The research is aimed at elicit attention to present marketing environment in Ni-geria and as regard the importance of consumer purchasing behaviour and this is also to ascertain if product brand, taste, personal income, and price and the what relationship it also have on consumer behaviour toward Etisalat product.

However, every company must develop new products that suite consumer pur-chase decision. This informed behaviour affects how certain consumers react to new products and thereby affect also consumer purchasing behaviour or attitude.

The result of this research work indicated that Consumers’ taste, price, product brand etc has a positive implication on consumers’ buying behaviour. More so, there is need for the management of Etisalat to be consumer oriented in their busi-ness approaches which propose that certain functions either non-existence or ex-istence must be given greater importance.

Finally, the management of Etisalat should ensure that with new product develop-ment and greater brand design attracts customers and also to determine which marketing mix it will adopt to create more satisfaction rather than cognitive disson-ance.

Keywords: Buying behaviour, Product development, Market, Products


            1.1 Background of the study
            1.2 Statement of Problem
            1.3 Aim and objective of the study
            1.4 Relevant research questions
            1.5 Relevant research hypothesis
            1.6 Significance of the study
            1.7 Scopes and limitation of the study
            1.8 Definition of key terms

            2.1 The buying decision process
            2.2 Buying Roles
            2.3 Buying Behaviour
            2.4 Models of the buying decision process
            2.5 Consumer adoption process
            2.6 Categories of adopters

            3.1 Method of data collection
            3.2 Research instruments
            3.3 Statement of hypothesis
            3.4 HYPOTHESIS TESTING
            3.5 Analysis of research hypothesis testing using chi square techniques

            4.1 Data Presentation
            4.2 Data Analysis
            4.3 Analysis of data in section B as regards family and social class using simple percentages
            4.4 Analyses of data in section B as regards taste using simple percentage (%)
            4.5 Analyses of data in section B as regards the brand using simple percentage (%)
            4.6 Analyses of data in section B of as regards price using simple percentage (%)
            4.7 Discussions of Findings

            5.1 Summary of Findings
            5.2 Conclusions
            5.3 Recommendations
            5.4 Suggestions for further studies


1.1     Background of the study

People are significantly influenced by the attitudes and their buying behaviours for certain product. However, certain products for example household items and lux-ury product exposes an individual to an entirely new behaviours and lifestyles, and influence attitudes and self-concept; they also create pressures for conformity and uniformity that may affect actual product and brand choices.

Manufacturers of products and brands product influence are strong and this de-termines how consumers react to certain product brands. Therefore, an opinion leader is the person in informal, product-related communications who offers advice or information about a specific product or product category, such as which of sev-eral brands is best or how a particular product may be used (Asika, 1991, 45-51).

Marketers try to reach opinion leaders by identifying demographic and psycho-graphic characteristics associated with opinion leadership, identifying the media read by opinion leaders, and directing messages at opinion leaders. The hottest trends in teenage music, language, and fashion start in America's inner cities (Kotler, 2002, 180-186).

Every company must develop new products that suite consumer buying decision, however, these informed behaviour affects how certain consumers react to new products and thereby affect also consumer purchasing behaviour.

New product development shapes the company’s future and it also Improves or re-placement products must be created to maintain or build sales. Customers want new products, and competitors will do their best to supply them (kotler, 2002, 175-179).

1.2     Statement of Problem

As a matter of fact, there is no purchase without a constraint for the consumer as regard a particular product, nevertheless there is still much attention given to con-sumer purchasing attitute or behaviuor towards certain products.

Consumers purchasing behaviour is the decision or an acts the consumers in-volved in buying and using a products. These also refers to the buying behaviour of the ultimate consumers (Henry, 1987, 77-78).

However, the consumer need to understand:

–   Why the consumer make the purchase they make?

–   What factor influence the consumer purchases?

–   The changing factor in the society?

Consumer purchasing attitude has rarely being subjected to explanatory or pre-dictive inquiry moreover, it is imperative to note also that the taste of an individual consumer on purchasing behaviour is another challenges faced by the consumer of certain product.

Consumer buying behaviour and the resulting purchases decisions are strongly in-fluenced by cultural, social, personal and pyschological characteristics. An under-standing of the influence of these factors is essential for markerters in order to de-velop suitable marketing mixes to appeal to the target customers. However, these problems have been identified as factors that affect the consumer purchasing atti-tude. (kotler et al, 1994, 167-174).

Therefore, an empirical study on consumer purchasing attitude of etisalat is at the threshold. In this study, a simple model, drawing upon some basic consumer’s choice in economics is applied to post purchased behavior of consumers of etisal-at products.

To address this issue empirically, the focal point is to carry out an empirical re-search aim at addressing the following challenges faced in etisalat and some...

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