1.1 Introduction
There is innumerable graduation of opinion on an issue as there is no one public opinion because there are many different publics. Theonly thing required to do is to describe the distribution of opinion amongst the public about a particular question/issues

According to Alfred A. Knopf public opinion is the aggregate of individual attitudes or beliefs shared by some portion of adults, in actual fact, public opinion always favours passage of the Equal Right Amendment (ERA). A more accurate description of public opinion on this issue would be 60 percent of the particularpopulation that supports the amendment, whereas 40 percent oppose it has no option.

1.2 Statement of the problem
Traditionally,opinion emerges at controversial point when accepted patterns breakdown, when doubts have a risen or when the tenets of any groups are questioned on rational grounds so,opinions must be expressed or are capable of being expressed generally in words of gesture or any types of behaviour, which communicate one attitudes on a question that may indicate opinion.

Therefore in Akwa Ibom State, its almost as if kidnapping overtaken the general facet of the society wrecking havocs on the citizenry the debilitating effects ranges from tears, sorrows, insecurity to hardship and successive threatsto life.

It is therefore uncertain whether the public are glad with the trends of development security wise in Akwa Ibom State. If they are not, what could possibly be their sentiment and opinion regarding kidnapping and its effect in the state.

1.3 Objective of the study
This study seek to

1. know the opinion of the people regarding kidnapping in Akwa Ibom State, in Uyo metropolis

2. Know the cause of kidnapping in the state

3. Know the consequences of constant kidnaps in Akwa Ibom State

4. know the usual victims of excessive kidnapping in uyo

5. know government action against the menace

1.4 Research Question

These study the following questions:

1. What is the opinion of the people regarding kidnapping in Akwa Ibom State

2. What are the know cause of kidnapping in uyo metropolis

3. What are the consequences of excessive kidnapping in uyo metropolis

4. Who are the usual victim of excessive kidnapping in uyo metropolis

5. What are the government action against the menace in the uyo metropolis

1.5 Research Hypothesis
This study seeks it test the following hypothesis

Ho: There is no significant relationship between kidnapping and hardship in uyo metropolis

Hi: There is significant relationship between kidnapping and hardship in uyo metropolis

1.6 Justification of the study
Knowing the opinion of the people regarding in uyo metropolis has the potential of shaping the action of the government. It has the ability of either making or marrying all the activities of the government, the people thus contributed a greater percentage of the action, policies and programmed of the government.

Therefore, this study will be of immense usefulness to the government especially to knowing then reaction perception and opinion of the people pertaining kidnapping in the state. At Least, this will enable the government to weight and assess the extent of his rulership and effect on the citizenship.

1.7 Delimitation of the study
This study is on the effect of kidnapping in uyo metropolis. Among all the know hazard of the 21stcentury, this study focuses on the trends. Causes and effectsof kidnapping in the state. More over, this study is also on the resident of the uyo metropolis. It is not necessarily all the resident of Akwa Ibom state. But on the two local government areas.

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