This research work focused on role of radio in propagating Yoruba culture in Nigeria (A study of Ado Ekiti L.G.A in Ekiti State). It aims at finding out whether Ekiti FM as a channel of mass media recognize it’s obligation to the society, especially in Ekiti. survey method was adopted and the instrument used for data collection was the questionnaire and personal interview. The population of the study is 20,000 out of which 200 were sampled purposively. Data collected was analyzed in tables and simple percentages. The researcher used chi-square (x2) for the statistics measure of the study. The researcher recommends that Ekiti FM should be up and doing in the area of cultural propagation because, it helps to give Nigeria a wider coverage, especially in the rural areas. Therefore, government should establish media outfits, such as magazines, newspapers, more radio stations in other rural areas of Nigeria. The result of this study showed that Ekiti FM through it’s various propagating had really impacted positively in propagating culture among the people of Yoruba. 

1.1 Background to the study 
Culture entails peoples’ way of life. Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, belief, values, attitudes meanings, hierarchies, religion, notion of time, roles, concept of the universe, and material objects, possessions acquired by a group of people in the course of generation through individual and groups striving. 

Culture is the system of knowledge shared by a relative large group of people. Culture is communication and communication is culture, culture according to Aguene (2003) is “all the qualities which group mend together and distinguish them from the rest of the animal kingdom’ 

Lawal, A.T. (2000) quoted Edward Tylor who defines culture “as that complex whole of man’s acquisition of knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, custom and any other capabilities and ability acquired by man as a member of the society” the above definitions shows that culture is what distinguishes human from animals. Also culture gives the identity of a particular group of people, because through a given peoples culture, one can easily point out where his fellow man came from just as pointed out in the word. 

Culture is the total way of life of a people, culture can also be defined as the identity through which a particular set of people are identified. Irrespective of the high level of civilization or modernization or low level of civilization every society has its totality way of life, that is simply refers to as culture. This pattern or way of life is carried on from one generation to another. It is technically and naturally impacted on to the young one’s through various agent of socialization of which mass media (radio) is one. 

Radio plays an important role on the Nigeria culture compared to all other media of mass communication. This is because of the incomparable characteristics it posses. Radio is more portable and it can be carried to almost every place such as room, kitchen, toilet, office, market even on the farm land. This era also make radio more portable and relatively cheap has almost all the mobile phones now come with radio features that make cultural programme available to people. 

Radio also has the widest coverage compared to all other media. It is the most common among the literates and illiterates in the society, as a result of its simplicity in language, and ability to communicate in various languages in society like Nigeria. Radio programmes come in Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, and all forms of local languages. 

Some of the cultural orientated programmes on radio include but not limited to discussion programme, talk show, quiz/debate, personality interview, live coverage of carnival such as Abuja Carnival, Lagos Carnival, Oluyole carnival Ibadan, tourism and traditional festival like Osun Osogbo, Eyo festival in Lagos, Crown Festival in Ojo town Osun state and Ifon Osun, Obalufon Festival in Ido-Osun, Sango festival in Ede, Olojo festival in Ile-Ife, New yam festival. Ikiriji War Camp Site, Obatala festival etc. other aspect given prominence attention is dressing, hair style, greeting, music, arts and dying, foods and drinks etc. It is against this backdrop that the research examines the role of radio in propagating Yoruba culture. 

1.2 Statement of theProblem. 
Since every research study aims at solving a problem, therefore, the problem of this study is to investigate how has Ekiti FM propagate culture in Ado Ekiti South Local Government in Ekiti State, again to find out how the propagation of culture by Ekiti FM affect the Yoruba people. 

1.3 Objectives of the Study 
The objectives for this research include the following 

1. To know if Ekiti FM do propagate Yoruba culture in Ekiti. 

2. To know if the propagation of culture by Ekiti FM affect the Yoruba people. 

3. To know the impact of Ekiti FM in propagating culture in Ado Ekiti in Ekitistate. 

1.4 Research Questions 
In the course of this research work, the following questions were raised as it is relevant to the study. 

1 To what extent does Ekiti FM propagate Yoruba culture in Ekiti? 

2 How does the propagation of Ekiti FM affect the people of Yoruba? 

3 How does Ekiti FM impact culture in their propagation on the people of Yoruba? 

1.5 Research hypotheses 
H1: Ekiti FM propagates Yoruba culture in Ekiti. 

H0: Ekiti FM does not propagate Yoruba culture in Ekiti. 

H2: Ekiti FM propagation of culture affect the people of Yoruba. 

H0: Ekiti FM propagation of culture does not affect the people of Yoruba. 

1.6 Scope/ Delimitation of the Study 
This study is centered on the role of Ekiti FM in propagating culture In Nigeria especially in Ado Ekiti local government in Ekiti state. 

1.7 Significance of the Study 
From this result of the study, which is to identify the role played by Ekiti FM in propagating culture in Nigeria especially in Ekiti, Ekiti state? This study also intend to help in determining wheather the programmes of Ekiti FM has any effect on the Yoruba people of Ekiti state. It will be of immerse benefit to the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the identification development and marketing of diverse cultural potentials which will help in promoting culture. The journalist will also benefit from promoting culture and it will also act as material for student. 

This documentation will also help the people of Yoruba in knowing what lapses that should be covered in regard to their cultural heritage. 

Finally, this study will be useful to intending researchers as it will act as reference to guide others. 

1.8 Definitions of Term. 
The researcher used operational definitions. 

Role: The duty of Ekiti FM in promoting and spreading Yoruba culture. 

Radio: The channel through which Yoruba culture is communicated through Ekiti FM programmes. 

Propagating: Spreading and promoting Yoruba culture via EKITI FM. 

Culture: Total way of life of the people of Yoruba, which include their festivals such as the Obatala festival.

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