Title Page
Table of Contents

1.1       Background of the Study
1.2       Statement of the Problem
1.3       Objectives of the Study
1.4       Research Questions
1.5       Research Hypotheses
1.6       Significance of the Study
1.7       Scope of the Study
1.8       Limitations of the Study
1.9       Historical Background of the organizations under study
1.10     Definition of Relevant Terms
1.11     Historical Overview of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control

2.0       Conceptual Framework of Quality Management of NAFDAC
2.1       Theoretical Framework of Quality Management or (TQM)
2.2       The Quality Control Method in use by NAFDAC to Ensure Compliance with Standard Specification
2.3       The Quality Management Tools
2.4       The Quality Management Practice of the Manufacturing Sector
2.5       Principles to Total Quality Management
2.6       Gap in the Reviewed Literature

3.1       Research Design
3.2       Sources of Data
3.3       Population of the Study
3.4       Sample Size Determination
3.5       Instrument for Data Collection
3.6       Validity of the Research Instrument
3.7       Reliability of the Research Instrument
3.8       Methods of Data Analysis

4.1       Data Presentation and Analysis
4.2       Test of Hypotheses
4.3       Discussion of Findings

5.1       Summary of Findings
5.3       Conclusion
5.4       Recommendations
5.5       Recommended Areas for Future Studies
            Appendix (Questionnaire, Interview Schedule)

The study is on impact of National Agency for Food, Drug, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on quality management of Nigerian manufacturing sector, a study of Juhel Plc and Nigerian Bottling Company both in Enugu. The study has the following objectives: to determine the quality control methods in use by NAFDAC to ensure compliance with standard specifications, to identify to what extent manufacturing sector adopts quality management practice, to determine to what extent NAFDAC achieves its objectives on the Nigerian manufacturing sector. The research design adopted is survey. A Sample size of 315 was determined from the population of 1,500 using Taro Yamane’s sample size determination method. The instruments used for data collection was questionnaire structured in a Likert five point scale which was validated with content validity. Findings indicate that routine inspection and market surveillance are quality management methods used by NAFDAC to ensure compliance with standard specifications, the extent to which Nigerian manufacturing sector adopts quality management practice is high, the extent to which NAFDAC achieves its objectives on the Nigerian manufacturing sector is high. The researcher concludes that NAFDAC ensures that organizations develop a process that incorporates quality during production rather than a process that attempts quality through inspection after production. Qualitative personnel ensures quality of final products as they are customer driven with continuous improvement of process. Better raw materials, better machines, and better choice of manufacturing process ensures that quality is inherent in the product. The study recommends that all the regulatory agencies should ensure that consumers are protected and got redress when the need arises. National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) should be transparent and should not connive with scrupulous officers and manufacturers to lower standard. Government should collaborate with NAFDAC to ensure that the purpose for which it is set up was realized by ensuring that offenders are brought to book. There is need that manufacturers on their part should imbibe good organizational culture by not allowing themselves to be policed around by regulatory agencies. Consumers should ensure that products they are buying have NAFDAC registration number and expiring date.


1.1            Background of the Study
According to Biech (1994:1) quality improvement or quality management is a customer focused, quality centered, fact-based, team driven, senior management-led process to achieve an organization’s strategic imperative through continuous process improvement. The success of any organization among a number of factors is traceable to quality of its products. Therefore the maintenance of such quality is dependent on the standard already in place which basically attracts different meanings to different scholars, entrepreneurs and agencies.
The National Agency for food, Drug Administration and control NAFDAC which was established as a parastatal of Federal Ministry of Health by Decree No. 15 of 1993 has the mandate to regulate and control, manufacture, importation, exportation, distribution, advertisements, sale and use of food, Drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals and packaged water and drinks. This was also necessitated by the death of 150 children as a result of formulation error in drug syrup ‘My Pikin’ NAFDAC (2001:9). The agency according to Keris (2004:4): is saddled with the task of ensuring that all its registered products continually meet the acceptable standard in terms of quality and efficacy.

Okwuraiwe, (2004:6): posits that the application of good manufacturing practice in industry backed up with effective enforcement of regulations are required to guarantee that quality assurance attributes are built into the product. She says that the scientific and management tools for achieving Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Good Hygiene practice (GHP), hazard Analysis and Critical control point (HACCP), lSO certification are now universally applicable in the manufacturing industry. She also says that through regular compliance monitoring, enforcement and application of sanctions, regulatory agency (NAFDAC) evaluates and determines manufacturer’s ability to......

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