Table of contents

Chapter one
1.0       Introduction
1.1   Background of the study
1.2        Statement of the problem
1.3      Purpose of the study
1.4. Significance of the study 
1.4      Research questions.
1.5      Research Questions
1.6      Scope of the Study
1.7       Scope of the Study
1.8        Definition of Terms 

Chapter Two

2.0      Literature Review
        Brief introduction
2.1      Concept of Nation Development
2.2      Induces of Nation Development
2.3      Strategies of National Development
2.4      Concept of Democracy and sustainable democracy.
2.5      Factors militating Against sustainable Democracy
2.6      Solution to the problems of Democracy.
2.7      National Development in Anambra.

Chapter Three
3.0      Research Methodology
        A brief out line of the study
3.1.    Design of the study
3.2.    Area of the study
3.3.    Population of the study.
3.4.    Sample of the study
3.5.    Instrument for data collection
3.6.    Validation of the instrument
3.7.    Distribution and retrieval of the instrument
3.8.    Method of data analysis

Chapter Four
4.0      Data presentation and Analysis
4.1      Presentation and interpretation of data According to research Questions.

Chapter five

Summary, conclusion and Recommendation
5.1      Summary of findings
5.2      Conclusion
5.3      Recommendations
5.4      Limitation of the study
5.5      Suggestion for further research

The primary aim of this research work is to deeply investigate and identify the national development in the achievement of sustainable democracy in Anambra state, and how their attitude foster, encourage, promote or retard the development of the area since the formation of the ANIDS. To conduct a thorough research, the researcher sampled the population and those chosen were administered with questionnaire. Their findings were analyzed using simple percentage method. Based on the analyses the researcher found that Anambra state with a laudable development strategy that is development oriented and which has the peoples interest at heart. Sequel to the above, the researcher recommended that government should support and assist both financially and otherwise to the development projects initiated and executed by the Anambra state government which are in the best interest of the people to foster national development and sustainable democracy. In conclusion, therefore, the role of ANIDS should be welcomed by the people of Anambra state for the interest of maintaining their status quo in the area of national development and sustainable democracy.

     Sustainable democracy a dependent variable to national development cannot be over emphasized in the sense that National development is the bedrock of every nation. Whether developed or underdeveloped in the nation. They still work towards improving or maintaining their national development.
        National development is also the gradual manifestation of positive changes in the economic, industrial, political, social, cultural and administrative life of a country. In viewing the process of a country, term national development is more comprehensive than economic development or economic growth.
        Democracy on the other hand is a system of government which gives periodic opportunities for the masses to choose their leaders. It ensures massive participation in governmental activities. A sustainable democracy is therefore.....

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