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Title page
Table of content

1.1       Introduction
1.2       Statement of the research problem
1.3       Research question
1.4       Aims and objectives
1.5       Assumptions of the study
1.6       Scope and limitation
1.7       Significance of the Study
1.8       Research methodology
1.9       Definition of the key concepts or terms
1.10     Outline of the study

2.1       Introduction
2.2       Democracy and representation
2.3       Reasons for local representation
2.4       Political Accountability
2.5       Challenges of democracy and representation in Nigeria
2.6       Theoretical Framework

3.1       Historical background of the area under study
3.2       Introduction
3.3       History of traditional rulership in Funtua
3.4       Politics
3.5       Economy
3.6       Administrative structure

4.1       political representation and stewardship in Funtua local government constituency (2007-2011)
4.2       Data presentation and analysis
4.3       verification of findings

5.1       Summary
5.2       Conclusion
5.3       Recommendations
5.4       Bibliography/References
            Interview Guide


1.1         Introduction:

Political representation remains one of the cardinal principle of any democratic government, the world over. Government all over the world want to called or associated with democracy mainly because people express their will through political representative(s). There can be no democracy unless the condition of society itself is democratic, by which it is mean that, it should be nearly equal among all the people. For Alex de Tacquexill, written in 1835 on democracy of America. “It is this general equality of condition among the people that constitutes the real essence of democracy”. Social equality as a condition of democracy does not however, mean the absolute equality of all individuals in all respects, such as wealth, income and social position. Social equality results in the main from the freedom of individuals to freely engaged in whatever occupation such as business, learning and even sports activities of as representation.

Therefore representative government may be defined as a system of government in which the people, through election, elect those who represents and govern the state on their behalf. This system also known as indirect democracy. Representative government become imperative as it is no more possible for everyone to take decision and govern the state as a result of large size and population of modern states. Instead of every one to participate in person in the government of the land, everyone to participate in person in the government of the land, every citizen now has the right to participate indirectly in the government decisions through representative(s), this is because participation in government will not be possible as a result of large population which gave both to representative government.

However, in order to ensure that the electorates does not abandon its sovereign power to the representatives, certain democratic framework like the recall, and the referendum are more institutionalized (example in European states and some several states in the United States). In a representative government. The recall means “the calling back” of political office holders before the end of the term, to be followed by election of others to replace them. The referendum consists of the submission to the people for the approval or rejection, of a law passed by the government but against which an acceptable number or percentage of the people petition.

Democracy as a system, that encourages individuals participation in the political affairs of their society. Therefore the necessity for area representation with respect to equality of members in a society become imperative. In other words, local government mainly established for grassroots participation to achieve their certain common interests. Under this system, local government legislative councils established for effective representation, each local government consistency or ward gets representation strictly in accordance with power to be represented for adequate stewards of their resources. It claim to give adequate representation to the different...

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