This study is a research into “An Evaluation of Product Positioning for marketing hotels in Oweri. The study seeks to find out how product positioning helps the firms in achieving greater part of its sales objectives. In an attempt to carryout the study effectively, a total sample of seven firms were judgmentally selected. This sample random sampling technique and chi-square statistical tools was used for this study. From the analysis of the data, it was deduced that the selected firms consider the application of product positioning as very important part of firm’s sales objectives. The selected firms also used product positioning to achieve their aims. The firms marketing operations are regionally structured. However, it was noted that the firms is selling to all the customers.

Finally, the following suggestion were seen:

a. There should be adequate provision of funds.

b. The firm should engage more effort to train their sales executives.

c. They should improve on advertising and other sales promotion mix.

d. Lastly, the issue of transportation and distribution facilities should be improved.

In marketing, positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identify in the mind of their target market for its product, brand or organization. It is the relative competitive comparison their product occupies in a given market as perceived by the target market. What we must agree as is that positioning is something that happens in the minds of the target market. It is the aggregate perception that market has of a particular company, product or service in relation to their perception of the competitors in the same category it will happen whether or not company managements is productive, reactive or passive about the on-going process of evolving a position Ries and Trout explain that while positioning begins with a product, the concept really is about positioning that product in the mind of the customer. This approach is needed because consumers are bombarded with a continuous stream of advertising, the easiest way of getting into someone’s mind is to be first. It is very easy to remember who is first, and much more difficult to remember who is second. Even if the second entrant offers a better product, the first mover has a large advantage that can make up for other shortcomings.

Product positioning refers to the place on offering occupies in consumers mind on important attributes relatives to competing offerings. The essence of positioning is to sell consumers something unique, different or distinctive about our product, which is different from what the competitor offer we want our target segment to think in terms of our total product occupying a distinct or different position as is the case when athletes are running in a race and are positioned in which competitor must strive to occupy or attain rewarding position.

Position is a marketing strategy whereby the marketer associates his product with specific and unique benefits, which he wants consumer to perceive as being different and better than those of his competitors. Positioning has to take up place in the perception and mind of his competitors, if the consumer does not have this perception in his mind no positioning has occurred. For positioning to occur the target segment must see the company's service as being unique in what it promises them in relation to those of competitors.

Generally, a great number of problems confront the application of product positioning. To desirable product positioning does not seem different but to put the description into practice is not easy. Some of the problems however are particularly about product positioning in hotels. Some of the these problems are stated in the work with the purpose of finding solution to them.

The ability of the firm to classify these customers group. According to the uniqueness in purchases. The company based their positioning on their product rather their based on customers/ consumers and their needs. The company also go about boasting about being number one and by doing so the customer will think that the firm is insecure in its position if it must reinforce it by saying so. The company don’t know what that change is inevitable and a leader must be willing to embrace to carryout marketing survey and research because there is not provision to know how effective their strategy is and how customers responded to their products.

1.3. Research Questions
This study was undertaken to assess the product positioning strategies in marketing hotels in Owerri. More specifically, possible solutions are provided to the following basic research questions.

• What are the basic factors have been considered in formulating the marketing strategy?

• To what extent are target marketing, segmenting and positioning addressed in the strategy?

• How are the marketing strategies practiced and implemented?

• What are the major challenges in implementing the strategy?

• What kind of practice is used in evaluating and reviewing the strategic marketing documents?

1.4 Objectives of the Study
1.4.1 General Objective
The general objective of the study is to assess the Product positioning strategies of the hotels

1.4.2 Specific Objectives
The specific objectives are:
• To identify the company’s positioning strategies that will appeal to the target market.

• To investigate how the company strategically positions and segments the market to achieve its objectives.

• To identify problems encountered in the marketing strategy implementation in hotels and to give recommendations.

• To investigate the practice used in evaluating and reviewing the strategic marketing documents.

1.4 Scope of The Study
The study covers all aspect of product positioning as an instrument for achieving organizational objectives as a whole. The population of this study is all hotels. However due to time and financial constraints, a survey of selected and financial constraints, a survey of selected hotel in Oweri will be conducted.

Therefore, the study sample has narrowed to hotels in Oweri, which the research believe is representative of the entire population.

1.6 Significance of The Study
They study on the positioning is very significance because many companies and organization have had of the lack of ideas to produce positioning. This work would provide marketing / sales managers of companies and organizations in the state and country at large, with the useful tools for designing and accessing the efficacy of their positioning programmes.

This study is very significant and justifiable in that product positioning and identification target markets by organization realization turnover ratio of organization as well as development sales.

Finally, this research in this direction thereby lagging foundation for other resources.

1.5 Scope of the Study
The scope of the study covers how the marketing strategies are practiced in marketing hotels to achieve its stated goals that align with target markets, positioning, segmenting and the marketing mixes to satisfy customer requirements. The focus of the study is delimited to the data obtained from the rates using questionnaires and interviews in Owerri only while further study of other regions in the country will have a significant effect on the comprehensiveness of the study.

1.6 Limitations of the Study
The study is limited and focused on product positioning strategies of hotels from the company perspective only. As a result the input from customers was not incorporated in this research. Lack of cooperation from interview respondents was limited the outcome of the research. Interview method were not certain to clearly reveal real situations due to personal biased and some officers were not willing to give the true situation because of fear disclosure of confidential information.

1.7 Significance of the Study
The study is intended to help the company’s management to redirect their attention to this highly essential function. The study is focused on how marketing mix, corporate mission, and target marketing are used in order to enhance, maintain and attract customers and to identify how those tools should affect their marketing strategy and under taking such study is very crucial for any business entity so as to shape its marketing strategy. The study will help the company look at its problems, to take in alternative consideration, and to give basic knowledge about marketing strategy and its significance in the beverage industry.

The study also contributes towards the advancement of theoretical knowledge and serves as a reference material for similar studies in future.

1.8 Organization of the Research
The research work is divided into five (5) chapters. Chapter one concerns itself with the general introduction grouped under the following headings; Background of the study, Statement of the problem, Objectives of the study, Significance of the study, Research questions, Scope and limitation of the study and Organization of the study. Chapter two involves the review of various related literatures on the relevant subject under the study. Chapter three includes the various methods used for collecting the data for the research work. These methods include administration of questionnaires, interviews and review of documents. Chapter four presents discussions and representation of results and provides analysis of the data gathered for the study. Finally, the fifth chapter provides summary, conclusions and recommendations.

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