The Bachelor´s thesis is based on a market research of African markets. The research is made from viewpoint of the welding industry. The topic takes a look at welding machine manufacturer, Kemppi Oy, and African welding machine markets. The thesis concentrates first on the three countries Nigeria, Angola and Algeria on a general level and then on the chosen pilot country, Nigeria. The aim is to examine selected countries as well as create new useful information about African welding machine markets.

The Bachelor´s Thesis consists of a theoretical part which is divided into themes: a market research process and a business analysis which is needed for a market research. The empirical part uses the business analysis to apply information of the selected countries. The goal of the theoretical part is to explain market research, what kind of benefits it brings and when to use business analysis for analyzing the business field.

The empirical part describes the societal issues of Nigeria, Angola and Algeria. It uses the business analysis to achieve the goals. At the end of the empirical part, competitors and the business environment of Nigeria are analyzed.

As a conclusion it can be stated that there are many positive options regarding the industry in Nigeria. Natural resources, such as, oil is the most significant reason for the development of the welding industry and it can be seen as an important factor for the success of Kemppi in Nigerian markets. The potential company for cooperation in future is presented as well.

Key Words: Market research, business analysis, welding machine industry, Kemppi, Nigeria, Algeria, Angola


            1.1       Background of the Bachelor´s Thesis
            1.2       Research Questions and Objectives
            1.3       Structure of the Bachelor´s Thesis

            2.1       Definition of Market Research
            2.2       Role of Market Research
            2.3       Market Research Process
            2.4       Divisions of Market Research

            3.1       Company Analysis
            3.2       Microenvironment
            3.3       Macroenvironment: PESTEL Analysis
            3.4       SWOT Analysis
            3.5       Target Marketing and Segmenting
            3.6       Customer Analysis
            3.7       Competitive Analysis and Porter´s Five Forces
            3.8       Industry Analysis

            4.1       Company Presentation
            4.2       Kemppi´s Activity
            4.3       Kemppi´s Products
            4.4       Kemppi SWOT Analysis
            4.5       Kemppi´s Key Industries
            4.6       Competitive Analysis

            5.1       Economic Overview of Angola, Algeria and Nigeria
            5.2       Nigeria
            5.3       Angola
            5.4       Algeria

            6.1       Nigerian Economy
6.2       Welding in Nigeria
6.3       Competitive Factors in Nigeria
6.4       Next steps in Nigeria




1.1    Background of the Bachelor´s Thesis
The Bachelor´s thesis is completed as an assignment for the Finnish welding machine manufacturer, Kemppi Oy. The thesis concentrates on a market research process of the African countries Angola, Algeria and Nigeria.

The author came up with the idea of doing her bachelor´s thesis for Kemppi during her practical training there in 2014. The company has a need for market research concerning African countries. Kemppi, as a company, is family-owned and is headquartered in Lahti but operates around the world. Their products are welding machines, equipment and other side products. In addition, they have welding data analyzation systems in theie product range.

The goal of the thesis is to carry out a market research of three African countries; Nigeria, Algeria and Angola. First of all, the author will complete a general research on the three countries. And after that, one pilot country will be chosen and it will be examined in more detail.

The main reason for the market research is the case company´s lack of knowledge about the selected countries in consideration to their business. Overall, the company does not have that much exact information on the possibilities open to them in the African countries.

1.2     Research Questions and Objectives
The research topic tells about issues the company should take into account when planning their entry to new markets. The aim is to gather a wide range of information about the three countries and after that more closely examine the chosen pilot country, Nigeria. Partial market research covers Angola and Algeria and then the thesis will dig deeper into the Nigerian economy – thus providing useful information. The ideal result would be to find a potential distributor in Nigeria for Kemppi. The research problem is based on the need for market research. Nigeria, Angola and Algeria are among the five largest economies in Africa and therefore they are ideal countries to take a closer look at. Considering that Kemppi is a welding machine producer, the oil industry is highly related to their business. Furthermore, Nigeria, Algeria and Angola are the three biggest oil producers in Africa. (Jokela 2013.)

The bachelor´s thesis ends up examining, in more detail, Nigeria as a pilot country. The reason for choosing Nigeria is its position as the largest oil producer in Africa, producing 2.5 million barrels every day. Thus, there is a huge demand in welding machines. In addition, the company´s earlier activity in Nigeria and the large size of the Nigerian economy are the other reasons. (Jokela 2013.)

The information is based on books and electronic sources. The theoretical part of the thesis uses more book sources while the empiricial part is mainly based on formal electronic sources as well as the case company´s internal sources. Very little studies researching of similar subject matter exist and that is why the case company as well as other operators will benefit from the research.

In the bachelor´s thesis the qualitative method will be used by studying theoretical material and creating new results. Inductive deduction is part of the qualitative research because the research problem is led from the problems the case company is facing in practice. By using inductive deduction it is possible to build new theoretical concepts.

1.3     Structure of the Bachelor´s Thesis
The bachelor´s thesis consists of theoretical and empirical parts. The theoretical part examines what kind of information a market research process includes and what is the structure of a good company analysis and also how to concentrate on the market research process. Different divisions of the market research process will be examined as well as...

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