Approval of a project topic by your supervisor takes more than just a “supposedly good topic”. Projects or research are a technical write up that has to be relevant and all-encompassing in achieving its goals of improving the body of knowledge. Most researchers or students have been finding it difficult to get their project topics approved by their lecturers or project supervisors known as their project or research supervisors. So if you find yourself in this little problem of getting your project topic approved by your project supervisor, then follow this tips and unique tricks used to buy your supervisors heart to approve  your topic from chapter one to charter five. Below are the simple things that would get your supervisor approve your project topic without delay.

Obtain a practical or interesting project/research topic
In trying to impress your supervisor in getting a project topic that would make him approve it quickly, you’ve got to get interesting and practical project topics. This would make your supervisor interested in your work which would result in easy and swift approval of your research topic. Boring topic should be avoided as this may make you have a stressful time trying to “sell” your project topic to your project supervisor.  Look for a good project topics from anywhere you may get it (you can go to various Nigerian universities or meet someone that has already graduated and also you can get from the internet. And some very research oriented project websites.

Avoid popular topics or topics that have been recently worked on
Avoiding popular project topics or project topics that have been recently worked on can be achieved by having a chat with your supervisor. This singular gesture of having a chat with him/her would go a long way in getting to know several things about your project supervisor. Some of the things you should listen to are:
  1. The area of research your supervisor is interested in.
  2. The project topics he has recently supervised or has good knowledge about.
This discussion with your project supervisor would save you from being in the same category of students whom project supervisors describe as lazy. Your chat with your project supervisor would help portray you as a hardworking student and this would save you the stress of your topic being rejected. It will equally make your project supervisor pick interest in your work which will dovetail into him assisting you in getting it done.

Topics with adequate problem statement
In choosing a project topic that will be swiftly approved by your project supervisor, the topic chosen should have a good problem statement. What this simply means is that there must be a cogent reason why the research has to be undertaken. Project supervisors are usually interested in the statement of the general problems of research or project topics as this would lead them to either reject or approve your project or research topic. The problems prompting you as a researcher into the study must be in focus so that your topic can be interesting enough for your project supervisor to approve. The more teething the problem leading you to the research is, the more your project supervisor would be willing to approve your project as this will make him interested in your work.

Topic must be related to your field of study
For a topic to be approved quickly by your project supervisor, that topic must be related to your field of study as this would be one of the important factors that will make your supervisor approve your project or research topic. The more relevant your topic is to your course of study the more you can be rest assured that your supervisor will approve your project topic. Topics related to your course of study would help you in drafting your aims and objectives and the problem statement of the research.

Availability of project materials in your choice topic
Aside choosing a topic related to your field of study, another factor that would make your project supervisor approve your work will be going for a topic whose materials are easy to source. Most times, project supervisors often ask these questions, and in most cases they may ask you to bring some of the materials you have for the project work, this is being done to ensure that your project or research topic can be effectively researched or undertaken. Availability of materials for a topic will go a long way avoiding the risk of being stalked up in the middle of the work or even outright cancellation of the work by your project supervisor. 

Have a good grab of the subject matter
For your project topic to be approved speedily by your project supervisor, you need to have a good background of the topic. Having a good knowledge of the topic would help you answer questions your project supervisor might ask you prior to the approval of your topic and the whether your topic is approved or not depends on if you have a good grab of the subject matter. Project supervisors ask some questions before your topic is approved, good background knowledge of your topic would help you scale through such questions. You should be able to look beyond the chapter 1 and chapter two from the topic alone. This would send a signal of seriousness to your supervisor which will in turn endear him/her to you.

Cultivate a healthy relationship with your supervisor
Being in good terms with your project supervisor would do you more good than harm. Cultivating a relationship with you supervisor would help you be freer with him/her and also make him/her more connected to you. A direct consequence of this would be that he/she would always have your interest at heart and would correct you in a friendly manner if the need arises.

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