This study is aimed at determining the impact ofmotivation on organizational productivity. (A case study of Hogan Hotels). The purpose here is to investigate and identify factors responsible for the current state of affairs and seek to find practical solution for lack of staff motivation and job productivity.

The research design is survey research design comprising of opinions, impressions and perceptions of the respondents. The sampling technique was simple random sampling and proportionate stratified random sampling. In sampling opinion to collect data, the questionnaire was used.

In all, a population of 268 staff of NBC comprising, top management middle management and junior staff were administered the questionnaire. Simple percentage and tables were used to analyze the data collected. The result from the test of the hypothesis indicated that

Commensurate salaries and allowance paid to employee‟s of Hogan Hotels would motivated them toward higher job productivity.

Promotion of employees as at when due will motivate them toward higher job productivity.

The researcher recommends that management of Hogan Hotels should try as much as possible to increase satisfaction of the employees who are not satisfied with salaries they are given to increase their inputs in the organization. The impact of this dissatisfaction can hinder the job productivity of the organization.

The term motivation can be traced to the Latin word “moreover” which means to move. This meaning can be expanded by the following formal definition by Bereson and Sterner (1964) viz - motivation towards goals: the motivation connotes “need, drives” and “goal”.

The study of motivation can also be traced back to the Unisom’s of the ancient Greek philosophers like Robert E. Taneke more than twenty -three centuries ago. They presented had monism as a yardstick to express what really is human motivation.

Hadorism is the concept which says that a person seeks out comfort and pleasure and avoids discomfort and pains. We often see this in the assumption of many manager that employees do not want to work, they are essentially lazy and milling if given the chance to avoid the pains of working.

Sigmind Fred also attempted to explain men’s behaviour in terms of three elements, sex aggression or self, preservation and death. Evidence have been shown that after the launching of psychology as a scientific discipline, experiment psychologists of the earlier period were interest largely I looking for the conscious experience produced in human subjects, whose sense organs were being exposed to a particular kind of stimulus or engaged in a particular kind of task.

They were confronted by motivational problems but they did not to an in-depth investigation on these human problems.

After sometime, men like Wastern, Thorndike and pallor beggar to seek laws governing behaviour. They began with the simplest form which could almost conveniently be studied in animals. They otherwise did not see the need to consider the motivation conditions of the organism but only analyzed the behaviour in terms of “refluxed” or stimulus response which relates granular reaction to event in the internal environment.

Fraud and modogally having become involved in abnormal psychology respectively, were brought face to face with some of the dramatic extremes reached by behaviour outside the laboratory reached by behaviour outside the laboratory and felt compelled to denovice the Varity of attempting to explain animals or human actions without reference to “agree” instruct “purpose” goal” etc.

By the beginning of the 19305, early behaviorism, monizi and major, reported in 1949, that reticular formation of the brain germ that general the electroevenphalagraphic patterns (graphic transaction of information derived from the brain), indicating an alert brain, when part together with the proceeds of other line of research to the psychological concept of arousal level” (which is a older concept of drive) in an indication of the fact that motivation has had a long history.

Many units and social scientists like George Elton Myor, 188o - 1949, fredrickwimslowtaylor 1856 - 115 henry fayol 1841-1925, Donglas Murray Mcgregor 1906-1964, fredrickHezberge and a host of others have all in one way or the other contributed to motivational works.

1.3 Statement of Problem
In every organization individual have different aspirations and aims no two individuals are the same.

In an organization like the Hogan HotelsCalabar, employees have sworn to destroy and work against the objectives of the company, they would come to work every morning and world not like to be usefully engaged. Some of the employees would like then working fine to be reduced and their salaries increased.

For some other employees, the reverse is the case these employees would aim at building the company to greater height by their office until their job for that day is completed. All these differences in employees attitude pose a problems to the management.

The researcher would attempt to find out how these individual employees would react or respondent, if they are adequately and positively modified with the right incentives.

What incentives are employed by the Hogan HotelsCalabarto motivate their salesman and to what extent have these incentives achieved their defused results in terms of increased productivity?

1.3 Research Questions
1. What motivational incentive s affect employee’s job productivity at Hogan Hotels?

2. What is the relationship between employee’s motivation and job productivity at Hogan Hotels?

3. What is the current level of employee’s motivation at Hogan Hotels?

1.4 Objectives of the Study
The General Objective of the study is to examine the impact ofmotivation on organization productivity in the case of Hogan Hotels. In addition to the main objective, the study is carried out to achieve the following specific objectives:

1. To find out the motivational incentive s that affect employee productivity in Hogan Hotels?

2. To determine the relationship between employee motivation and productivity?

3. To find out the current employees’ level of motivation?

In an organization like the Hogan HotelsCalabar, the necessary factors of production are available yet the company does not seen to operate at full capacity. The reason behind this might be that one of the factors of production is not fully utilizing and if this is the case production would not be opinion.

1.7 Scope of Study
The focus of this project is the Hogan Hotels,Calabar. The study will be limited to the headquarters of the company, which is located inCalabar, due to time constraint, it is not possible to extrude this study to the branches of the company.

I will endeavour to find out the types of incentive offered to salesman by the company and the impact of such incentives on productivity.

1.8 Limitation of Study
I as the researcher was faced with some constraints while carrying out this study. One of constraints faced is time limitation. As a find year student I have to use the limited time at my disposal partly for this project and partly for my other academic work.

A through research work imposes a huge financial burden which cannot be borne by a student of my statue. For this reason, this research work had to be restricted to the headquarters of the Hogan HotelsCalabar.

I also faced some problems while collecting data for my project. I had to call on the officials of the company several times before I could see them- the obvious result is that conclusions draw from available information mighty be highly be highly vulnerable and defective.

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