope of the study
1.7              Limitation of the study
1.8              Definition of key terms
1.9              Historical background
1.9.1                            Organization chart

2.0       Literature review
2.1     Meaning of distribution and school of thought
2.2      Channel of distribution
2.3      The nature of physical distribution
2.4       Channel-design decision

            2.5      Importance of marketing intermediaries
            2.6       Types of intermediaries
            2.7       Numbers of intermediaries

            3.0     Methodology
            3.1     Population sample and sampling techniques
            3.2      Research design
            3.3       Data collection
            3.4       The questionnaire method
            3.5       The questionnaire RATIONALE

            4.0      Data Analysis And Interpretation

            5.0      Findings, Recommendation & Conclusion
            5.1      Summary of Findings
            5.2       Recommendation
            5.3       Conclusion


The business organization has on new easy, well efficient and effective its products get to the likely consumer, a result upon margin for the organization. It is the work of the organization to design product to meet the consumer taste. After this, it put the price at which the goods would be sold. This is also following by letting the target market is aware that the product is in the market informed of advertisement.
All above mentioned activities will become useless if the product cannot get to the final user effectively at the right time and the right place. Even for the establishment itself, there is no business until sale is executed. The main concerned here is how the product will reach final consumer effectively. It deals with the possible channel and combination that the product undertakes to reach the consumer s which is DISTRIBUTION.
More so, distribution can be viewed as a set of business activities devoted to the movement of goods and services from the point of production to the point of usage or consumption. It enables the right goods or raw materials to the available at the right time, right place and at the right place.
Effective distribution is of great economic significant in marketing of goods and services, because of the huge expenses involved. It goes a long way in determine not only the prices of goods but also the success of any market activities.
Therefore, effective planning of distribution network tends to reflect the mean by which a company is moved from the manufacturer’s to the finer users.

1.2                 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY
The purpose of the study is to examine new effective distribution in increase the sale volume in consumer industry.
1.3               OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY
1.                                  To find out the various means of distribution.
2.                                  To appreciate the meaning of distribution.
3.                                  To inquire the merit and demerit of the method of distribution.
4.                                  To find out what organization intends to gain from applying effective
                          distribution network
5.                                  To find out the most adequate network.

1.4               RESEARCH QUESTION
1.                      What is the mode of distribution network?
2.                      Is distribution network necessary at all?
3.                      What are the merit and demerit of the various method of distribution?
4.                      What would be the gain of applying effective distribution network?
5.                      What could it be the most adequate network?

1.5              METHODOLOGY
The best source of research data is the primary and secondary data.
Primary data is the data collected for the first time for a new purpose. It Include the following.

1.                                  Interview
2.                                  Survey
3.                                  Observation
4.                                  Experimental
1.               Interview: Is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer.
2.              Survey: It seeks to identify principles about the design, collection, processing and analysis of surveys in connection to the cost and quality of survey estimated.
It focuses on improving quality within cost constraints or alternatively, reducing cost for a fixed level of quality.
3.          Observation: It can be either an activity of a living being such as a human consisting of receiving knowledge of the outside world through the sense, or the recording of data using scientific. Instrument or Phenomenon.
Secondary Data: It an existing data which may be useful for the purpose of specific surveys. It can be getting from flies textbooks, reports, memorandum of association, professional journals, and trade directories advertising agencies e.t.c.

        The scope of this work will be illustrating on how research work will move from chapter one to the last chapter.
1.                                  Chapter one will contain introductory stages, objectives of the study, methodology, scope of the study, definition of key terms historical background and organization chart.
2.                                  Chapter two will base on literature review.
3.                                  Chapter three will base on data collection.
4.                                  Chapter four will base on presentation, analysis and interpretation of
5.                                  Chapter five will base on recommendation conclusion and summary
     of finding.

        There are likely problems encounter by the researchers.
1.                                  LACK OF TEXTBOOK: - Researcher find it difficult to get the needed textbook material from the library and form other sources.
2.                                  LACK OF DATA: - Inadequate respond from respondent to the questionnaire.
3.                                  FINANCIAL CONSTRAINT: - Researcher may not get enough money to go the case study and money to administer questionnaire.

1.8                    DEFINITION OF KEY TERMS
DISTRIBUTION: - Is the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business users.
CHAIN: - This is marketing intermediary between the producer and the final consumer that ensure the transfer of goods of any kinds.
TOOL: - This is a team notifying the means of getting a producer across, from the manufacturers to the prospective user.
SALE VOLUME: - The rate at which the product is exchanged for monetary volume in the target market, which also determine the profit of such organization.
CONSUMER PRODUCT: - The term consumer product means any article or component part thereof, produced or distributed for sale to a consumer for use in or around a permanent or temporary.

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