In spite of the numerous advertisement campaigns available to many companies, it is important to note that WAPA Yoghurt, Katsina has appreciated the effects of advertising on sales performance of its products. These advertisements have enhanced their market share. The objective of this study is to find out the effects of advertising on sales performance of WAPA Yoghurt. The method used is survey approach while the sampling technique adopted is simple random sampling technique in which all members of the population have equal probability and independent chance of being selected. The Chi-square method is used to test the hypotheses and to examine the significance of advertising on sales performance. During the course of findings, majority of the respondents accepted the fact that advertising increases the levels of sales as well as attracting potential customers to patronize WAPA Yoghurt products. In conclusion, effective implementation of the available forms of media advertising led to increase in sales volume and invariably higher profits. It is recommended that during festive periods as well as changes in weather condition, WAPA Yoghurt sales and marketing departments should take full advantage by developing effective and efficient advertising campaign that can arouse the customer’s awareness, thereby leading to greater purchase of their products.


Title Page
Table of Contents
List of Tables

1.1       Background to the Study
1.2       Statement of the Problem
1.3       Objectives of the Study
1.4       Research Questions
1.5       Research Hypotheses
1.6       Scope of the Study
1.7       Significance of the Study
1.8       Definition of Technical Term
1.9       Brief Historical Background of WAPA Yoghurt Investment   Nigeria Limited, Katsina

2.0       Literature Review
2.1       Introduction
2.1.1    Advertising
2.1.2    Advertising Objectives
2.1.3    Forms Of Advertising
2.1.4    Advertising Media
2.1.5    Steps in Choosing an Advertising Media
2.1.6    Steps taken in setting an Advertising Budget
2.2       Sales Performance
2.2.1    Sales
2.2.2    Sales Process
2.2.3    Effective Sales Process
2.2.4    Outcomes of Sales Processes
2.2.5    The Outcome of the Selling Process
2.2.6    Relationship between Advertising and Sales Performance
2.3       Theoretical Framework
2.3.1    The relevance of the theory to the study
2.4       Empirical Studies on Advertising
2.5       Summary of the Chapter

3.0       Introduction
3.1       Research Design
3.2       Population and Sampling Size of the Study
3.2.1    Sampling Method
3.3       Methods Data Collection
3.3.1    Data Sources
3.3.2    Data Collection Instruments
3.4       Measurement of Variables
3.5       Methods of Data Analysis
3.6       Summary of the Chapter

Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of the Findings
4.1       Introduction
4.2       Data Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation
4.2.1    Data Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation Based on Research Questions
4.2.2    Chi-Square Test Result
4.2.3    Correlation Result
4.3       Discussion of Research Findings
4.5       Chapter Summary

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1       Summary
5.2       Conclusion
5.3       Limitations of the Study
5.4       Recommendations

  1.1 Background to the Study
Nowadays competition among firms has grown stiffer as every firm seeks to achieve their objectives, to enhance performance which can be translated through achieving greater sales and profit. As a result, majority of the companies in the current society are adopting advertising as an effort to boost their profit. The basic goal of any organization is to increase its sales.
Competitive advantage in the market place. Advertising in Nigeria is not a new tool, it has been used in business operations for many years to primarily communicate a particular message. Obviously, it is useless to manufacture goods unless the manufacturer or his agency informs the customers for whom the goods are intended, that the goods are available.
According to Allen and kaufman (2012), advertising is a paid, mass mediated attempt to persuade. By this definition, advertising is paid communication by a company or organization disseminated. In advertising language, the company that pays for advertising is called client or sponsor. If communication is not paid for is not advertising.
Advertising is mass mediated. This means it is delivered through communication medium designed to reach more than one person typically a large number of people. Advertising is a widely disseminated through familiar means-television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other media such as direct mail, billboards, video games, internet etc.
All advertising includes an attempt to persuade. To put it bluntly, advertising are communications design to get someone to do something. Even an advertisement with a stated objective of being purely informational still has persuasion at its core. The advertisement informs the consumers for some purpose, and that purpose is to get the consumer to like the brand, and because of that liking, to eventually buy the brand. However, we can say that for a communication to be classified as advertising, three essential criteria must be met;
                    i.            The communication must be paid for.
                  ii.            The communication must be delivered to the audience via mass media.
                iii.            The communication must be attempting persuasion.
Advertising is also closely linked with research and public relation, the aim is to achieve a common objective, distribution of good produced.
Therefore, without advertisement companies cannot achieve their specific objectives of which they were created for. 
1.2 Statement of the Problem
The use of advertising strategies is effective to boost firms’ performance. This is evident from the usage of advertising and the increasing profits on advertising which has been increasing along years.
In Nigeria, most companies are spending money in advertising their products and expect that consumers or those who read the advertisement will react positively towards their products or service brand and hence increase their profitability, however there is no measurement or evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising, whether it is able to boost the sales of the products, or just simple to build brand awareness, to put it in simple term, with the amount of resources poured in for advertising.

Unfortunately, despite the amount of resources used by the marketing department of WAPA Yoghurt, there is dearth of performance on the effect of advertising on sales performance of the company of which this study intends to cover. 

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