1.0            INTRODUCTION
In order to function adjust change external environment and attain their goals and objectives, modern management requires the free and orderly flow of information and that in turn requires some forms of communication” Bason (1986).
Communication: Is the link wire in every organization, both profit and non profit making, private sectors or public sectors driven as a result, no organization carried its activities by sign but to employees, effective communication is a sine qua non for attainment of organizational goals and objectives, though, it had remained one of the problem facing modern management in the public sector. It is a vital tool for management because without it, all attempts to carry out the activities of an organization (public sector) must fail without communication between management employees, nothing can happen, no instruction can be given, no orders taken, no contact made with superior or subordinate and no information provide or received.
It is only through effect communication can any activity ot planned, organized, controlled and co-ordinated. The only exception in this case is the individual working entirely on his own without any contract at all with any other person. Furthermore, communication carried out must be understandable to both parties. Therefore, it can be posited that communication is the transmission and reception of messages or idea from one party to the other in such system that it is easily understandable. Restriction or ineffective communication in the public sector makes it impossibility for members within the organization to get enough information which is required of the performance of stipulated task. It is said to be effective when there is a successful transfer of information and understanding from sender to a receiver. No organization can function without a detailed and effective made of communication. As the public sector become complicated, so is the need for adequate communication entrenchment.

Nwana (2001), communication is the transfer of ideas forms the sender to the receiver. It could then be said without fear of constriction that communication is the cohesive bond between individuals in organization and a proper study and understanding of it will go a long way to improve the management and employee relationships and also towards the achievement of its objective. It should be taken as a fact that one individual cannot achieve organizational goals, there must be interactive so far the purpose of putting effort by the individuals in the organizational goal accomplishment, communication is necessary in all level of workings in the public sector. Communication is a process by which people attempt to share meaning via the transmission of symbolic messages, stones (1995). Such communication organizes and unified an activities of an organization existence is based on communication. Some managers do spend precious time giving ambiguous and out of place instructions to subordinates which culminates into poorly defined policy, poor policy formulation and implementation which takes the further away from the set goals. Therefore, we can now rise ot say that effect communication is a necessity because it helps in the co-ordination of human, physical and non physical resources of organized activity will go with the wind and anarchy will wear a crown by that statement, I beg to explain that when there are no co-ordinated effect communication procession in an organization, there would not be conflicting orders and authorization being given to subordinates by different supervisors. A sectional head may give order only to find out latterly that a counter order had already been given by the managing director bye passing him completely. However, communication pervades the management functions of planning, organizing, co-coordinating and controlling.

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