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          The entire project work/study talks about the full meaning of the STDS.  The causes of the sexually transmitted diseases were found out to be virus and bacteria which can be transmitted from one person to another predominantly through sexual contact.  The scope of the study was also special and federal medical center Umuahia (FMC) was used as a case study.  One of the studies carried out by Dr. A.U. Mbanuso at the Federal Medical center Umuahia 1990 – 1993.  His result showed that the commest and most ducally sexual transmitted disease was HIV/AIDS and Syphilis.
          Furthermore, from the designed questionnaire we found out that many people have become aware of the extend of STDS.  For the data collection used was a secondary data.  The population size in this reported cases of the sexually transmitted diseases under study from 1995 – 2004 the result after study will be used to generalize for the entire population.
          The major statistical model employed in the analysis of the data collection was chi-square which was used to the age group and sex.  The test hypothesis for the age group shows the X2 cal > X2 tab.  Therefore we reject H0: and conclude that the client rate is not dependent of the age.  There the test of hypothesis for the sex group shows that X2 cul > X2 tab.  Therefore, we reject H0: and conclude that the sexually transmitted diseases under study are not dependent of sex.

Title page
Table of contents
1.1     Statement of the Problem
1.2     Purpose of the Study
1.3     Aims and Objectives
1.4     Significance of the Study
1.5     Scope and Limitations
1.6     The Hypothesis
1.7     Definition of Terms
2.1     Types of Stds
2.2     Causes of Stds
2.3     Mode of Transmission
2.4     Signa Nd Symptoms of Stds
2.5     Effect/Consequences of Stds
2.6     Treatment of Stds
2.7     Prevention and Control of Stds
3.0     Method of Data Collection and Sources of Data
3.1     Method Data Analysis
Presentation and Analysis                          
5.1     Summary
5.2     Conclusion



          Sexually transmitted diseases, which is popularly known as STDS, and its effect is now the talk of the day, town, and world wide, even in Nigeria.  This disease is a very strong disease that is caused by virus.  This virus     enters the body through many means such as sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, parental transmission.  The main work of this virus is to weaken the body mechanism known as Lymphocyte (White blood cell) making it possible for any disease which enters the body to attack even more them expected.  Both the developed and the undeveloped countries of the world, it is a great problem medically their incidence are steady rising. From the available statistical data the evidence have been showing alarming rate of sexually transmitted diseases every day as mankind gets more civilized.  The sexually transmitted diseases can be categorized into three: the first category are referred to as the first category are referred to as the first generation, these are gonorrhea, syphilis, and chancroid.  The second generation includes hympho granuloma venereum and granuloma ingunale.  The third generation which is Aids  (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). These sexually transmitted disease have become a major public health problem to most countries of the world, including Nigeria on the account of their frequency, their impact on maternal and infant health and their special consequences as well as their economic cost in terms of health expenditure and cost of productivity.  It has a serious effect on pregnancy, and new borns are seriously affected which may lead to miscarriage, failure of development of new baby, blindness congenital defects etc.   The implication in woman such as pekvic inflammatory disease ectopic pregnancy, infertility and chronic ill health are caused by sexual transmitted diseases where the incidence of undiagnosed or poor treated cases is very high.  

          The disease, sexually transmitted disease (STDS) is an old strong disease that was discovered before the amalgamation of Nigeria in the year 1914 by a great medical scientist known as lordchester field, in the year 1985.  this disease has killed very many paple, yet, as at that time people doesn’t believe it, not until a good number of research work was carried out in the laboratory and evidence showed that it is a communicable disease that can be contracted from one person to another through  predominantly sexual contact; such as gonorrhea, syphilis enters the body veins through blood and weakens or makes the white blood cell known as lymphocyte inactive to attack the disease of the sexual transmitted disease and this deadly disease will dry the victim to the extent that you will be able to count the bones and extent that you will be able to count the bones and ribs of the patient.  But some people are still doubting the existence of the deadly disease STDS while statistical data table shows that 7,548 people was a victim within the year of 1985 to 1990.  But the recent data collected shows that 17,277 people were infected as it was recorded at the Federal Medical Centre Umuahia.  In addition, the above collected data will help the masses to reduce the rate of sexual act and sexual promiscuity.  The federal ministry of health warns that total abstinence and mutual fidelity remains the best protective measure for or against sexually  transmitted disease (STDS)  such as  gonorrhea, syphilis etc.  That is why the federal government supported the introduction of sex education and the use of condom as a program in most of our media, such as newspaper, radio, television etc.  In order to educate the poor masses on the subject matter and how to avoid contacting the deadly disease (STDS).

          The rapid spreading of these deadly diseases (STDS) does not mean that both the internal and external bodies’ even corporate organizations are not working to remedy the issue.  But we should not unemphasize the problem facing the efforts...

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