This research work investigated the influence of Truancy on the performance of economics students in secondary school; a case study of secondary schools in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The subject of this research comprised one hundred (100) students randomly selected from five secondary schools in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Data Analysis was carried out by the use of Chi-square with the independent samples used to test the significance between grouped means of the hypothesis statistics.

Based on these findings, some recommendations which could be of immense benefit to students, teachers, parents and the community at large.

1.1 Background To The Study
No one, not even a nation has ever argued the fact that education is a veritable instrument for liberating people from the shackles of ignorance, poverty, illiteracy and the likes. Longe (1999) opines that "there is over-whelming evidence that education is a weapon in the fight against poverty, there can be little doubt that educating the children improves their changes of escaping poverty". In the same vein, education is also useful to fight for one's right, itself being a basic natural human right.

The role of education toward the development of individuals in the society and the nation as a whole cannot be over-emphasize, hence, there is the need to give proper, adequate and equal education to everybody regardless of sex, race or tribe.

Yolah (2001) asserts that "education is a harbinger expanding opportunities for the development of human potentials so essential for full productive life".

Moreover, Anuforo (2007) says "education is a process, product and a discipline. In order to transmit norms and values of a given people''.

Okafor (1987) opines further that “education embraces all experiences through which and individual acquires knowledge or ideas, develops his intellect and strengthens his will".

However, upon the great importance of education to every individual, some students even with free opportunity to education still run away from schools which made them to be known as truant students. This issue of truancy has being a major concern of all and sundry especially government and parents in our society.

Truancy is that abnormal acts in which the rules and regulations of the school authority are violated by students. Truancy can be described as an act where by secondary students especially adolescents from school activities without permission and without genuine reasons. Truancy, according to the US Department of Education, is the first sign of trouble; students start giving up, skip school and find life outside the school environment lively more than the school environment.

Research data tells us that students who become truant and eventually drop out of school put themselves at a long term problem in becoming productive citizens. Truancy has great implication in that it has a broad effect in the general norms and value of the entire school and the entire society, therefore it is important to note that the phenomenon exist from the inception of generation.

Moreover, the subjection has been a great concern for many Plateauians especially the teachers and the school administrators. The effort of the government on education has been found difficult to be ascertained because of truancy among students which has caused a lot problem to the educational system. This has brought about backwardness among the students, the educational policy makes and educational evaluators as it affects their studies and also affects the policy of the government.

Truant students especially the adolescents would leave their homes in the morning, but instead of going to school, they enjoy visiting cyber cafes, going to boy or girl friends houses, loiter on the streets either with school uniforms or may have changed into mufti in a hidden corner. Truancy has led many children to commit crimes such as armed robbery, rapes, and secret cults and pick pocketing. It is very obvious that among the criminals paraded on Television by Police everyday include students who have supposed to be in school. Many unwanted pregnancies resulted into abortions are the results of truancy. Akinloye etal (1997) reveals that truants will seek solace in drugs he or she becomes a tout, addict, smuggler, area boy, armed robber, such a child then becomes a burden and a threat to the society. This study is therefore geared into investing the effects of truancy among economics students.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem
The importance of this work is to investigate the influence of truancy on the academic performance of economics students in secondary school in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Ife Abodunrin (2011) quoted from Erikson’s Theory of psychosocial development described an adolescent as a student of 12-18 years of age.

This project work is particular about adolescent students in the secondary schools in Jos South Local Government. Truancy has brought about career degeneration and backwardness in secondary schools in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, because of their irregular attendance and presence in schools. Truancy also brings about poor academic performance in many schools.

In Jos South Local Government, students seek academic work as a threat because of many factors within and outside the school. It has become the order of the day, seeing students roam on the streets when they are supposed to be at school. Many Jos South Local Government adolescent students have been arrested by the Surveillance of the State Governor of Plateau State and have been taken to Welfare Centre for rehabilitation. These adolescents falls between J.S.S 3 - SSS3 respectively.

They are the future of this great nation, in so much that this problem has to be looked into for proper correction. Furthermore, due to the adolescent students irregular attendance in school and the general breaking down of law and order of schools, stealing, thuggery and all sorts of delinquent behaviours have become a common phenomenon, which is a result of student low interest in academic work among others. It is therefore not going to be out of place to investigate the influence of this social problem on the performance of such students.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study
This study will seek to examine the factors responsible for truancy among economics students and the effects such factors have on the academic performance of the students. Hence the purpose of the study will seek to assess the effects of truancy on the academic performance of economics students in an urban environment.

1.4 Research Objectives
The primary objective of this study is to examine the effects of truancy on academic performance of economics students in secondary school in Jos South Local Government Area. Other objective is to:

1. Determine whether the acts of truancy exist among economics students.

2. Examine the causes/Factors responsible for truancy among economics students.

3. Determine whether peer group influence contribute to the act of truancy secondary schools.

1.5 Research Questions
1. What are the effects of truancy on the academic performance of students in secondary schools?

2. Does Peer group influence contribute to the act of truancy among economics students?

3. What factors are responsible for truancy among economics students?

1.6 Research hypothesis
1. There are no significant effects of truancy on the academic performance of economics students in secondary school in Jos South Local Government Area.

2. Peer group does not significantly contribute to the act of truancy among economics students.

1.7 Significance Of The Study
The study will help to make necessary correction by which the educational system in Jos South Local Government can be restructure. It will help solve the problem of truancy and as well as reshape the lives they would be useful for themselves, their parents and the society at large.

The finding of the study will help to encourage the teachers to cultivate the habit of delivery their lessons in a manner that would motivate students' interest. The finding and recommendation will also help educational policy makes and planners in their planning strategies.

Furthermore, the outcome will enable the parents to understand truants and know them. The study hopefully will also act as a model or reference for subsequent research work by individuals who may want to research this area. Teachers would be exposed to various juvenile acts, the students which they might likely be involve in as a result of their irregular attendance in school.

This study was carried out to find the influence of truancy on the academic performance of economics students in secondary school in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

This research study is limited to selected secondary schools in Jos South Local Government Schools in Plateau State, due to financial constraints, time factor, attitude of the respondents and inadequate literature.

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