Social media has become extremely effective form of marketing which has raised the brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer services and lead to increase sales hence opening tremendous opportunities for companies to market their products and services using social media.

The objective of this research was to find out how tourism companies are integrating social media into marketing so as to boast awareness and generate excitement about tourism destination as well as finding what exactly has social media strategies done to market tourism companies.

The theoretical background was based on theories of social media marketing mainly collected from social media literature that included both books and articles journals and the aim of this was actually to provide readers general understanding of social media and its impacts on the customers.

The empirical study was performed through discussions, interviews and observation in the case company. The study was performed using a qualitative research approach and a case study method was utilized. After all the data was gathered and the information was carefully analyzed to give the reasons why companies use social media as a marketing tool for their companies. The research finding of the study are to proposed important suggestion for Kenya Safari and Tour in using social media as a part of its marketing strategy.



1.1 Scope of the study/backgrounds
1.2 Research context
1.3 Purpose of the study and research question
1.4 Limitation of the research
1.5 Structure of the research

2.1 The evolution of social media in marketing business
2.2 Social media overview
2.2.1 Web 2.0
2.2.2 Social media
2.2.3. Benefits of social media
2.2.4 Social media optimization
2.3 Word-of-mouth and social media marketing
2.4 social media platforms
2.4.1 The different forms of social media

3.1 Marketing and Promotion of tourism in Kenya
3.1.1 International Tourism
3.1.2 Domestic and Regional Tourism Markets
3.1.3 Domestic Tourism
3.1.4 Regional Tourism
3.1.5 Cruise Tourism

4.1 Research approach
4.2 Data collection and Methods
4.2.1 Primary sources Interviews
4.2.2 Secondary sources Text books Newspapers and related journals Past research Electronic sources Reliability and Validity

5.1 A glance at the Kenya tourism
5.2 Statistics
5.2.1 Market demographics
5.2.2 SWOT analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
5.2.3 Competition
5.2.4 Services
5.2.5 Kenya Safaris and Tours keys to success
5.2.6 Kenya Safaris and Tours critical issues
5.3 Marketing strategy
5.3.1 Marketing objectives
5.3.2 Target market
5.3.3 Positioning
5.3.4 Market mix

6.1 Questionnaires and findings
6.1.1 Social media for Kenya Safari and Tours
6.1.2 Advantages and disadvantages
6.1.3 Social media target customers for Kenya Safari and Tours
6.1.4 Social media site for Kenya Safari and Tours
6.2 Social media suggestions for Kenya Safaris and Tours
6.3 Determining an objective
6.4 Appropriate social media tools for Kenya Safari and Tours
6.5 Attracting visitors and strengthening the social media objectives



With two thirds of the global internet population visiting social networks, businesses are increasingly utilizing these platforms to engage with clients and other businesses, don't get left behind!

Social Media is an extremely effective form of marketing which can be used to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer service, and lead to increased sales. It can be used to present a business brand to millions of people worldwide.

Social media is not just for large corporations, small businesses can also reap the benefits of implementing a social media campaign and therefore for many businesses, social media is just one more buzz word they have to wrestle with. However, social media isn’t just a buzz word and it’s not going away social media can have a profound effect on almost any type of business. (Housingea 2010)

Coming together with the Web 2.0 phenomenon, the birth of social media is busted out in new marketing era. It is becoming a hot topic for its huge influences. The existence of social media earns the attention of people by making them from being passive consumers to active producers in terms of sharing and contributing via networks (Anderson 2008, 63).

That is explanation why most companies today are thinking of applying social media into their business. Its advantages to and effects on organizations, however, have not been recognized accurately in comparison with other marketing tools.

Using social media as a marketing tool in tourism industry adds profound value to the new media trend. How tourism companies gain the benefits from social media is a worthy phenomenon to be researched

1.1 Scope of the study/backgrounds

Strategies of social media marketing in an organization are the main factors that contribute to a well-being of the most companies operating in business and customer markets. This is because the use of social media in marketing their products and service create customer awareness.

Hence in most situations the customers tend to prefer to the services that are mostly satisfied with.

Planning a successful use of social media marketing strategy involves linking a company mission and business strategy to marketing decision and programs. In the current situation the case study company is using the social media marketing in marketing their tourism company and therefore it important for us to understand how the company is planning its operation and what are the current benefits of the company resulting from the use of social media marketing.

Social media marketing strategy in an organization defines how the organization uses the social media tools such as facebook, twitter and YouTube to achieve a marketing objective for the organization. The social media strategy implements and supports higher-level strategies and provides markets and customer information which is used for development and adjustments of the organization business strategy. the current approach being used by the case study company on the use of social media marketing shows that the company strategy is not fully implemented hence the company needs more decision on how to maximize the available marketing opportunities to win many customers depending on the improve strategy that they are heading to in terms of using social media marketing to market their company. The scope of the study will...

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