This study examines the concept of social advocacy and the forms of advocacy employed by two and contemporary Igbo playwright Akoma and Chukwezi in Obidiya and Udo ka Mma these plays are known to have been nurtured under very harsh economic, moral and political condition to extra-try the contemporary attitude of local chiefs. The research methodology should be based on the Marxist approach which is the theory of Kari Max (1818-83) favouring state control of production and a society without a class structure . The Marxist approach to literature and art conceives of authentic literature as that which is able to showcase the plight of the masses.


Title page
Table of Contents

Chapter One
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Study
1.2 Statement of problem
1.3 Objective of study
1.4 Limitations
1.5 Scope of study
1.6 Significance of study
1.7 Methodology

Chapter two
2.0 Literature Review

Chapter Three
3.0 Social conducts in Obidiya
3.2 Land Case and Court Verdict
3.3 Corruption
3.4 Execution of Onuma
3.5 Moral Implication

Chapter Four
4.0 Social Conduct in Udo Ka Mma
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Land Dispute
4.3 The Role of Umunna
4.5 Restoration of peace

Chapter Five
5.0 Summary of Finding and Conclusion
5.1 Summary of Findings interview, and definition
5.2 Conclusion
a.         Sunopsis of Obidiya
b.         Synopsis of Udo Ka mma
c.         Recommendations On New Method Of Advocacy
Through Media



Play is another basic components otherwise called (literary genres). These genres are basically three (the primary literary organs), with their attendants ancillary organs. Drama or play is another problematic area in literature. This is not unconnected with the erroneous behalf many scholar hitherto had about it. To some, drama or play has no story to tell, while to some others, ability to cram written materials is sine quanon to the mastery of plays.

In the actual sense, drama is an all-inclusive academic discipline which uses all branches of learning that bear open dramatic impulse to vivify different situation in life. Eclectically, it makes use of each and every single discipline into one unified body of knowledge for man to understand this life better.

According to professor Barin Wey,

drama is to practice living. in his view drama or play is a story presented on the stage by actors and actresses, before an audience, through language or mine with the end of light scenery and costume.

Aristotle on his part sees drama as imitated human action to him, through their actions and conversations, the audience understand the story, the them and the plot. Another school of thought sees drama as

Enlightenment through entertainment using characters (actors) actresses), story, prop and costume.

A critical synthesis of the above definitions points to one significant point about the concept of drama as a literary genre. That play or drama, in addition to helping to points inculcate in scholars the skills of concentrated and courteous attention to other speakers, helps the scholars to actuating clear enunciation and full and flexible use of the mechanism of speech. The watch word of every piece of drama is called a playwright. Simply put, there fore, is the enactment of life on stage principally meant to inform, educate and entertain the reading or watching audience. The two playwrights which, the researcher is studying, focus their information to educate the society on the social advocacy found in their two play’s namely Obidiya and Udo ka mma. In Obidiya, Akoma express his views and actions in a tragic mood. The chief protagonist Oriaku bobbles with use in the course of the play or story but suddenly changed in his wheel of fortune, death results as his ultimate end Oraku portrays in the society as the contemporary chief who uses their power to subdue their kings man and usurp their land by force.

They even went to court with them and still uses assassains to eliminate them. But in it, the fortune of the protagonists hero end in serious misfortunes characterized by pitiful, fearful, sorrowful episodes as in the case of Oriaku. There is always the influence of supernatural elements or forces such as ghost, witeches or otherwise, like which often cause the misfortune of tragic hero eithier by his error of judgments or otherwise as in Obidiya.

However, in Udo ka mma, it is class of play or drama originated from the Elizabethan and Jucobean eras of literally Udo ka mma, as the name depicts show the principles of both tragedy and comedy in characteristics, it mingles charater of high and low family background in the play the, episode, the action of the characters seem to be leading to a tragic end until an unexpected reversal of misfortune to fortune which brings about a happy end.....

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