Ghanaian pastor caught in adult video with married woman

A Ghanaian pastor in the Awutu Breku District in the Central region of the country known by the nickname, Akwadaa Nyame, is currently involved in a scandal after he leaked an adult content video involving himself and a married woman.

The reports indicate that the married woman was a member of the church who had been with her husband for the past 6 years.

The video which has started spreading in the Awutu Breku Township has caused the police to step in and are currently on a manhunt for the pastor over the act.

Husband of the lady whose name has been withheld for security reasons, is of the assertion that his wife was seduced by the pastor into sleeping with him.

The video is reported to have been shared among people leaving in the community and many people are of the view that the video was leaked by the man of God.

The police in the area who are still on the lookout for Akwadaa Nyame have asked the general public to assist them to make the arrest.

Adult tape scandals are a worrying trend that has rocked some parts of the country this year already. It is yet to be ascertained the reason why such acts are recorded.

Despite the dangers associated with having such videos go viral across all social media platforms, people still take the risk to record themselves in such situations.

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