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This study examined the personnel training and development as a tool for organizational efficiency. Employees of MTN Corporate Head Office in Lagos State served as the study population. The study adopted a qualitative approach using questionnaire as main instrument of primary data collection. A total of 110 questionnaires were administered to 217 employees of MTN Nigeria. Using bar charts to illustrate the degree of response; the result of the findings shows that respondents agreed that there is a significant impact of training and development on employee commitment, employee morale and motivation, employee corporate behavior and organizational efficiency. An organization with an effective policy and workable strategy on training would retain employees, enlarge market share and increase customers. Based on the findings, the study recommended that MTN Nigeria should engage always in training of her employees, in order to correct professional errors, enhance employee commitment and corporate behavior and ensure organizational efficiency.

Key words:

Training, Development, Efficiency, Employee performance.


1.1       Background of the thesis
1.2       Thesis objectives, research questions and scope
1.3       Research strategy and methods
1.4       Research methods
1.5       Data collection
1.6       Thesis theoretical framework and structure

2.1 Theoretical underpinning of the study
2.2 The Concept of training and development
2.3 The Principles of training and development
2.4 Training and development techniques
2.5 Training Evaluation Model
2.6 Designing training and development programme
2.7 Employee training and development as a tool for employee performance
2.8 Impact of employee training and development on organizational efficiency
2.9 Trends for Training Programs

3.1 Research context: Abridged profile of MTN Nigeria
3.2 Acquisition of research materials
3.3 Research data and processing analysis

5.1 Improvement suggestions for MTN Nigeria
5.2 Assessment of Research
5.3 Recommendation for future research topics
5.4 Summary


7          APPENDIX 

This chapter provides a general overview of the study. The chapter begins with background of the study followed by the objectives, research questions and the research scope. The research strategy and methods and theoretical frameworks are also presented in the chapter while the research structure is described in the subsequent chapter as well.

1.1      Background of the thesis

Personnel are the most valuable assets of any organization (April 2010). There could be state of the art, machines, materials and even money yet nothing gets done without man-power. Knowledge is the ability, the skill, the understanding, the information, which every employee is required to acquire in order to function effectively and for the organization to function efficiently. Therefore, training and development play a vital role in improving performance as well as increasing productivity, and eventually putting companies in the best position to face competition and stay at the top. This means that there is a significant difference between the organizations that train their employees and organizations that do not.

Training and development is a type of activity which is planned systematically and it results in enhanced level of skills, knowledge and competency that are necessary to perform work effectively and efficiently (Gordon 1992). Organizational efficiency is concerned with how organizations can increase output with a minimum cost implication. Training generates benefits for the employee as well as for the organization by positively influencing employee performance through the development of employee knowledge, skills, ability, competencies and behavior (April 2010).

Efficiency and effectiveness are ingredients of performance apart from competitiveness and productivity and training is a way of increasing organizational performance through increase in individual employee contribution (Cooke 2000). In every organization there are some expectations from the employees with respect to their performance. And when they perform up to the set standards and meet organizational expectations they are believed to be good performers. While much is known about the economics of training in the developed world, studies of issues associated with training in less-developed countries are rarely found. According to Sheri-Iynne & Parbudyal (2007) organizational efficiency means the ability of an organization to meet goals, maintain its place in the industry amidst competition and also increase in profitability.

The case company of this study is MTN Group, previously known as M-cell which is a South –African based multinational company with its head office located in Johannesburg, which specializes in mobile telecommunication. It operates majorly in most African countries, Europe and Middle Eastern countries. MTN Nigeria has risen to become the largest member of the MTN group. In Nigeria, the company celebrated its 10 years of operations in August, 2011. The company‟s vision is to be the leading provider of telecommunications services while their mission is to provide first class network quality, customer service and value. This organization has been chosen as a case company for this study in view of its large market share in Nigeria (Taiwo 2001).

1.2      Thesis objectives, research questions and scope

The aim of this study is to investigate the impacts training and developments have on organizational efficiency. The growing cost of human resource in an organization has made it mandatory for organizations to put in place constant training programs that would enhance the efficiency of employees and the organization at large.

The research questions are:

i)               What is the relationship between training and employee commitment to efficiency in MTN?

What is the relationship between employee training and employee performance?

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