The main objective of this research was to assess the impact of billboard advertising on consumer purchase behavior. Specifically, the objectives of the study were to determine the effectiveness of billboard advertising on consumer purchase behavior, to find out the extent to which Billboard Advertising are effective as Compared to other Forms of advertisements for Consumer purchase behavior, to find out the extent to which billboard advertising contribute to the growth of a company and challenges faced by respondent in billboard advertising on consumer purchase behavior.

The study employed a quantitative survey method based on a sample size of 10 respondents. The study used questionnaires as the main data collection methods. Ethical consideration was observed by ensuring that no harm was inflicted on the respondents and their names were held anonymous. Data for the study was collected primarily and secondarily. Data collected was analyzed in tabular form and charts.

In conclusion the findings of the research revealed that the majority of the respondents were in agreement that billboard advertisement was very effective on consumer purchase behavior. It was also found that billboard advertisement was effective as compared to other forms of consumer purchase behavior. The majority of the respondents said that billboard advertising contributed positively to the growth of their organizations. Also the majority of respondents agreed that billboard advertising is informative and persuasive enough to influence consumers’ decisions and it has increased their awareness on consumer purchase behavior. Therefore, using the “majority wins theory”, the researcher concluded that billboard advertising has great positive impact on consumer purchase behavior.

This chapter looks at the background of the research, problem statement followed by the research purpose. Furthermore the general and specific objective of the study is unveiled. Under the objectives there are three specific objectives. To finish research questions and the significance of the study.

In this rapidly changing world, marketers want to communicate their message to people that can influence buying behaviors of the people. They adopt different tools to deliver their ideas to the people and advertise their products to the target customers. Now days, people are bombarded with lots of information through multi-media like newspapers, magazines, billboards, television and internet (Latif and Abideen; 2011)..Advertising is one of the tools used for persuasive communication to target audience. Advertising as the communication rely on companies to persuade an audience to purchase their products. This communication is usually through various forms of paid media; TV and radio commercials, print advertising, billboards and more. Every communication is advertising is intended to be persuasive.

The name billboard is derived from the term “billing board”, and is a large outdoor advertising space designed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians. Typically placed around high traffic areas (both automotive and foot traffic), billboards are meant to be simple, striking, and creative. In fact, the creative department in any advertising agency still prizes the billboard space, as it is a golden opportunity to do groundbreaking, impactful work (Duncan, 2016). In the past, billboards were created using sections of paper posted together to form one image. Nowadays, digital printing on vinyl material allows the entire image to be printed on one sheet, and can be erected very quickly and easily. Digital billboards allow creative executions that can be personalized or swapped out with other creative ads. Sometimes, clients can choose to timeshare their ads with other companies, with the creative swapping out every few minutes. Billboard advertising, which began with sign painting and large advertisements painted on buildings, has developed rapidly in the last few years in Nigeria, particularly with partnerships of foreign advertising agencies within the sector. It has become a “major medium,” along with television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, and cinema. The success of billboard advertising is due to its primary objective to gather and attract consumers’ interest and attention (Elden, 2003). Due to this reason billboard advertisements are preferred by advertisers and marketers.

The economic reforms took place after the trade liberalization in 1985, when the country decided to initiate the process of transition from a centrally planned economy to a market based economy (UNCTAD, 2002). The business environment started re-shaping and became more competitive as a result firms needed to design new strategies to survive. Commercial and radio advertising become prominent in that period. The trend moved slowly from newspapers, magazines, local television to outdoor advertising. At present, more and more marketers from varied industries are turning to billboard advertising to increase the effectiveness of their promotional campaigns. Major companies like soft drinks manufacturers, telecom service providers, banks and others have already allotted a major portion of their advertising budgets for outdoor advertising to reap the many benefits of billboard advertising such as better reach, cost efficiency, ability to reach specific target audience, scope for creativity, longevity and constant exposure.

In recent years billboard advertising has become popular in our country, just like all over the world where major streets are dotted with billboard. The growing number of billboards has raised concerns and debates on their proliferation. Despite the criticisms by some sections of society in Nigeria regarding their proliferations, the number of billboards continues to increase especially in the main roads of urban areas. This is indicative that billboards are fast gaining acceptance among consumers as a form of media for receiving messages. This research therefore sought to establish the impact of billboards on consumer purchase behavior.

To establish the impact of billboard advertising on consumer purchase behavior

The following are the specific objectives of the study:

1. To determine the effectiveness of billboard advertising on consumer purchase behavior.

2. To compare the effectiveness of Billboard Advertisements with other Forms of advertisements.

3. To establish the contribution of billboard advertising to the growth of a company?

For this research work, the following questions were raised by the researcher:

1. How is billboard advertising effective on consumer purchase behavior?

2. What extent are billboard advertisements effective as compared to other forms of advertisements on consumer purchase behavior?

3. What extent does billboard advertising contribute to the growth of a company?

This study will generate new knowledge that would be used by both the both product owners and consumers on effectiveness of billboard advertising. The research will also add information to the existing body of knowledge on billboard advertising.

The study was limited to Damaturu due to inadequate resources to cover urban areas where billboards are equally used for advertising.

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