Over the years companies have witnessed series of accidents in the stores, since encountering accidents in the store has a lot of cost implication, the main problem of this study is to enquire into the major causes of accident and lay safety consciousness in the organization and store in particular.

As a result of the above of objectives hypothesis were stated. The major objective being to determine factors for effective hazard, risks and provide actions to avoid presents and future occurrence.

Effective engineering of this work was carried out through the use of questionnaire, personal interviews statistical, information were supplied by Kumasi compost and recycling plant Kumasi. Tables were used in analyzing the data where appropriate, , while chi-square was used to test the hypothesis formulated. A number of findings were made, chief of which is that effective use of safety regulation in stores is of high advantage to the organization.

Finally conclusions were drawn from the findings made and relevant recommendation proffered. These conclusion are also valid to the extent that the assumption made hold water.

However, one main conclusion is that not every organization make safety a priority and recommend that companies should lay down an overall philosophy relating to health and safety and specifying policies on health and safety of the organization.

Cases on the accident in store depend highly on the materials in store, the manner in which stores personnel carry out their day to day tasks and the stores environment itself.

Generally, accidents do not just occur they are caused through error of omission or commission. It therefore be hoofs on management to remove all known and possible causes of accident from work analyze hazard and risk where necessary recommend actions to avoid present and future occurrence.

Large number of working days are lost every year because of accident at work.

Therefore, the management should bring a comprehensive policy statement on health and safety to the attention of his employees.

The company’s policy will then help people to be more aware of the dangers and risks involve in working in stores.

The overall objective of the company’ policy is to prevent life at work, reduce accident, create safety awareness and consciousness towards materials, equipment and environment with a view of eliminating operational lost of time, pain and suffering.

The policies when implement will help to ensure safety of all store personnel in the performance of their duties and other people entering the store.

1.2 Statement of Problem
There is no application of safety measure in the organization.

The organization does not take safety measure serious as can be seen from the fact that there is no safety measure officer in their organization.

There are no competent and qualified personnel in the area of the subject matter to handle safety and health issues more a worth responsible for safety and health issues.

The organization has done little to promote safety and health matters; there is no seminar or workshops being organized for workers on the subject matter.

1.3 Research Objectives
1.3.1 General Objective
The general objective of this study was to examine the factors of health and safety management systems to the performance of Kumasi compost and recycling plant.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of this study was:

i. To examine processes of management that’s shows the commitment on health and safety within the organization.

ii. To examine health and safety measures within the organizational context.

iii. To assess the contribution of OHS management system on achieving organization performance.

iv. To identify challenges affecting the implementation of health and safety programmes at workplace.

1.4 Research Questions
1.4.1 General Research Question
Do health and safety measures at workplace have the impacts on the organization performance?

1.4.2 Specific Research Questions
The specific research questions was:

i. What are the processes management do to demonstrate commitment on health and safety at the workplace?

ii. What are the safety management system that contribute to the success of an occupational safety and health within the context of an organizational structure?

iii. Is there any relationship between the OHS management system and organization performance?

iv. What are the challenges affecting the implementation of health and safety programmes at workplace?

1.4 Significance of The Study
On completion of this research work the following persons or group will benefit immensely from

1. The researcher, this work is a requirement by NBTE for the award high natural diploma certificate. In purchasing and supply and therefore without this research work the researcher will not obtain this certificate.

Also this exercise has provided an opportunity for the researcher to acquire skills in project and research. If the researcher is faced with similar situation in the future he will not be seen as a novice in research writing.

2. To other students, it will go a long way to provide with the necessary data they may require for research work in the future.

3. To the firm of the case study this work on completion would provide an instrument of measures that will enable them to know if what they have been doing is right or otherwise as far as health and safety measures is concerned on completion, of this work it will create some degree of curiosity in the minds of these firms in the industry that have not taken health and safety measure serious and this may lead to a change of heart.

1.7 Scope of The Study
The study should have taken you to all the firm in admitting the fact that I am a student and at the same time working is not possible for me to visit all the firm within the industry.

To this effect, the researcher decided to concentrate on the application of health and safety measure in Kumasi compost and recycling plant Kumasi.

In this organization the researcher interacted with the marketing department

1.8 Limitation of the Study.
The researcher was confronted with various obstacles in the course of carrying out his investigation and collection.

One of such obstacles was difficulties in getting information from employees as most of them were reluctant to reveal such information.

In addition, since the researcher’s study revolve more on management policy, most do not attend to the researcher. The few ones the researcher got to fill the questionnaires were gotten after several calls. Concerning oral interview most of them could not say anything as there were so many time robbers pestering them”

Another major constraint encountered was finance. As a result of hyper inflation most of the materials used had their prices sky-rocketed.

Moreover, transportation has also gone up. Some times where there is traffic, the researcher has to board a bike popularly known as “Okada” in order to meet up appointments.

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