This study was carried out to examined the processes of abattoir operations  in Amansea  and  Ugwuoba and to know their related health    hazards to the public. The processes involved in abattoir  in both Amansea and Ugwuoba were examined . A survey on the waste generated and methods of disposal  in the  two abattoirs were    also looked    at to know the effects these wastes may have on the environment, if not properly managed. Structured questionnaires were designed and used to interview the abattoir operators and managers. Primary data were obtained from the questionnaire and subjective responses of the population; the researcher observation and from processes in abattoir operations, type of wastes generated and their mode of disposal. Information about how the respondents’ perception of the abattoir condition and the methods of meat processing was acquired. Laboratory Analyses were carried out on the abattoir wastes. Sampling  was done forth-nightly and  sampled analyzed to determine the type and intensity of    contamination. All the values obtained    from different parameters were compared with the standards established by FEPA and WHO in Nigeria in order to obtain deviations and  establish impact of abattoir wastes on human health  and ecological system. The result obtained from the analysis show that the Amansea and Ugwuoba abattoirs were highly polluted resulting in the present meat contamination going on and endangering the health of the public and the ecosystem. The present government policy which led       to this ugly situation and the recommended remedial policy measures were highlighted. Measures to eliminate or eradicate the hazards of waste generated in the abattoir at Amanseas and Ugwuoba during slaughtering operations were recommended.

An abattoir is a facility, which has to do with the preparation and handling of meat from slaughtering to delivery for consumption. It requires handling in a most hygienic manner to avoid being exposed to contamination. The environment where the abattoir is located must be clean otherwise serious health hazards will occur to human beings that eat the meat.
In an economic sense, an abattoir is a consumer oriented venture. The processes in its operation in Nigeria have so many environmental implications associated with it. These implications are the facilities required for a better abattoir management. The location of the abattoir is as important as the factory itself, since this determines its survival and the marketing facilities.
Meat is important to human beings as it is major source of protein for growth. It is therefore important that any abattoir operation should be properly handled bearing in mind the sanitary implication to humans.

It is sad to note that most of these facilities in Nigeria are poorly managed, located and designed. The study of the environmental health hazards associated with Amansea and Ugwuoba abattoirs stem from the following:

Amansea Abattoir came into existence in 1975. It was located close to iyietu River. The river is famous for the fish it supplies to the communities through which it flows. The river stretches over six hundred kilometers from Obibia/Agu Awka/Amansea and emptied itself into the Mamu River. It irrigates several tracts of agricultural land along its long profil. The inhabitants depends on the agricultural land and river of their existence .

Prior to the location of the abattoir in 1975 and in a few years of its operation, the people started to notice gradual reduction in fish production and agricultural output form the Iyietu Riverine Areas. The river which used to be clean and colourless/changed to brown-green colour. From Ugwuoba, where the researcher made an investigation about the activities of abattoir , it was gathered that it was established in 1978 along Iyiocha stream running from Ogba valley down to Mamu River.

The inhabitants along the river are affected by the river colouration, reduction in fish production and agricultural output....

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