This research work entitled “Personnel management as a tool for improving employees performance: is focused on one of the contemporary issues confronting both scholars and practitioners in the field of administration. The power holding company of Cameroon (CPH) has been specially chosen as a case study for the research exercise.

The objective of this study is majority centered on the identification and evaluation of the adverse effect of inadequate personnel management of employee towards the realization of CPH’s goal.
In the course of this research work data was collected from both primary and secondary sources primary data was generated by means of questionnaires and oral interview while secondary data was sourced from library textbooks lecturers materials and company books of records.

The data obtained was carefully and properly analyzed using the appropriate tools such as frequency tables and percentages.

The researcher made his finding both positive and negative and made necessary recommendation for improvement on those negative finding it was found out that CPH gives regular personnel management to her employee so as to improve their performance and a lot of staff have benefited from this scheme.
Also it was found out by the researcher that some staff of the organization are yet to retrieve training and promotion since they were employed.

Nevertheless, the researcher recommended among other things that all those staff that are yet to receive training should be given urgent attention by the management to avail them the opportunity to benefit from the scheme.

Finally, the management of CPH should ensure that those workers who are yet to be promoted should be reconsidered from promotion even if it means given them training to quality them for that this will guarantee cooperation peace and the attainment of organization goals.

This project entitled “personnel management as a tool for improving output of employees” is centered on one of the challenges currently facing both scholars and practitioners in the field of administration. In this research work power holding company of Cameroon (CPH) PLC is chosen as a case study.

1.1 Background to The Study
Today it is worthy to appreciate the fact that personnel management of employees for increase performance has become a serious administrative problems facing most organizations.

Whereas this is one of the basic criteria for measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of an organization.
Organization are said to be effective if the predetermined objectives and the expectations of both the organization and the employee are fulfilled.

The ultimate goal of every organization is to realize its predetermined objectives these objectives cannot be achieved successfully and effectively without the employees putting in their best. For the objectives to be achieved effectively and efficiently the management must ensure that employee are given the appropriate training and the necessary motivations to enable them work harder.

Many organizations especially power holding company of Cameroon have developed training programmes of various purpose for their employees. The most crucial responsibility of every management today is that of “personnel management” directed towards improving employees performance. In the other words the success to achieve the targeted results in an organization is majority dependent on the quality of human resources in that organization. This is factual in the sense that human resources is the active agent of resources is the active agent of any organization while finance and other non-human resources are passive agent so it is the human resources that combine the passive agents for the attainment of the organization objectives or results. The human resources as an active agent of any organization cannot as a matter of fact get the targeted goals of that organization accomplished unless personnel management are put in place as appropriate machineries to enhance the output of employees.

Training is an organizational effort aimed at helping an employee to acquire basic skills required for efficient execution of functions for which he/she was hired it is an organized procedure by which new manipulative skills technical knowledge and problems solving abilities are acquired.
Most organizations tend to ignore employee training on their bid to maximize profit little such organizations know that this practice is to their own peril (Emma Chukwuemka 2007:73)
Motivation is a term derived from a latin word “Movere” meaning to move but today the word means more than that it has to do with skills resulting from training. But this employee interest and those of the organization are aligned so that behaviour results in achievement of employee wants with the attainment of organizational objectives are smoothly net.

On this note the researcher felt that it is of crucial important to carry out a research to uncover how best a work can be trained and motivated to improve his/her performance using power holding company of Cameroon zonal headquarters as a case study my choice is greatly influenced by the large number of employees of the organization. More so the organization is deeply involve in administrative activities, which is the Fukrum of this academic exercise.

This will to a large extent make this research work serve some useful purpose to many organizations with both small medium and large number of employees.

1.2 Statement of Problems
The problems of both public and private organization in Cameroon is mainly centered on negative attitude to work lack of interest in one’s job low productivity high incidence of accidents in the work place insubordination and general low morale among the workers.

Nevertheless, the researcher feels that the above listed problems are the resultant effects/consequences that bedevil any organization whose management is not able to pay priority attention to the development of training programmes and motivation incentives for her employees.

However, the problems of the study is majority on how personnel management could be harnessed in an organization to increase productivity.

1.3 Research Questions
1. Does personnel management improve output of employees?

2. Does employee training contribute to the attainment of corporate objective?

3. Is there any significant difference between the trained and untrained employee in the performance in CPH?

1.4 Objective Of The Study
1. To identify existing training programs at Cameroon Electricity Distribution Company, Yaounde.

2. To evaluate the effectiveness of personnel management in improving output of employees.

3.To find out if the training programs have impacted on employee morale and the firm’s overall performance.

1.5 Research Hypothesis
The hypotheses for the study are:

H0: There is no significant impact of job training on organizational performance.

Hi: There is significant impact of effective job training on organizational performance.

H0: There is no significant impact of effective orientation training on organizational performance.

Hi: There is significant impact of effective orientation training on organizational performance.

1.6 Significance of The Study
The study of this nature is carried out to provide basic need and necessary solution to the problems of personnel managements of employee in an organization. The study will be of immense benefit to both public and private organizations that wish to improve the performance of their employees through adequate training and proper motivation. The study will also be useful to researchers in the relational area of discuss.

The researcher intended to cover the entire sector power holding company of Cameroon (CPH)Plc but due to the complex nature and size of the sector couple other constants the scope of the study covered only CPHYaounde Zonal Headquarters.

As a matter of fact a study of this nature cannot be conducted without experiencing some forms of hiccups sequel to this the study is confirmed to the very organization specified in the case study-power holding company of Cameroon,Yaounde Zonal Headquarters some of the constraints which the researcher considers pertinent to mention are:

1. Financial Constraint: A research work of this nature demands much money for its successful completion. A lot of money is needed for the purchase of the necessary materials to be used transportation etc. lack of finance posed a great problem to the researcher in the course of conducting this research.
2. Unco-operative attitude of the respondents: The uncooperative attitude of some respondents who either refused to be open to questions directed to them or felt resultant to provide the needed information for the research work also contributed in no small way to the difficulties encountered by the researcher.
3. Paucity of comprehensive literature: This also contributed to the problems encountered by the researcher. Most of the books that were available to the researcher in most instances did not give satisfactory information on the subject matter/research topic.

4. Time: As a matter of fact time factor was never or friend to the researcher the time allowed for the research work was quite tight and as such it almost affected the quality of the research work in a negative way.

Training: This is an organizational effort aimed at helping an employee to acquire basic skills required for the efficient execution of functions for which he/she was hired.

Motivation: This is the reflection of a person’s desire to fulfill certain needs.

Public sector: It is an organization owned and controlled by the government

Manager: The senior workers/employee (boss) whom every subordinate reports or accounts to for their assigned responsibilities.

Organization: It is an establishment set up for certain objectives through efficient management of both human and materials resources.

Responsibility: This simply means the duty one is employed to perform.

Note: The terms used and defined here above are contextually meant to serve for the better understanding of this research work only and do not really serve any general purpose.

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