Money laundering and financial crime in Nigeria: The war of the economy and financial crime commission and the impact on the Nigeria has through service of reformation and damaged in the economy of Nigeria. The content of this review the effort or war fight by economic and financial crime commission in computing money laundering and financial system.

The first chapter contain the introduction of the aspect of the study, which review the background and the objective of the study the statement, significant and scope of the study were above review which serve as the basic for the study.

The second chapter reviews the relevant literature relating to various reforms in the money laundering and the financial crime and the role play by EFCC and the cause effect and the operation of the EFCC.

The third chapter is the research methodology section which contain the various ways the research uses in collection data in this project.

Chapter four is the section which presents and analyses the data collection through the various and mean stated in the previous chapter the researcher used the decretive method of data analyzing the data percentage and frequency are used in measuring the percentage of the respondent to arrive at the stated finding at the end of these chapter.

The final chapter comprises of the summary of the conclusions and recommendation .At the end of this research work government and the society or public work would get more in sight on how money laundering and financial crime could be combated.

One of the social economy challenges facing the world today is the increase of the money laundering and financial crime over the year, the limitation watched while money laundering and financial crime, with gradual crew into organize with impetus money laundering and financial system santically become and international crime and finally evolved as professional crime, these development has not only resulted in insecurity of a sort in international financial and economy but it has assessed in the growth of other crime like drug trafficking, tourisms, arm running and political interments.

the market is one of the most profitable market in the world without 105% rate of return and market capitalization of about $ 4 billion, the bank sector, nation wide the telecommunication sector doubts the fastest growing in the world’s emerge market unfortunately economy mismanage, corruption and lack of accountability and transparency by previous administration have been the miner reason for the reason for the poverty.

The third world particularly African country, the incident of official corruption and embezzlement of public funds has become albatross in the development of the region. the free movements of the criminal fraud has been largely responsible for the financing of aims proliferation minimization of group and general political crises in the continent.

It is however important to acknowledge the bold step taking by the present administration to change tide for the country the government as stood up firmly to comfort correction from the top and made the it clear that they will fight it to a stand still through the establishment of (ICP.C) and (EFCC)

Nigeria in presumable the second large economy among African countries with population of over 120 million and perhaps 1970’s the most of entrepreneur economy revenue account for goods of the foreign exchange earning apart from large untapped potential of solid social indicator plea it among the 20 poorest country in the world.

The Agency is merely scratching the surface as far as war against economy crime is concerned, hinged their belief on a new suffered a massive out of flow of illicitly funds in Africa between 1970 through 2008.

The study titled, “ illicitly financial flows from Africa; Hidden resources for Department,” reveals that Nigeria lost $165.697 billion close to 19 percent of the total $ 854 billion out of flows from Africa to other western countries.

Following behind Nigeria are Egypt ($70.5 billion), Algeria ($25.7 billion), morocco ($25 billion) and South Africa ($ 24.9 billion)

Interestingly, this period overlaps with a period of intense anticorruption campaign within Nigeria through the establishment of the Economic and financial crime commission for not achieving much, despite public funds pumped into its activities.

Aside the 6-8 demand, war on corruption become inevitable due to its devastating due, to its devastating effect on the nations economy, for instance, it has been estimated that since independence, Nigeria has lost over $ 400 billion (about # 60 trillion) to hemorrhage occasioned by the unconserionable activities of its ruling class.

A recent World Bank report estimated that about # 600 billion worth of contra bound goods pass through customs and ended up in private pockets with several others cases taking place without being noticed.

In 1999, a united kingdom –based non- Governmental organization jubilee 200 coalition had alleged that about $ 55 billion, corruptly acquired by some Nigerian rulers, their agents and some government officials lodged in various Banks in united kingdom. The result of the investigation by the, National Assembly regarding about $ 16 billion allegedly spent by then, Obasanjo.

The GNP stand at about $ 300 billion from oil export within the past 39 years period but current per capital income is about 20% less the 1975 level she suffer under an excruciate external debt divided of about 60% of the GDP.

The history of money and financial crime is as old as time. Its event and conduct that always are with human beings.

The economy condition of the nation needed has been devastated by leaders at the top government position which has spread to the people at the lower level of the government in the same thread and the image of the world, through this problem of money cyber crime,419 advance free fraud corruption dong trafficking, embezzlement that came to emerged.

The rate of siphon off the economy by our leaders is becoming too much alarming and has caused unemployment, poverty, armed robber of company without new one command up the standard of living is low majority of the country was unable to make ends meet the monetary fiscal policy being used by the government is not helping the economy people and suffering everyday in the country this posed problem to the nation.

Financial crime that damage effect on the economic and financial crimes are kindred offence with an extremely within line separating then the damages caused to the nation is more important to discus than the direct financial losses.

The financial crime is pernicious because public corruption damages any economy and it undermines the enter proneness and investors to complete.

Public corruption is pernicious that undermines the populations confidence in its leaders are pursing selfish interests.

It creates or causes devastating effect of corruption as lamented by the former president of the Nigeria Economic society, Professor Sam Olofin.

This project research work will examine in detail [EFCC] in combination money laundering and financial crime in Nigeria.

(1) This research work shall be looking to the area it has contributed development to Nigeria especially when combing money laundering and financial crime
(2) This research work will examine the impacts on Nigeria financial system.
(3) This research work will also examine those people that have been prosecuted under investigation that have sentenced o punished.
(4) This project will look into the divesting effect that has caused in Nigeria economy
(5) The aims also to look into factors that lead money laundering and financial crime in the Nigeria and provide recommendation to the problem and how EFCC curb the menace of the corruption that constitute the log in the what of progress.
(6) Where recovered monies or funds are domiciled or kept by Economic financial crime commission (EFCC).

This study on money laundering and financial crime in Nigeria is being carried in by the researcher, over the whole nation.

This research work will be of great important because a lot of people will benefit through the work.

Firstly, the society will b able to know the people involved in siphoning the public money and they are into money laundering and financial crime, they will be out knowing those people destroying over economy

Secondly, the government will be able to recover back the money that have been embezzled by the people in the administration that been covered and through this, it has been exposed to the public.

Lastly, it will reduce the rate of money laundering and financial crime our society due to the financial crime and punishment being by the perpetration of the act.

In carrying out the research work many problems were encountered during the course of putting the paper worked together and these to large extend have some of the problem are as follow:

TIME CONSTRAINT: Considering the scope of the project and time limit it will not be all hat convenience to cover the whole research.

FINANIAL CONSTRAINT: Looking at the scope of the project work it will regime a lot of traveling which involved money to be used but enough to do it.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION ONSTRAINT: Enough information for the research work.

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