Today, an evolution of mobile internet has led to a dramatic demand of mobile network services within the telecommunication industry. This has compelled tele-communication companies not to only consider price as a major competing tool in intense competing markets but also, focus on customer care as a means of excelling in those markets.

The purpose of this study is to investigate customer care activities practiced by Airtel Ghana, the case company and their impact on the company’s service delivery. The paper further established the role of customer care in enhancing service delivery in the telecommunication industry. The theoretical framework covers lit-eratures on customer care, customer service, service delivery and quality. The re-search was accomplished using both quantitative and qualitative research meth-ods. Quantitative method was applied in a form of survey to gather customers’ views and experiences on customer care using a set of questionnaire whilst a qual-itative method was used to conduct a short interview with company’s staff. Sec-ondary data were also collected from books, articles and websites.

The research findings reveal that, an effective customer care has a positive impact on service delivery as it allows companies to view customers as partners instead of buyers and to deliver fast and accurate services. Customer satisfaction, custom-er loyalty and good brand image were another benefits discovered from the study. In conclusion, even though Airtel Ghana undertakes several customer care pro-grams to enhance delivery to customers, the company must work hard to improve its services.


            1.1 Background of the study
            1.2 Problem statement
            1.3 Objectives of the study
            1.4 Benefits of the study
            1.5 Outline of the study
            1.6 Company profile
            2.1 Customer care definition
                        2.1.1 Scope of customer care
                        2.1.2 Systems for effective customer care
                        2.1.3 Importance of customer care
            2.2 Management and organization of customer care
                        2.2.1 Internal customers
                        2.2.2 External customers
            2.3 Service Marketing
                        2.3.1 Service definition
                        2.3.2 Characteristics of Services
                        2.3.3 Phases for service delivery
            2.4 Service quality
            2.5 The gaps in service quality
            2.6 The power of the customer
            2.7 Barriers to effective customer care
            2.8 Reasons for ineffective practice of customer care and services

            3.1 Selection of study area
            3.2 Research methods
            3.3 Sample size and technique
            3.4 Data collection and analysis method
            3.5 Reliability and validity

            4.1 Analysis of results
                        4.1.1 Demographic profile
                        4.1.2 Customer care
                        4.1.3 Staff
                        4.1.4 Time
                        4.1.5 Challenges
                        4.1.6 Staff interview

            5.1 Recommendation
            5.2 Limitation
            5.3 Further study

The telecommunication industry is a collection of firms that undertake the similar kind of business of exchanging information through the use of technology. This industry has continued to evolve at an increasing rate in the 21st century with con-sistent technological advancements to meet changes in the market. Global and in-tense competition has compelled organizations not to only view price as a major competing tool, but also focus on customer care as the means of gaining competi-tive advantage in the telecommunication industry. Over the past years, there has been a dramatic growth in the demand for mobile network services by mobile sub-scribers due to the evolution of mobile internet. Mobile phone users are eager to try mobile applications and other software that would foster interactions with oth-er users. However, there have been issues regarding customer care and services delivered by these telecommunication companies to customers. It is important to realize that the one thing that is very imperative in the delivery of goods or ser-vices is the customer, since the customers are the reason for the company’s exist-ence.

Not only does customer care play a major role in the delivery of services, but also it is very important in the sale of products to consumers. That is, since the final destination of a product or service rest with the customer, care must be taken in handling the customers. This is why in recent years, telecommunication compa-nies are taking initiatives and channeling resources into developing customer care practices that will have positive effects in delivering services to mobile network subscribers thereby, meeting the goals of the companies.

Mobile network subscribers now seek more than just delivering services. They tend to seek value and satisfaction as well. Essentially, this means that the service provider must focus its efforts on developing an offer that will surpass customers’ expectations and satisfaction through managing their needs and complaints.

In short, the kind of care given to customers and how it is done to a large extent has the potential of affecting service delivery in both the long run and short run....

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