Education today has embraced electronic learning to make the learner more personalized/individualized in his studies. It has brought changes that are very convenient and flexible to the learner as well as helped to develop skills and competencies needed in the 21st century to ensure that learners have the digital literacy skills required in their discipline. To this effect, the researcher decided to apply smart board use in four selected secondary schools. A sample of 150 SSS students in Lagos State was selected and grouped into two experimental and control classes. The students in each group were categorized into three categories above average, average and below average according to their performances.

This has the implication of transforming the educational standards by providing unlimited access to knowledge and information to teachers and learners.

1.1 Background of the Study
The use of technological media in education like the computer, the Internet, and a data projector, the projector optic, smart board, are considered of the media that will help to bring about effective learning. some efforts have been made and studies have been conducted to investigate the effect of the use of certain media technology in the development of educational computer skills use in general , and among these studies Abed study (2007), which aimed to identify the effectiveness of a proposed program to develop the programming skill among teachers, and the study of the Aqel (2007), which aimed to investigate the effectiveness of the program (WebCT) in the development of the skill of designing visual computerized forms among the female students in the Faculty of Information and Technology. And Audeh (2005) held a study in order to identify a proposed program to train teachers on the production of educational techniques. while the study of Hasan (2005) was aimed to detect the effectiveness of the technical program for the development of practical skills in teaching technology among the Student/ teachers. And Hifnauy (2005) held a study in order to identify the effectiveness of multi-media in the development of the necessary programming skills among high school computer teacher.

With so many elements of the educational situation, including educational goals and the method of teaching, methods and activities the interests vary, but the biggest concern was the widespread change of the teaching methods and the use of technological innovations. It has contributed to the scientific progress and the rapid technological explosion, which in turn is reflected in the educational process, and in particular on the use of multimedia technology in education. Recent years have seen tremendous progress in technological media, and how to employ them and their use in education, and among these technological media the smart board (Gosaibi, 2009).

Smart board is an electronic board connected to a computer laptop or desktop device and Data Show and both the teacher and the learner can use this board as a white board by writing on it by using a special pen or fingers. Smart board allows the user multiple options by opening all computer applications and World Wide Web, and work on it through touch and clicking your fingers, as well as the use of different writing and drawing tools. And it allows viewing the text, images, audio and video files with various extensions. The user of smart board can move any element on the screen with the finger of the hand, such as moving graphics, shapes, and create virtual forms with original shapes. Through the use of smart board teacher can record and replay the presentation of lessons after saving it (Saraya, 2009; Swaidan, 2008).

Lee (2004) noted that the increasing use of internet improved technologies as well as web based applications, the uses of smart board in the educational sector are of immense benefits. As written by Ajelabi (2005), it motives students to operate modern teaching equipments like microcomputers and other teaching aids like projectors (overhead and opaque) slides, films etc).

By now, over a decade of it launch, it is expected that the concept of smart board should be clearly defined. Due to attitudinal problems in the use of smart board for achievement and Retention of disciplines in the school curriculum, there is yet to be a consensus about what it actually represents. It is important that the method of achievement and Retention should also change to meet with the changing With regard to educational software, the most important skills of producing it is employing multimedia, which depends on the employment and engaging of more than one sense (Zoubi, 2011) smart board is featured with its proximity to the interaction of tools based on the multiplicity of senses, in addition to containing many multimedia employing tools (Abu Elbah, 2012) as the use of smart board requires students to work directly with its tools and interact with it, and the involvement of more than one sense.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The school curriculum has to be responsive to changing societal needs. The students also have to adapt to these needs and often the effects are noticed on the performance of students who are usually the receivers.

Hardware and software programs are combined by smart board to create an interactive show that allows presenters to display and manipulate information on the screen for the audience to view. This technology operates by touch or by pens, and it is used for business presentations or lessons in the classroom. Smart board is a useful tool; however, there are challenges users commonly face while using smart board. The researcher tried to investigate the effectiveness of using it for teaching Computer science at public schools at public schools in Lagos.

1.3 Purpose of The Study
1. Establish the effect of smart board on achievement and Retention of Computer science among senior secondary school students in Oshodi L.G.A. in Lagos State.

2. Examine the roles of Government and Private sector on the provision of smart board in senior secondary schools in Oshodi L.G.A. in Lagos State.

3. Determine the effect of smart board on the improvement of the quality of education on Computer science in Oshodi L.G.A. in Lagos State.

4. Ascertain Smart board as a key factor for assessing student’s achievement and Retention in computer science.

1.4 Research Questions
1. What is the effect of smart board on the achievement and Retention of Computer science among senior secondary school students in Oshodi L.G.A. in Lagos State.

2. What are the roles of Government and Private sector in the provision of smart board in senior secondary schools in Oshodi L.G.A. in Lagos State?

3. What is the effect of smart board on the improvement of the quality of education on Computer science in Oshodi L.G.A. in Lagos State?

4. Why is Smart board a key factor in assessing students’ achievement and Retention in computer science?

1.5 Significance of the Study.
The study is significant in that it gives an insight into the knowledge of using software packages and its workability on the educational system.

The result will encourage the teachers to know the benefit of using the alternative method of teaching to achieve an improved performance. It will create an awareness to the teacher and the student on the possibility of using smart board in learning.

1.6 Scope of the Study
For the purpose of this research and the successful application of the e-learning facilities, the scope is one hundred and fifty (150) SS1 students made up of forty (40) each from Ostra Heights school and Hopebay College, both in Okota, Isolo/ OShodi Local Government Area of Lagos State while thirty five (35) students came from Kings Palace school and thirty five (35) students came from Hill Crest college both in Ejigbo Development Council.

1.7 Limitations of the Study
The researcher was limited by finance both for transportation to the schools and production of the instructional package. Also time for the study was limited.

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