This study was a survey of the impact of instructional material in teaching English Languages in Selected private schools in Ibeju Ibeju Lekki. Teachers in Nigeria over the years have been using the conventional instructional materials but modern ones are better and more effective. Information and communication technology (ICT) has made communication easy and has improved media instructional materials which English Language teachers should be exposed to in Selected private schools in Ibeju Lekki. Teachers are expected to be conversant with the use of these contemporary instructional material. The aim of the study was to assess the availability and usage of contemporary instructional materials in Selected private schools in Ibeju Ibeju Lekki with the following objectives. To assess the types of modern instructional materials in Selected private schools in Ibeju Lekki in the above mentioned state. Determine the adequacy and use of such audio visual and electronic resources in the Selected private schools in Ibeju Lekki and to assess the problems teachers and students face in the use of audio visual and electronic resources. The population for the study consisted of a total number of 174 English Language students and 45 English Language teachers making a total of 219 from the four Selected private schools in Ibeju Lekki being covered in the study. The instrument used for data collection consisted of two sets of questionnaires, they are English Language Teachers Inventory Questionnaire (ATIQ) and English Language Students Inventory Questionnaire (ASIQ). The major findings of the study indicate; Inadequate modern instructional materials in Selected private schools in Ibeju Ibeju Lekki, the adequacy and use of such instructional materials for teaching Fine and Applied English Languages was far below average as the modern materials were not available, Teachers competence on the use of modern instructional materials was more than that of students who largely depended on the colleges to provide them. Teachers and students face some problems which include lack of availability of modern instructional materials. Based on the findings, there is need for all stake holders in the educational sector to provide adequate modern materials. Institution should organize professional workshops and seminars that will guide the teachers on the use of contemporary materials.


1.1 Background of the Study
1.3 Objectives of the Study
1.4 Research Questions
1.5 Hypotheses
1.6 Basic Assumptions
1.7 Significance of the Study
1.8 Scope of the Study

2.2 Theoretical framework
2.3 Concept of Instructional materials
2.7 Influence of Instructional Materials in teaching and learning English Languages
2.8 Parameters for Measuring Academic Performance of students
2.10 Empirical Studies

3.1 Research Design
3.2 Population
3.4 Sample and Sampling Technique
3.6 Procedure for Data Collection
3.7 Procedure for Data Analysis

4.3 Response to Research Questions
4.4 Testing of Hypotheses
4.5 Summary of Findings
4.6 Discussions of Findings

5.1 Summary
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations
5.4 Suggestions for further Study

1.1 Background of the Study
The emergence and production of instructional materials had undergone several reviews and processes by different professionals in various fields of learning. These experts have developed and produced such materials in line with the needs of their areas of specialization and the resources available in their locality. Experience over the years has shown that teachers have been depending on excessive use of words to express and to convey ideas or facts in the teaching-learning process. This practice is termed the "chalk-talk" method. In modern times, advances in technology have made it possible to produce materials and devices that could be used to minimize the teachers talking all the time, make the message clearer, more interesting and easier for the learners to assimilate. (Onasanya, 2008). According to Soetan (2010), graphics materials include chEnglish Languages, posters, sketches, cEnglish Languageoons, graphs and drawings. Graphics communicate facts and ideas clearly through combination of drawings, words and pictures. The use of graphics in teaching creates greater understanding of the materials being studied. They also help learners to visualize the whole concepts holistically showing the relationships with one another. The role of graphic materials in visual communication is therefore very unique and significant.

Olumorin (2009) in the simplest term defines instructional materials as those materials that help the teacher to teach with ease and the learners to learn without stress. The author explained that instructional materials appeal to the senses of seeing, touching, smelling, feeling and hearing. They include projected, non projected audio visual, printed and others. It also includes three dimensional objects that are produced through locally sourced materials, programme instruction, and instruction package. Natoli (2011) state that instructional materials are also referred to as Audio Visual (AV or A/V) which works with both sound and visual components. The production or use of such works or equipment to create and present works.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
Instructional materials make teaching and learning more understandable, meaningful and easy. But inspite of the benefits of instructional materials to teaching and learning, the scarcity of the instructional materials has hindered, to some extent, the efficiency of teaching and learning of English Languages.

In view of this difficulties, most teachers of English Languages still resort to the theoretical method of teaching the subject. This undoubtedly, is contrary to the improvement of English Languages education, which is greatly needed at this period of our development with emphasis on practical oriented learning (Mammudu, 1996). The researcher has taught for a number of years in some private school and had visited a number of private school as a resource person. Through these experiences, the researcher observed that most teachers in private school in the state did not fully make use of instructional materials in the teaching of English Languages to their students. This negligence of the effective use of the instructional facilities and materials in teaching and learning of English Languages common to both the trained and untrained teachers affected the academic performance of students in English Language in schools in Ibeju Ibeju Lekki.

Hence, the question of academic performance and students‟ performance in SSCE is therefore usually discussed both in and outside the academic circles. In the last few years, it has been observed in most private school that a high percentage of students are performing very poorly in English Languages in National Examinations for example, WAEC and NECO (Examiner‟s Report, 2009) due to ill motivated behaviour of the students towards the Education, lack of professional teachers, existence of lazy teachers and lack of teaching facilities and equipment (David, 2014). Some of these reports have shown that there are poor academic activities in private school which obviously leads to rampant failure in external examinations among private school students. It is also observed that student‟s performance in English Languages in the Senior

School Certificate Examination (SSCE) has continue to be low over the years. Otanyemi (2000), in Mohammed (2003), state that there has been General outcry about poor students‟ performance in the Private school Examination especially in the social sciences. This study will examine the student‟s academic performance in English Languages as it relates to the availability of teaching resources among private school students in Lagosstate.

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