The topic of this study was chosen bearing in mind the effect of brand perception on consumers’ purchasing behaviour. It is imperative to know that product quality and product attribute affects consumer perception.

Consumer’s perception forms an integral part of consumers’ buying behaviour and it determines the survival or failure of goods and services. However, the study aims to examine brand perception and the effect on consumers’ purchasing be-haviour and highlight the satisfaction that consumer derives from product brand-ing.

Data was collected mainly through the use of questionnaires. The hypotheses were tested using chi-square test and data was analysed using simple percentage method.

It was found that consumer’s perception of a product is related to the advertise-ment and that price largely influences the consumer’s attitude and behaviour in respect to the purchase of a product.

Finally, recommendations were also made that advertising messages should be designed in such a way that it should be unambiguous and clearly understood by the consumers and it should be void of offensive language.



1.1 Background of the study
1.2 Statement of Problem
1.3 Research Question
1.4 Purpose of Study
1.5 Significance of Study
1.6 Research Hypothesis
1.7  Delimitation or Scope of the Study
1.8 Limitation of Study
1.9 Definition of term of Operation

2.1 Contribution of behavioural sciences to the field of marketing
2.2 Perception and its importance in consumers brand selection
2.3 Maslow’s theory of motivation for buyers behaviour

3.1 Research design
3.2 Method of data collection
3.3 Population of study
3.4 Sampling size
3.5 Method of data analysis
3.6 Limitation of the methodology

4.1 Data analysis
4.2 Presentation and analysis of hypothesis testing
4.3  Summary of Findings

5.1 Summary
5.2  Conclusion
5.3  Recommendation


1.1     Background of the study

Understanding the meaning of perception is imperative to every marketer today as customer’s decision to purchase a product will be greatly influenced by how he/she perceives the product quality. Product perception are not only affected by it quality but also by the attributes the producer is able to invest to the product through advertising and packaging of the product. (Batler, 1979, 52).

However, consumer buying behaviour and the diverse nature of marketing situa-tions pose a great challenge to the success of business organization. Therefore, in the wake of these challenges, business organization should be able to design its product as to stimulate positive perception by the consumer.

Many a times, consumer products or services are found to be competiting against each other in the market place; this normally leads to problem of choice for the consumers, who has to choose out of available alternative product. (Adetayo, 2008, 135).

However, the consumer decision will then be base on what the brand stands for. The question arises from what factor(s) influence(s) the consumer to choose a particular brand of product as at that time. Thus, there is need to study consumer brand perception on the sales of goods and services and the effect of brand per-ception on consumer’s purchasing behaviour. (Kolawole, 2003, 5-7).This is be-cause many companies have failed either because of their inadequate research on the impact of consumer’s brand perception or because of their nonchalant attitude towards how consumer perceive their products.

This study will go in depth to survey the impact of consumer brand perception on the sales of toothpaste in Nigeria. Consumers perception form an integral part of consumers buying and it determines to a great extent the survival or failure of goods and services. Therefore, brand perception cannot be viewed in isolation, but in relation to the consumer buying behaviour. (Brassington & Stephen, 2006, 5-10).

In developing a marketing strategy for individual products, the seller has to con-front the issue of branding. This adds tremendous value to a product and is there-fore a vital aspect of product strategy. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2001, 556-557).

Today, branding has become so strong that hardly anything goes unbranded. Salt is packaged in distinctive manufacturer’s containers; oranges are stamped with grower’s names, common nuts and bolts are packaged in cellophane with a dis-tributor’s label, and automobiles components-sparkplugs, tires, filters-bear sepa-rate brand names from automakers, these are examples of simple branded prod-uct.

It is relatively easy to determine why a consumer bought a specific brand of prod-uct at a given price, at a specific place and time from a particular outlet. The more elusive research requirement is able to predict human actions in the market place by understanding the motives that initiate buyer’s behaviour in general and brand perception in general.

A good brand helps to build corporate image, by carrying the company’s name they help advertise the quality and size of the company. There is evidence that distributors want brand names as a means of making the product easier to handle, identifying suppliers, holding production to certain quality standards, and increas-ing buyer’s preference. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2001, 556-557).

However, consumers want brand names to help them identify quality differences and shop more efficiently. Consumers look for identification marks on television to find out which factory produced the product, since the factories have different rep-utations for reliability.

Perception is describe as the mental grasping of things, it is the feeling, the com-prehension, the recognition or how one observes things through the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.(kotler, 1980, 65). How we perceives things differ for every individual. For example; A television is believed or perceived by a mother as a baby sitter, whereas the baby or the child beliefs the television is a...

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